Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cláudio Jordão do Carmo Viegas

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  12 December 2006
Modeling: Olmy

Hello, here's my Olmy... for now!
He's still missing his short black hair but I'll think about that later.
I like the idea of Olmy being some kind of a priest, so... I hope you too :)
Comments are more then welcome.
  12 December 2006
Shading (Textured and lit): Olmy

And now... with hair!
  01 January 2007
Shading (Textured and lit): Patricia

Hello guys, here's a little update of my Patricia.
  01 January 2007
Shading (Textured and lit): Ship

Hey all, here's a first look of the ship's interior ambience.
I was almost giving up because I had some problems with my PC, I still dont know if I'm going to be able to finish it... but I'll try.
  01 January 2007
Shading (Textured and lit): characters

Hello, it's getting very dificult to finish this in time, but... here's a postcard of the characters.
  01 January 2007
Shading (Textured and lit): Inside Olmy's Ship

Hello, here's another update.
The characters are not in their final poses, and I dont really know if they will ever be... I have so little time to continue with this.
Well... see you soon, I hope.
  01 January 2007
Good Stuff Claudio.

consider the color comp of the scene i would do a more for a brighter color to make the characters stick out.
  01 January 2007
Hello digikris, thank you very much for your comment.
The colour issue is not quite cleared in my mind yet because it will have some variations of blue and green lights near the center of the cabin where Olmy is laid... so, I will have to do some tests to find that compromisse between those lights and the semidarkness of the cabin as the script says.
I will post that part of the script in a minute.
Thank you again.
  01 January 2007
EON-Challenge - Script

Hello all, this is the segment of "EON" that I've chosen:

Patricia awoke to find the cabin in semidarkness.
She had rolled to face the window.
More than twenty kilometers below, the corridor’s surface was dark and scarred.
Great gashes crisscrossed the mottled ground, the edges shining dully.
She rolled to look across the cabin. Her captor lay wrapped in a net of twinkling blue and green lights. Sparks shot between each light in the net, and within, his body was enveloped in a translucent greenish fog.
She had enough weight in the cabin to feel the difference between up and down. Slipping out of her molded berth, she reached across to touch the net of lights and see if it was real.
Before her fingers made contact, a voice stopped her.

Olmy’s ghost_ “Please do not disturb.”

Olmy stood at the front of the cabin. Patricia looked between the figure in the couch and the Olmy that had just addressed her.

Olmy’s ghost_ ”I am a partial personality, an assigned ghost. Olmy is resting, performing Talsit meditation. If you have any business with him, please allow me to substitute.”

Patricia- “What are you?”

Olmy’s ghost_ “An assigned ghost. While he rests, I perform any duties he may have which do not require physical activity. I have no substance. I am a projection.”

Patricia_ “Oh.”

She frowned at the image.

Patricia_ ”What’s he ... doing? What’s happening to him?”

Olmy’s ghost_ “Talsit meditation is the process of being surrounded by carriers of Talsit data. His body is cleansed of impurities and his mind of obstacles toclear thought. Talsit data informs, reorganizes, criticizes the mental functions. It is a kind of dreaming.”

Patricia_ “Are you just a recording?”

Olmy’s ghost_ “No. I am connected with his thought processes, but in a way that does not interfere with rest.”

Patricia_ “Where’s the—”

She was about to say, “boojum.”
She looked to the rear and saw the flat-headed, knock-kneed brown creature curled in its own berth, watching her with calm, slowly blinking eyes.

Frant_ “Hello,” it said musically.

Patricia swallowed and nodded.

Patricia_ ”What was your name again?”

Frant_ “I have no name. I am a Frant.”

Patricia_ “Who’s piloting?”

Frant_ “The ship controls itself at the moment. Surely you people have craft that can do that,”

The Frant said, its tone admonishing.

Patricia_ “Yes. Of course.”

She turned back to the image.

Patricia_ ”Why has the corridor changed?”

Olmy’s ghost_ “Centuries ago, there was a war here. The surface material brought into the Way—the corridor—was severely disturbed. In places you can see the Way itself.”

Patricia_ “A war?”

Patricia peered down at the mottled landscape.

Olmy’s ghost_ “Where Jarts occupied the Way. They had traveled from gates hundreds of thousands of kilometers farther down. Those gates have since been blocked or tightly regulated. When the Axis City attempted to pass, and to regain control of the Way, the Jarts resisted. They were driven out, and this stretch of the Way, the entire distance to the Thistledown, is now blocked and deserted.”

Patricia_ “Oh.”

She lay back and watched the lights twinkle around Olmy.
She was exhausted. Her eyes were sandy and her throat scratchy; her chest ached and her arm and leg muscles were tense and sore.

Patricia_ ”I’ve been crying,”

Frant_ “You have slept for the last twelve hours,”

“You seemed at peace while you slept. We did not disturb you.”

Patricia_ “Thank you,”
”This Axis City—that’s where we’re going?”

Frant_ “Yes,”

Patricia_ “What will happen to me there?”

Olmy’s ghost_ “You will be honored,”
”You are from our past, after all, and very brilliant.”

Patricia_ “I don’t like ... fuss,”

Patricia said softly.

Patricia_ ”And I want to go back and help my friends. They need me.”

Olmy’s ghost_ “You are not crucial there, and we decided it was dangerous.”

Patricia_ “I still want to return. I want you to know you are taking me against my will.”

Olmy’s ghost_ “We regret that. You will not be mistreated.”

Patricia decided it was useless to argue with a ghost, assigned or otherwise. She wrapped her arms around her shoulders and watched the raked and blackened landscape far below. It was difficult to feel anything for the past now, for whatever had happened before she entered the craft. Did she really want to return? Was there anything so important to her, anywhere? Yes. Lanier. He expected help from her. She was part of his team. And Paul, her family. Dead. She felt for the letters in her pocket, and then reached for the bag containing the multi-meter, slate and processor. They had not been disturbed.

  01 January 2007
Interesting scene you chose for your entry. There are so many cool effects you could use for that Talsit mesh thing on his body. Also, Olmys ghost could provide a good vehicle for using some interesting refraction and transparency.

Good luck mate!


  01 January 2007
Thanks gringer.
I'm doing some tests with Particle Flow for the Talsit's lights, and then I'll add some effects to what results for there, in Combustion.
As for Olmy's ghost, yes... I will try some refraction and transparency effects with him, but I want to try something different from the holographic projections in Star-Wars... well... at list I will try to do so!
Thanks again.
  01 January 2007
Post Effects and Compositing: Inside Olmy's Ship

Hello all, here's an update of the ship's ambience.
  01 January 2007
hey claudio... nice job the shading is looking really good from the clothes to the enviroment .. things are coming together nicely...
  01 January 2007
nice update claudio! now im beginning to see what youre up to. are you going to use some effects in animation like particles?
  01 January 2007

The lighting is fashionable,keep it up.best of luck ,friend.
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