Eon (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow

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Old 10 October 2006   #61
12b..BINGO! And from my point of view I´d increase the topo size of the composition
Old 10 October 2006   #62
Hi Mike,
12b. I think the compositon works well towards the goal you've set to show the human and alien elements as well as envoking a sense of scale.
One thought I had to marry the characters and the ship better would be to add some extreme foreground element, maybe another panel structure, or a bulkhead.
Great stuff, as always. Looking forward to the finish.
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Old 10 October 2006   #63
Originally Posted by walrus: I'm trying to show is the scene where Patricia is in Olmy and the Frant's ship and they first arrive at the massive Axis City...

I have a bad habit of separating characters from background to the point that they don't really work together. I fear I've done it again here

Of the compo's 12B is the winner. But I agree that you are not relating the figures to the background. If they have just arrived, and are seeing the city for the first time, then what are they looking at? We see the city ahead? They, she in particular, are looking back, Olmy is motioning but neither other character is following the gesture. I actually like the composition a lot because it cuts a diagonal that provides a tension interface. You could say the glass is that interface. I wonder if you could use the trick of showing the faces of the characters as well-defined reflections as they, and you, view the city for the first time. It's hard to pull of without looking like a cheap cliche, but maybe you can do it.

For a darker Prismacolor, I love the Indigo. The Raisin Noir is pretty nice, too.

So you plan to draw, scan, then color digitally? I've done that for figures in my illustrations. Do you prefer Painter or Photoshop?
Ernest Burden III
Acme Digital
Old 10 October 2006   #64
Yup... I agree 12b it is!
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Old 10 October 2006   #65
Hello Mike.

I know these things are hard!
Generally the group of characters seems to work fine now.

I like this Olmy better than the last. Of course this one looks almost aggressive and Olmy in the book seems more quiet and gentel.

Most of the people here seems to prefer 12b. I don’t know….
I really like the big structure in 11. The only problem there is that the ship seems to be not heading down the corridor.
Personally I would prefer to get the characters up close and personal in the foreground.
But the scene definitely looks more breath taking when you pull the camera back a bit.

Agony is what this is.

Mostly the best thing is just to go with a gut feeling and try to stick with it.
But always one sits back afterwards and feels things could have been better if only I did this ore that…..

Either way you go with this Mike it looks like its going to be an interesting image!
Old 10 October 2006   #66
Fantastic Sketches Mike

Very Very nice - I'm a real fan of pencil sketches and the way you make subtle changes to the characters is really something.

What more can I say - keep up the great work
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Old 10 October 2006   #67
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to go against the crowd here, but I much prefer 11b and here's why.

In 12b, the people are on the left hand side and the ship goes from them right out of the picture- so you have your eyeline going to the people, looking at them briefly, then rapidly going over to the giant ship and out on the right hand side. Your eye doesn't wander around the picture enough.
In 11b however, you have the people, the arches following the line of the ship, down to the 'circular' horizon and back around to the people. There are enough diagonals to hold interest and it's not so simple that you're in and out like a shot.

Just my opinion though.
Old 10 October 2006   #68
Concept Art: Different layouts

Thanks for the notes, everyone!
Some interesting points, but Ernest, your post was especially helpful. You're right, no one's really looking at anything: I'm using the time-tested sci-fi book cover cliche of having characters face outwards, "looking into the future" even though all the action is behind them. But it's okay: They're looking into the future! :rolleyes:

Not that I've rid the image of that problem with these new comps. Just trying something different, not putting all the action behind them. Instead just trying to make a nice, cylindrical landscape behind them. And making it all more directed off stage-left. It's a different approach, but at least it's not as confined as the ship cockpit was.

A few other notes:
Bryce: How's this for greyscale(ish)? Do I earn a comment now? :)

BC - I do like the bulkhead idea, I think that would help a lot, thanks for the mention of it.

Ernest - I usually sketch a lot like this, a combo of pencils and scribbling over it in Photoshop. When I get my final layout, I'll redraw the whole thing with nicer line art. Then I do all the coloring in Photoshop. If you really want a more detailed description of my workflow, there's a 3-page tutorial of my last Challenge entry: follow the "Tutorial" link in my signature.

Try - Thanks for your support! It is pretty agonizing. But the subject matter moreso than anything. If this were a "typical" Challenge, I'd be doing fun, humorous, silly images: I'm sure you can relate! ;) Only for this one, I find myself wanting to be really faithful to the source material and doing a "serious" image, even though it's not as much fun. Oh well, gotta try all sorts of images...

Anyhow, let me know what you think, all.

Michael Dashow
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Old 10 October 2006   #69
Concept Art: another layout with axis city

...and one more try on the Axis city thing...

Michael Dashow
My web site / My art on Facebook
Old 10 October 2006   #70

I still like this one best because:
I think it works well not only as a cinematic image, but as a wrap around book cover as well!
The first subcomposition works well on it's own. I think the moving the Frant over slightly as you have breaks the hard visual circle that was in 12a. From ther the eye is drawn into subcomp where the rest of the story is told ( Axis City ). The viewer can wander from one to the other.
However, my wife made a good comment: The compositon would have to flopped for a book cover. Also she wondered what Patrica is looking at. Maybe angle her more towards the city?
My 2 cents.
"We implemented our scatter/gather I/O server in Simula-67, augmented with opportunistically pipelined extensions."
Old 10 October 2006   #71
I like 15

Hey what's wrong with 15 i like 15. I know i know the whole sci-fi placement on te cover and all that. But the expressions on their face is pretty important in how I (not that i'm a critic or anything) read it. You could play around with the scale a little bit but Please ( hands clasped in plea) Don't loose the detail on their faces.

I know you've thought about it but the lighting is probably something that will tie the wow factor in there. Right now i like the focus towards the top of the right of the page and there seems to be some sort of tension there i can't quite figure out. the scale maybe. You need to but more pressure there to give them something to be worried / introspective about. Also seems like a nice way to tie humour in there.

Insights not dictations by the way. Now i've got to get my tush in gear ans start working on mine.
Old 10 October 2006   #72
hey dude! amazing concepts i must say!

i wish i cud suggest a couple of things .. but, me have no knowledge of the book ..

one thing tho ... as BC1967 suggested ... moving the Frant does help the second composition in terms of 'continuity and harmony' .. plus the viewing angle of patricia as to what she's looking at can be resolved ..

all in all ... very well conceptualised!

i love it!
.. vision is the art of seeing things invisible.
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Old 10 October 2006   #73
Originally Posted by walrus: follow the "Tutorial" link in my signature.

I will, thank you!

How about this:

Take the figures from 14 and use them in 15. I like the Frant on the left, have him going out of frame, and maybe even bend the hand back in, which will create some fun tension by hinting at a threat to the human damsel by the unscrutable alien.
Ernest Burden III
Acme Digital
Old 10 October 2006   #74
Nice composition!I wish you good luck!
Old 10 October 2006   #75
Concept Art: another try on the horizontal layout

Bill, buffichar, nwiz25, Ernest, and adib - Thanks for your notes - very helpful indeed! So to respond to them, let's try this image. I've take the figures with the Frant on the left, as Ernest suggested. But I also sketched in a new version of Patricia turned more towards Axis city. Don't worry - if this is what I end up keeping, I'll redraw her to look like the character the way I made her look before. But as for layout... see what you think....

Michael Dashow
My web site / My art on Facebook
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