Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark David

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  10 October 2006
Originally Posted by mdavid: soapy
Cheers, mate! It's important to me that the spacecraft looks formidable. I'm delighted that George likes it. If you want, you can tell him it doesn't need wings because it only goes where there's no air. This aint no home-built atmospheric glider - this is bleeding-edge rocket science. NASA - you can contact me with a PM if you want the blueprintsr
So whats up with the vertical stabilizer? Heheh, well I guess your craft has to have style right?
  10 October 2006
I'm laughing my head off at this sketch. Love it.
  10 October 2006
I've had a big few days of work that kept me from my space rocket. But I thank you all for your fine suggestions posted during my absence. The time hasn't been completely lost: my team of engineers has been working around the clock. There was one minor dust-up that happened when the design manager didn't quite see things the same way as the production manager but the mediation has been very successful and the bite marks are healing nicely.

Cheers, mate! I can assure you, the propulsion system has top priority

Yes I think I should be more careful with my ideas. For example, a few challenges back I posted my suggestions for a desktop computing device, a bent wire contraption which I called the 'coat-hanger', and the mobile telephone machine. And now look at them. They're everywhere. Nice idea about the controls for the Cosmic Ray Shielding Device, by the way. I'll definitely pass that idea on
Barf bags: Well, I'm sorry to say there won't be barf bags. I have to cut costs somewhere.
Escape hatch: Yes it does have one. You can see it there in the middle riveted into place. I admit it's not so fast to get out of because you've got to push the rivets out from the inside with your thumbs. Is that a bad thing?

Nice idea about windows. You clearly speak as an experienced airline traveller! The thing is, if this space rocket is going to get off the drawing board and into outer space then I need to put what might be called a positive spin on things. For example, when I boast about its accommodation featuring a modern multimedia room what I really mean is that there's just enough room to store an iPod. I'm sure you get the idea

Hah! Good point about the stabiliser and I thank you for it. I won't settle for mistakes like that slipping into the design process so I fired my design manager and replaced him with production manager, who always seemed to want that job anyway. It did get ugly for a while. The old design manager went on about the vertical stabiliser being there (trying to justify his job, I reckon) to stop it spinning/twisting when it shoots through the outer atmosphere of planets. The thing is, it's not really supposed to fly through atmospheres at all, but it does happen - far too often I'm sad to admit, on account of a problem with accuracy in the steering.

Thanks for that!

I'll leave the engineers to their thing and start working on the background/sky/space scene now. The asteroid is going to be in the background and the Earth down below. So that's where I'm heading for now


Mark David
People need nature more than nature needs people

  10 October 2006
This tread cracks me up! It’s just the funniest I’ve red in quite a vile!

Can’t wait to see what happens next in this magnificent space soap opera!
Will the engineers stop biting and start working……?
Can the evil genius behind this, find ways to fit more passengers in there…..?
May there even be room fore a pocket tennis court in the leisure centre….?
Will Mark do a world wide patenting job on his brilliant rivetpushlock?
Especially now that he has seen how other people stole his best ideas!

And most importantly will he get as confused about what to do, as the rest of us are.
Now that he is about to open that book once again….. After letting it rest fore more than 40 years.

On thing is fore sure!
This parallel universe we know as our world (and our rocket science).
Will never be the same again.

  10 October 2006
Line Art / Model: Fearless warrior

A bold adventure needs a bold hero. Here's the pilot of the space ship. Fierce determination in his eye - it's going to take more than some mysterious asteroid to spook this warrior. He's confident. He's optimistic. Some might even call him smug. And why not? After all, he's not down the back of the ship flying economy.
Mark David
People need nature more than nature needs people

  10 October 2006
really nice.
im a big fan of fantasy works..but does it match with this story??
Available for freelance
  10 October 2006
Excellent! Now, that's a hero we can trust our future with!...or is it past?
I love where this thread is going ... just keep it up this way

WIP: Anatomy


  10 October 2006
Cool Look Of Determination

Very nice and funny art.But Greg writes very very serious and very very hard
sci - fi and he might not get the joke.
  10 October 2006
LOL, he looks great. By the look on his face you would think that he is propelling the spacecraft on will power alone. Which is not unfitting to the story. hahah. Did you know that if you think with your mind reaally, reaaaally hard you can manipulate the space time continium?!
  10 October 2006
Hey Mark, what a great face! he does look extremely determined. this is a very funny thread!
  10 October 2006
Thanks Per. Yes, you raise a lot of the very same questions that have kept me awake at night since this challenge started. It's going to be a rough ride, I'm sure

living_for_cg and brrrhmmm
Thanks for dropping by and your honesty is valued and appreciated. Yes I understand what you are saying and hope Greg does understand the humour of my own little parallel reality here, as I'm sure he will. Putting all references to humour aside, years ago when I read quite a lot of sci fi I read a few of Greg Bear's books and enjoyed them a lot. I can genuinely recommend his work for anyone who wants to read intelligent speculative fiction and Eon was one of my favourites. I found over and over again, by some strange coincidence, that my favourite books always seemed to come from the B section of the book store, with the authors Greg Bear, David Brin (joining Greg Bear in the judging of this challenge!) and Gregory Benford. Each of those authors has, in my opinion, written some of most enjoyable and thoughtful sci fi I know about. So am I saying this stuff to win favour with the judges in a hope of winning something here? Hah! The thought of this entry winning anything... now THAT would be the funniest joke in this thread!

Thanks for that. Yes it's too late to change my path now. I'm going to see where it leads

Very good point soapy and I'll gladly cling to it. The issues of parallel realities and quantum weirdness are central to this thread

Cheers John. What I'm really trying to do here is to make some nice art. Now that is proving to be a challenge...
Mark David
People need nature more than nature needs people

  10 October 2006
Hey Mark,

OMG , can't belive that I've overseen this thread so far, this is just priceless ...now that I've discovered this I can't wait to see your next update ...and now I've to wipe up some tears from laughing and swab the poured coffee...

Nice day for you!

  10 October 2006
This is a super fun thread with loads of cool stuff! Love that warrior and the plane!
It's going to be a nice animation at the end!
May the force be with u!
  10 October 2006
Sorry Mark. I`ve stopped by and admired your bold pilot several times but forgot to comment!
(Dam I need to get one of secretaries to remind me about these things.)

However I really love this guy! Is it Mirsky by the way….?
He’s got that determined look of a guy with a party book in his breast pocket.
His mother on a gulag holiday Siberia and a grumpy political officer riding in economy behind him.

The jolly red colour on the ship also is typical soviet reddish.
Only the passenger commendations are maybe a bit to lavish fore a transport ship from red Russia….
So I’m a little unsure again.

It could be Lanier… He’s supposed to look like a American Indian.
Maybe he just died his hear blond fore the action…

Anyway great stuff Mark.
Cant wait to see what happens here next!
  10 October 2006
Hey Mark! Really enjoy your light-hearted fun images -- especially the Seussian umbrella-ship. Such a welcome relief in comparison to typical uptight NASA imagery or dark dreary apocalyptic cliches. Can't wait to see more! Very fun! Cheers!
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