Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Tim Dunn

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Old 11 November 2006   #16
Modeling: Axis Nader basic roughout

Started working on Axis Nader. Lots and lots is going to go into the city. I've pretty much decided not to do Axis Euclid and Axis Thoreau.
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Old 11 November 2006   #17
Cool Axis!

Nice! Lookin all axisy!

I haven't read the book yet, plan to do that this week, but all your parts are lookin cool! Can't wait to see em fit together with some dramtic camera angles!

- I've just entered this competition, so hopefully when I pull something together you'll have a look and let me know what you think. Peace Peace, and good luck finishing all that you desire!
Old 11 November 2006   #18
Modeling: Beacon Array details added

Added a wee bit more detail work to the beacon arrays and plus through in a couple crude building stand in's to start judging sizes I'll need.
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Old 11 November 2006   #19
Modeling: Beginning of Axis Nader city buildings

Started work on one of the 'mega's for my Axis Nader. Granted the Mega's were described in Axis City or the Seventh chamber at all. It kinda works in to my idea none-the-less.

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Old 11 November 2006   #20
Modeling: Axis Nader mega layout

Just something to show I'm still working. This is just laying out where I want this form of mega's in Axis Nader. I've started doing modifications so each of the five are slightly different. I have also started working on a few other buildings which I'll end up using but I'll post all those later. I want to get my general city layout designed next including transit lines, parks, buildings ect. Then with that in place I'll build the rest of the city around all that including the megas.
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Old 12 December 2006   #21
Hey Tim
blimey you have done a staggering amount more work than me, thanks for the comments btw. I toyed with doing the city section as well but due to time considerations chose to concentrate just on the point where the flaw ship reaches the drive cubes. Really like your concepts, makes for a stronger challenge when people have chosen similar scenes to depict... best of luck.... now where is that double ended candle to burn

Old 12 December 2006   #22
Wow! Looks like you're going all out on the chamber. What animation do you plan on having for the end?

Just remember to not model more than you need to. Believe me, I do it more often than I realize.
Old 12 December 2006   #23
abscnth & Jedi-Juice - thanks. While suffering through a rather boring class Thursday I came up with a whole new and much better take on the buildings for Axis-Nader. I was a doodeling fool, but alas now I'm so swamped in finishing off projects, finals, work and something else that I don't think I'll get a chance to work on it till late next week. Theres a reason why you do the school thing when you're young. This second time around stuff being, err, old-er is just insane.
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Old 12 December 2006   #24
Modeling: Details on Axis Nader outside

Its been a while thanks to a couple deaths among family and friends plus finals. But I finally started working again. I started adding details to the exterior of Axis Nader with lots more work to go.
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Old 12 December 2006   #25
Modeling: Added new Central City roughout

Heres the roughout for Central City which lies just north of Axis Nader along the Flaw (which along with the plasma tube I have not included).

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Old 12 December 2006   #26
The amount of work placed into this is phenominal. Noticable are the twisted Pyramid motif emblem and the maltese cross, they are both stunning, can't wait to see the end result..

best of luck




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Old 12 December 2006   #27
Hey there, making some progress! I'm curious to see what kind of composition you come up with for all of these elements. Nice work, keep it up
Old 12 December 2006   #28
Thanks guys. I have alot more detailing done but not at apoint I'm ready to setup for a render yet. Too much more detailing to do first.
Believe it or not putting the Cross, Drive/Navigation cubes, Axis Nader and Centeral City together is not the part that bothers me, its what I plan on doing for the way and backdrop that is beginning to really freak me out. I NEED MORE DAYS IN MY HOURS AND WEEKS IN MY DAYS!!!
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Old 12 December 2006   #29
I guess some one that read the book; if not parts of it... can make a serious difference.

I honestly loved your aproach to the construction of the Axis City...
The units the details, many things are very well thought of! It really makes the descriptions so much easier to place.
(Not too sure about how much I liked the Axis Nader/outside details for some reason.. it apears to take from all the amazing work. I guess with lighting and decent rendering, it is definately going to look it's better)

Have you ever thought of (even though it is well more an amount of work) constructing the "Tube" more what like a cage?
Sort of having islands of city la out on beams of highways and connectors... my whole worry is that you have such a good idea for the "Mega"'s and also a really good job on the exterior... Since you are planning on presenting the entrance of the flaw ship as well.. it may not be too easy to display both your hard work at one screen shot.

Hence the reason for the idea of a "Cage-Like" structure...

All that said...
No offence but I think I have to agree with you on the canopy... it fits functionality without sacrificing from the "Arrowhead" description... but does look un-fitting.

In the scale you are planning on doing things... does it really mater? Or are you planning a close-up shot to the flaw ship, rendering all the rest to the background?

BEST of luck! And never mind Zando's turkey... get this thing completed.. it is very promising to compare to so many I have viewed recently. And I am VERY curious on what you may have a mind for, for the backdrop...



Ps: My deepest condolences for your loses...
Death is one thing... but Deaths?!! Was there an accident or something? Glad you are still moving on with this though. I believe it is going to be great!

Pss: Whats the "question" bit about your post #11? You lost me there
Apparently I am dead: LINK
03/03/2008 May I rest in peace
Wait, CG-Talk Shut the link down; try this: WTF?! Weren't you dead?!
Old 12 December 2006   #30
BlackDidThis - Thanks for the comments they are deeply appreciated. First as for the question from post#11. I was talking about the cross and drive units, did they go along with Axis Nader down the Way. It was not perfectly clear in Eon if they did or if they were left behind. However after reading Eternity I realized that yes they did go down the Way. Duhhh, how else could Axis Nader and Central City accelerate to relativistic velocities after the Sundering?

As for the details on the outside of Axis Nader the plan, time permitting, was/is to add another layer or two of larger builidings to all the nurnie work already done. Plus I still have other infrastructure work I plan to add to help smooth the whole thing together.

For the interior I actually did plan on lots and lots of inbetween/hanging type buildings meshing between the buildings off of the central cylinder and the inside of the main cylinder. However, after building a ton of really nice looking builidngs and then trying to add them onto the central cylinder I generated WAY to many polys and sadly I choose LW9 for my modeling instead of XSI. I'm a thousand times faster at modeling in LW then XSI but it slows to a crawl with high poly (anything over a million) polys. XSI on the other hand handels near infinite polys as if you were only working with a couple. So now the issue is stay in LW or transfer to XSI.

But the real issue is time, or should I say the sever lack there of. In fact I'm out of town till next week and only have my very old very slow (P3 750mHz laptop) with no real graphics card (sniff , sniff). So what I'm probably going to do is restructure the short animation so I can conserve poly count by adding parts in only where they will be seen and take different angles such as not traveling through the city as I had planned. That way I can add some nice detailed buildings but not needing thousands of them.

What I'm working on right now is textures. Alot of my detail has to come through the textures and I have lots and lots of buildings and other strucutres so I have tons of work to do.

I do have alot more done on the inside but that will have to wait till I'm back home to post.

Till then I wish everybody a wonderful and happy holidays.
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