Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Linh Mai

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  10 October 2006
Modeling: rain over face

i have sculped the rain model further, now you see a lot more water over the face. During i sculped the waters, i painted a alpha map at the same time, so when rendered, only the water is visible. Then i created a water shader with physically correct refraction index.
  10 October 2006
Modeling: water model and face model combined

here you see both combined, the water model and the face model, in addition i added some drops flowing down the nose, chin and ear.
  10 October 2006
Modeling: the beauty herself

here you see Patricia (alias Milla) in rain, rendered with my painted texture map, displacement map, normal map and cavity map. At next i will add a baked ambient occlusion map to the map collection ;) Lighting done with HDRI and global illumination, the skin has soft reflections and subsurface scattering, the hard look of the sculped model is away, the skin looks very smooth now. On the ear you see the back scatter effect. Pitty there are still no eyes yet, but i will work on them!

Good night all!

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  10 October 2006

that looks really really good
my god
I can't really follow all the technical info (what for instance is a normap map ?) but I can tell that this image looks so life like, congratz linh

I just have 1 small thing I don't like that much
those drops that fall from nose and ear make it look like it's not rain but more a slimelike substance
or meaby that's because we don't see the rain falling down around her yet, I' m not sure
anyway this is good stuff
keep it up
  10 October 2006
ah yes, the last update looks great!
for me the biggest flaws are the eyelashes which looks a bit flat. maybe you could add some modeled lashes, above the texture.

secondly, the dark shading between the teeth and lips looks unnatural, try softening that a bit. maybe give the lips more reflection to. but i'm talking subtle changes..
goodluck with the eyes! hard part..
Digital Banana Studio
  10 October 2006
Thumbs up Amazing !

WOOOOOOOW! HOt stuff dude
impressive work, I am learnig many with you !
Keep up the excellent work mate, I can't wait for your next post
My B-movie
  10 October 2006
@ krrrk: thanks man! Normal maps are like bump maps, but more advanced, they stored not only the high/depth info, but also the directions of the normals.

to the rain thing...mmh, i think maybe it looks so, because the lack of the rain in the environment, here is one of my photo references for the raindrops, the good old neo:

@ fellah: thanks for great crits, exactly the things which i want to improve at next. I will definitely model the lashes, it's not final! Thanks once more!

@ bouboul: thanks a lot mate! Glad to hear you could learn something!
  10 October 2006
It is well done ! The only thing which is a pity is that she really looks like Milla jojovich...
  10 October 2006

a trick to make very fast modelelled eyelashes is to select the edge where they grow from, clone and extrude it, then subdivide the resulting geometry to get the curvature of the all overshape then subdivide to get the rounding nice, ring select edges and on the length, extract those and set splines you gained like that to renderable, if xsi/cinema has that option (i work with max), so all left to do after you done that is to bring in a bit of variation et voilą, nice singlehair lashes done in 3 mins ^^ later, when doin the rig, attach them to the eyecloser bone(s) (i usually create 4 hemi-spherical helperbodies to open and close eyes or change shape and position wich i then simply attach to the headbone. hope that helps

ps: not just helping falbala, but well, you seem to know quiet well what you do so no need for overpaints or general support in anatomical tweaks - seems not to be yor first model ^^

Last edited by TheFirstAngel : 10 October 2006 at 05:05 PM.
  10 October 2006
@ FirstAngel: hey thanks, very quick method to create eyelashes, i will definitely check it out, in addition i will transfer the splines in polygons, to add micro waterdrops on them. Thanks again and good luck to your illu work!

Last edited by johnnymaster : 10 October 2006 at 05:57 PM.
  10 October 2006
Hi. Didn't know that about the matrix movie. Oh well. Love the drops on her face. I just managed to finish the clouds in my scene before i called it a day(week). Not sure what to do next. Maybe the waterfall, and then fix the grass after that. But anyways, cool way to make sweat/water drops on.. didn't think of it before.

The only remains of the polygonman was a quad...
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  10 October 2006

i finaly got some time to write. Those last renders really are awsome! Maybe a little too much orange, but i think it's because of the HDRI!

and yes, seems we share some ideas only difference is: you think and do them, while i'm only stuck with thinking about them.

I hope i can do some work this weekend cause it's been slowing down a lor. (Work )

anyway, great progress man!
I'm not a computerfreak!! but a freak with a computer!
And I'm not afraid to use it!
  10 October 2006
@ thondal: nice to hear that you like the waterdrops! Good luck with the waterfall, sounds like hard work!

@ nico: hey...yeah you're right, it's too orange even though HDRI, there are some bugs in my skin shader. Now i'm recreating the skin shader, i want to lighten with HDRI and direct light, at this moment the skin only works with HDRI, let the skin looks realistic with direct light is very hard. In addition i will sculpt a secondary displacement map, now the displacement of the skin is a mix of maps and procedural shaders. I had to move the face from xsi to cinema, because mental ray is too slow for this project. So i have too render the xsi hair seperately and do some compositing, i hope this is not a problem for the jury, otherwise a have to create the hair in cinema. Along the way i began the work on the body. Maybe i will render a skin video in few days!

thanks and good luck further on!

Last edited by johnnymaster : 10 October 2006 at 06:59 PM.
  10 October 2006
compositing or rendering with diferent renderers or software shouldn't be a problem for the jury. If it's 3d, then the end product counts.

About the lighting and HDRI:

i don't know if you wondered on how i did my lighting on the model - to show it - and how to get nice reflections on the chrome? But in the beginning i also saw that it's been done a lot with HDRI. In a way i use the same technique, but i control it much better. You can compare it to a studio photoshoot. What i use is a spotlight, and 2 planes that are very large and have a maya surface shader. This shader gets a color that goes beyond the value of 1 that white has, and has a 5 or 10. Making it 5 or 10 times brighter than white. Because you control everything, you don't get unexpected colors showing up. 1 of the planes casts final gather light and the other doesn't. When using a glossy shader, you set the reflections to a 0.1 and it only reflects the bright color and nothing else.

I think you could try it to have a very solid and controlable lighting. Or i am just a huge noob at HDRI

The way i work seems to work so far and gives a nice look to chrome and reflective shaders.

I also think if you then work with large scenes, it is usable if you place the light planes correctly and let them be visible only in reflections and not casting any FG light.

so far one of my thoughts dude!

ps. it's strange, but since i'm working on another HDD - that in the meantime got defragged - working on shaders got much lighter and enjoyable.

I'm not a computerfreak!! but a freak with a computer!
And I'm not afraid to use it!
  10 October 2006
Quote: compositing or rendering with diferent renderers or software shouldn't be a problem for the jury. If it's 3d, then the end product counts.

yeah, that sounds logical...to make the hair a second time would kill my nerves

And yes, i know this technique, it's in fact a fine method too create nice reflections for product presentations, in maxwell render, the light system base on this method, there are no any light objects, only polygon objects with light ermitter tags. But the purpose of using HDRI in my project is too enclose the objects in a environment for a more natural lighting, but only with HDRI maps you haven't big control, unless you will manipulate/paint the maps...so i want to use direct lights in addition. I think your method is perfect for product shoots, but for "real life" looks i would prefer a environment lighting, maybe you should combine both, HDRI environment with direct lights, maybe i looks better, i'm not sure.
Very interesting to read about others techniques, i'm always curious about such things.

sounds in fact a little strange with your HDD hehehe, that brings me to an idea, long time passed since i defragged my HDD...

edit - 10 minutes later: hey dude, your suggestion brings to me a idea...to combine both, hdri environment, and poly objects with a bright shader like you are using instead of the usual lights...some results later! Thx again
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