Eon (Trailer) Entry: Anthony Sheehy

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Old 10 October 2006   #61

Awesome concept for the APPLE man. Me like...
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Old 10 October 2006   #62
hope you never give this weapon to a Mangalor, who will not ask for the utility of the red button
Love your design this time again, Anthony, can't wait to see all modeled !

Old 10 October 2006   #63
Swed and Henrikl, glad you like it.

The red buttons on the other side.
Old 10 October 2006   #64
I'm digging the rifle design.

I'm pretty sure that you're not breaking the rules with the "Apple." Don't worry about it.
Old 10 October 2006   #65
Nice weapon.
Old 10 October 2006   #66
Jedi-Juice: don't worry I'm not losing sleep over it. Yeah I wasn't so much worried about breaking the rules as I was people thinking that I'd just ripped off an idea that already existed and claiming it as my own which is not my intention. Thats why I mentioned it.

Sonic X nice of you to drop by again.

Well I've spent most of today learning the finer details of motion builder and exporting it from maya and back again. I intend to use just a low res dummy model for the animation then when I finish the animation dump a hi res model in there over the top and send it back to maya for rendering etc. It's the first time I've used the program for anything major but it seems pretty easy, rigging the character seems far easier than I expected to that'll speed up my work flow a lot. As long as you get the naming conventions right it's all automated.

At first I was a bit daunted by how much work I had taken on but it seems to be going smoothly so far and I'm starting to have more fun with it. I even got the Uploader working. Lol, don't laugh you stuff something simple like that up and nobody will ever see your work.

Next technical problem will be mastering the compositing and filling in the blank spaces in my head in that regard. At the moment I forsee the best shot and most difficult being the last three boards before the title appears. Lots of broken glass, particles and I'm still trying to figure out a good way to animate the rope realistically. I think I'm going to have to do a lot of experiments with that one.
Old 10 October 2006   #67
Edited storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: Blonde Pilot Progress

The beginings of the female pilot from the OTV. Still alot of work to do on the facial features.
Old 10 October 2006   #68
Edited storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: Partial Animatic

This is a quick few shots from the animatic I'm working on at the moment. It is from the part in the trailer were the russian sniper is shooting at Lanier and he jumps out the window. (Not strictly a scene from the book but I added it in cause I thought it would look cool. The model is just a stand in that I am using to quickly test out shots. It comes with motion builder, and will be replaced later on with the completed characters. One thing that I'm going to change is the camera angle on the final shot. Instead of being static it will pan across and follow the character out the window.

Play Video >>
Old 10 October 2006   #69
Wow - the animation is so natural looking. What software did u used? I would love to learn how to do that... Did it took you long to compose those 2 scenes?
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Old 10 October 2006   #70
looks like u have talent directing this scene!!! is very very cool! apart the hi quality of the animation...I find that the timing is perfect! very ggod work..! we can expect great things from your thread! cant wait (really!) to see the same scene in his final aspect!

Old 10 October 2006   #71
Same here. The animation, especially on the run, was really smooth. Nice model on the female pilot too. Looking forward to seeing it.
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Old 10 October 2006   #72
Yeah lets not get too carried away guys. First off I want to let everyone know that the run was mocap data that came with the program, I didn't animate that bit, I just attached it to the skeleton and let him do his thing. The Jump and the sniper was key framed by me though.

This was only a really quick thing made for me to get the idea of how this was going to turn out and I originally wasn't going to post it, because of the mocapped bit. For the final piece however I'm going to keyframe the run animation and not use the mocap data. I don't think it's fair and it's probably against the rules anyway. Also I found that it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. He didn't look like he was really trying as hard as he could be and I wanted to get more head movement in there as if he was straining to push himself forward also he will be dragging one arm slightly behind him as he will be carring a rope in that arm. All up the animation took about 20 minutes to make.

OZ: Thanks mate, I think that the timing is still off though the run is a bit too short as I want people to be able to see bullets smashing stuff in the background also the camera will be moving backwards as he is running towards it. Saw your rocket and pilot too by the way. Really cool stuff.

OmeN2501: The software is called Motion Builder by Kaydara, it's not a modelling program but an animation software package, I have found it really cool to use because there is no lag time like when you try to animate something in maya. You make your models in maya, 3DS Max, Lightwave whatever then export them over, characterize it and bam, your away.

50: Yeah the run was mocapped like I said above.
Old 10 October 2006   #73
this start look very promising. I knew this thread would be interesting, but now it's coming really REALLY interesting. modeling start and mocap anim give a good feeling for the next.
keep it up Anthony !

Old 10 October 2006   #74
ummh...if you point to make things crash and peolple see it...yes...maybe you have to make the scene longer...There is the BULLET TIME effect...but is so many time used that may not affect the animation in a cool way.
Im very curious to see the timing and camera changes on this scene.
and tnx 4 your kind words!

Old 10 October 2006   #75
Hey guys thanks for the response.

OZ: Personally I have a real dislike of Bullet Time, It was good in the matrix but then got really old really quickly. I think it would be the wrong choice like you said it wouldn't have a cool effect. Besides I want it to be a bit more fast paced. Whilst the shot will be longer the speed at which everything is moving will make it look shorter than it is. Also there is a small period of time where lanier pulls out his sidearm as he is falling which will be in slow motion, then speed it will speed up again. This isn't really shown in the animatic whilst the slow mo is there the rest is not.

SweD: Hey nice to see you here again. Yeah hopefully I'll have some more stuff up soon right now I'm working on the train. This is my first real project using maya so it's been a bit tricky but I'm getting the hang of it now. So hopefully I can keep the standard fairly high even though alot of the time I've got no idea what I'm doing.
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