Eon (Illustration) Entry: Tiziano Baracchi

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Old 12 December 2006   #61
Thank you. Leotril!

Yes, more tweaking and refining is what it will get... it isn't completed, yet.

Hope to see you in here again.
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Old 12 December 2006   #62
Final composite and colour timing: The Fourth Chamber-Patricia

Hallo, :)

Well, unless anyone spots something that escaped me (hopefully it isn't there, but I'll be eternally grateful if it is and you tell me)I'd say miss Vasquez is finished.

On with painting the rest, and, as always, thanks for looking! :)
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Old 12 December 2006   #63
Amazing work! Face looks perfect to me; can't wait to see the rest in final form.

Old 12 December 2006   #64
Hey Tiziano,

I also think you can call your Patricia finished , she's really amazing, no crits from me, just a little cheering and of course curious to discover your next updates !

Old 12 December 2006   #65
Hi Tiziano,

Your woman's face is technically well done. I like the amount of work you put into her face. However, check your reference again. Her head is in a 3 quarter view. You really shouldn't be seeing so much of the left side of her face. Her left cheek almost looks swollen. Her hair line is also higher on her left side which makes her forehead look uneven. nitpicky stuff but it's the only thing that jumped out at me. Good luck with the challenge. This scene reminds me of Jim Burns stuff. He's one of my favs!

posted a quick idea of what I'm talking about. It's more noticable when you flip the image. Hope this helps.

Old 12 December 2006   #66
Thank you Sabrina and Adam (ladies first, ) updates will be posted soonish .

Eric, thank you for the lavish praise (Burns, OMG, he is *the* SF illustrator! ), and thank you even more for taking the time to paint what you meant, it's way clearer this way .
Your paint-over would be perfect, though, if Patricia had a longer, leaner face, (say the kind of Anglo-Saxon face that is often seen on ads and magazines nowadays) but she is described as a Hispanic, round-faced girl, so I went for defined but wide cheekbones and round cheeks. Her boneset is wider and somehow 'flatter' than the most commonly seen Center- or North-European look and, in proportion, the face looks shorter.

I checked multiple references of this kind of features in three-quarters view, and I can safely assure you that my rapresentation on that account is correct, I hope you don't mind...
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Old 12 December 2006   #67
Final composite and colour timing: The Fourth Chamber - tweaking and refining

A little update.

Patricia's ear has been refined a little more (thanks, Karyn) :) .

The buildings in the middle ground have been completely redone: style, color and perspective, I think they fit better in the landscape now, not 'jumping out' as much as before.

The 'ropes in the sky' have been intensified and the middleground water has been retouched accordingly.

A few little touchups have been made here and there on the foreground platform as well.

Hope you like! :)

More to come in the next days...
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Old 12 December 2006   #68
I like a lot!!!

Such small changes yet they change the entire effect, don't you love that

I think in your next update you should add some detail to the male figure.He looks a little flat atm and once touched up, he will add a lot to the canvas.

Lovely work as always, get back to us soon with an update.
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Old 12 December 2006   #69
Got me!

Lanier hasn't be touched yet, he's next in queue...

Thanks for your warm encouragement, Greg, it's really appreciated.
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Old 12 December 2006   #70
Hey Thaldir,

Very nice rendering. I like the curvature of the background indicating the unique environ of eon . I have to say though, I agree with Eric on the foreshortening of the face. Although it may not have to be 'Anglo' purse, it still looks a little off in terms of the angle on the left eye. Perhaps its the size of the eye, placement, or angle.. Have you tried flipping your image? Sometimes that helps me discern the image better. I hate reworking something I've spent so much time rendering but thats what we gotta do sometime to find that perfect picture. Cheers and good luck.
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Old 12 December 2006   #71
Final composite and colour timing: The Fourth Chamber - tweaking and refining more

Some more progress: Lanier has been worked on and (hopefully) has gained volume and interest.

After flipping Patricia multiple times, squinting at her from across the room, turning her upside down and comparing 'in progress' prints I found that I'd risked messing up her nose: the highlights were in the wrong place, thus changing the axis of her face and playing havoc with the perceived three-quarter view of her face.
That has been fixed as well. Thank you, Rares Halmagean :) .
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Last edited by Thaldir : 12 December 2006 at 05:41 PM.
Old 12 December 2006   #72
Patricia is looking awesome I would like to see some more color defiining the chamber from the platform area, but if you are still in early to mid stages on that part of the work ignore that comment
Old 12 December 2006   #73
At the moment I've just worked on the nearest part of the landscape outside the platform: buildings and the bay with the islet, do you think that part needs more color?
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Old 12 December 2006   #74
I think what it is, there are the same shades of grey in the foreground as in the landscape behind it, it does not really make my eye go into the distance in the landscape.
Old 12 December 2006   #75
Understood, thank you!

Will keep it in mind working on the mid and far landscape in the next days: stronger colors in the foreground and more shades and very gradual desaturation.
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