Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Leonidas J. del Rio de Leon

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  01 January 2007
I had read the post, had you meant some where else to read?

I read all through your thread over again... sort of searching for the problem you said I must have skipped on, but I don't understand what you meant... as I HAD read your latest post... if the problem you are referring to is the rendering bit;
Unfortunately I don't use Renderman myself.. it has been used in many projects I had been introduced to... But not by my person (not to mention that I don't have one )
That was why I couldn't/didn't post any pointers...

But through personal experience, I do not understand why it wouldnet displace a surface just because of it being too big.

I use Mental Ray;
If you were using Mental Ray, I would presume you have made a mistake in the proximation editor... Or that you have to play with your colour gain values to increase it. But the bit about your trying it elsewhere and getting results... but not getting results in Eon is sort of puzzling.
I am sure you must have checked your surface for errors, and it most possibly is fine.

And Normal maps;
I personally use Normal maps as displacements can get too messy or unpredictable some times.
Since MaYA on it's own doesn't have a normal map node to read the colour data into the normal camera (at least that I know of) after converting the normal map through RGB-to_XYZ node I have the output run throgh a variaty of vectorProduct nodes (vectorised samplerInfo as its inputY)

Because the normal ap tends to alter the light bouncing off, and doesn't force the geometry to be tesselated at a higher triangulation; it even renders faster...

Sorry.. cant help you there;
So be it because of my tendency for normal maps, or be it my never using RenderMan for MaYA, I am this time of the last people that can help you ... Sorry

Apparently I am dead: LINK
03/03/2008 May I rest in peace
Wait, CG-Talk Shut the link down; try this: WTF?! Weren't you dead?!
  01 January 2007
@Black .. Its ok friend i need to do more tests tonight and ill try to explain the problem more clearly

Lets keep Eoning
  01 January 2007
Modeling: Table Progress w.i.p

im gonna include this table into the scene with some objects in it that ill add later ok .. also i like to keep hard edges when im modeling this stuff then i bevel them in the end k so dont worry :(
  01 January 2007
Shading (Textured and lit): testing

This are the lightining tests ive been doing tring to get a mood for the foreground part of my scene please mind the hdri image for now and some dark areas cuz the light is not setup correctly im trying diferents setups for light and shadows ..

I use raytracing and GI wich is bake previosly also using a combination of directional, volume, an area lights.. i think ill change those lights on the upper part of the the columm thingy and create some other objects for the lighs probably in the ceiling ..right now those lights are not creating light..i need to develop some shaders for the floor specially and the rest of the objects cuz now im using some old stuff i got and it doesnt fit well for the scene.

i kinda like the latest shot for a final composition i get thos reflections wich can be blurred and i will look better.. i need to continue modeling and doing more test renders.. i want to add particles like rain also in the final scene ill be using render layers cause is the only way to render the scene properly also ill do a Fog pass wich is gonna be render in mental ray or maya render and will composite that later

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  01 January 2007
Shading (Textured and lit): little update.. shadows

I tweak some shadows settings.. i was using raytrace and depth map shadows before now im using only renderman shadows rendertime decrease from 3 hours to 45 min aprox.. also i got some crashing problems and i notice it was a system cache issue so i increase that.

..in the las couple of days i have little time with this cause of personal stuff ill do some modeling today and shading next.
  01 January 2007
Shading (Textured and lit): litle update.. fresnel

added fresnel to some of the surfaces .. i did some research yesterday need to make marble shader for the floor .

  01 January 2007
Shading (Textured and lit): more tests

Ive been doing some modeling lately, adding details of the golf tee and more objectos for the foreground updates coming soon.. for now more renders.
  01 January 2007
trial and error days

In the las couple of days i got some problems with rendertime it was cause by a deph map shadow in one of the spot lights firstly i thougt it was cause by some reflection blur added to the floor and other surfaces but that wasn the cause it was the deph map shadow i fix it using ray trace shadows instead on that light ..

also i got some issues with image format i was using maya iff and fcheck for exportint to other formats but when i try using higuer resolutions i end up with a lower resolution when i exported from fcheck.. i fix the problem using other formats like tiff or targa and not using fcheck at all..

I learn a lot about compositing thelast couple days and also light linking trying to find a solution for rendertime problem .. back to normal now but the scene its not finish :( heres the deal i will try to finish the scene but for the animation part i will not have time render it cuz the rendertimes are about and hour or so.. that doesn leave enoug time render the animation so ill do my best finish the scene with as more detail i can put in ther but no promises for the animation..
  01 January 2007
Originally Posted by Leotril: In the las couple of days i got some problems with rendertime it was cause by a deph map shadow in one of the spot lights firstly i thougt it was cause by some reflection blur added to the floor and other surfaces but that wasn the cause it was the deph map shadow i fix it using ray trace shadows instead on that light ...

Hey, Leotril. You use Mental Ray, right? It's weird, but it's the only renderer I've ever used that seems to be able to do ray traced shadows faster than depth mapped shadows. I have found, though, that playing around with the default settings for Mental Ray for Maya can speed up shadow map rendering. Setting the depth shadows to "simple" often gives me faster results. Still, if you've got things working now, there's no point in twiddling around too much.

Your images are looking very nice. Best of luck -- I hope you finish in time!
  01 January 2007
@vikram .. sup man.. im using the renderman for maya plugin .. yea it weird that those raytrace shadows work faster than deep map shadow (actually im using deep shadows it most of the lights and those are renderman ) but i think it was related to other probably geometry cause the rendertimes increase a lot im talking from an hour to 6 then 24 hours render but it changes when i use raytrace shadws for the light. wierd im gonna have to make time to finish probably dont sleep much

best luck to u also
  01 January 2007
Shading (Textured and lit): Metal Shader Displace W.I.P

This shader differs form the Stone shader i did early a bit i use procedurals for this ..trying to get that metal look.. Ill use this for the buildings in the city .. added displacement for tweaking the geometry a bit.. still in development .. im gonna do some modeling this mornig and ill come back to this afterwards...

  01 January 2007
The shader looks OK
The interior design looks massive and great, too

About postponing the deadline-it should be done! Otherwise many contestants are not qualified.... We all put too much effort and time int this project just to cancel because we need 1-2 extra days for rendering the animation...
my Master & Servant Challenge>
  01 January 2007

Ill support you 100% Taavi.. i already miss 2 weeks of collegue working on this and im a bit streess out.. a day or two would not hurt that much i hope we can get more people to support this..

thanks for coming
  01 January 2007
Post Effects and Compositing: After Effects

Ill manage to add the stone pass to the composition but is not looking great i use mental ray for that and the composite back with the renderman passes ..

Ill be adding glows in post also a fog pass is coming .. thres still time to change teh composition a bit and add more things k .. hope they extend the challenge for 2 days to render the animation :)
  01 January 2007
I truly hope the same - that the deadline will be extended >>>a little bit<<<
my Master & Servant Challenge>
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