HMC #25 - The Oceans - Squid vs. Whale

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  04 April 2010
HMC #25 - The Oceans - Squid vs. Whale

Well, initially I had this wonderful plan for a battle scene between these 2 wonderful Cretaceous period sea monsters. It was gonna be great, then it was brought to my attention that, in the recap, it says our CURRENT animal kingdom. So, that was a bummer, but I am dedicated to an epic battle.

The first thing that came to mind was either a giant octopus or giant squid fighting a whale, however I assumed that this might be a bit of a stretch. So I did some digging and found out that Colossal Squid do in fact get eaten by Sperm Whales, but they also fight back. Sperm whales apparently often bare the scars of Colossal Squid tentacle teeth. These squid apparently can grow up to 14 meters which is frakkin huge.

So that's gonna be my project, Colossal Squid vs. Sperm Whale. I'll post some pictures later this evening.
  04 April 2010
Hey Tim, great to see you aboard.

If you're thinking attacking squid, I'd like to direct you to the wiki entry for the Humboldt Squid

I watched a show on these guys. I wish I could remember what it was called. They are incredibly aggressive as the wiki entry points out. I didn't read the whole entry, but here's a few things I remember from the documentary:

1)They have an incredibly sophisticated communications system, which is based on chameleon displays (in the same way octopi camouflage themselves in reefs). These displays, researchers believe, not only convey messages, but also serve to mark individuals. Researchers also believe that this form of communication may even be more sophistacted than human language.

2)While they can be extremely aggressive, other circumstances have shown them to be quite docile. It is quite possible that their aggression is born of self defense. They were fished quite heavily in the past, and may have "learned" that humans are an enemy. They tend to be much more docile around humans in a)smaller numbers and b)smaller, less threatening ships or boats.

Anyway, I know you already had your idea, but I thought I'd bring these guys to your attention. If you're thinking KILLER SQUID, no species comes closer.

  04 April 2010
Sperm Whale and Giant Squid battle is a classic! It could be a really intense and dynamic scene, looking forward to it.
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  04 April 2010
Rage: Thanks for the info. That is a serious damned squid. While it's aggression might make it a more accurate choice as a predator, I think I'm gonna stick with my current idea. Mostly because these Humbolt's only grow to about 7 feet while the Colossal Squid can grow past 46 feet. I guess the Humbolt's do hunt in packs but sounds like they don't really go after whales. That communication stuff,via skin color is pretty interesting though. Hope I'll catch that show sometime, probably on Discovery or something.
  04 April 2010
Forgot to post reference the other night so here is what I've got.

I plan to start modeling this evening. Who knows, might even get all ambitious and sketch out a concept too.
  04 April 2010
Alright, got a little bit of a start tonight on the whale. Roughed in a base mesh. Pretty close to ready for zbrush but not quite yet. These things have the weirdest mouths. I never noticed before but they are insanely thin for how big the whale is. My favorite is that they actually have these weird holes in the top of their mouth for their teeth. The ocean sure has some crazy stuff.

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  04 April 2010
Damn, fast start Tim. Really good likeness, too. I find you don't really hear much about sperm whales. They don't seem to be covered very often in documentaries. Perhaps it is because they are so illusive, like the Blue whale. It is really amazing that two of the largest animals to have ever lived on this earth are so difficult to find.

  04 April 2010
that's quite ambitious there Ti those squid give me the creeps with their beaks and spikes...

  04 April 2010
This post was in error. (replied to wrong thread)

  04 April 2010
Yeah, excellent start Tim. Can't wait to see more of this.

  04 April 2010
Rage: yeah, but there is a decent amount of photo reference. The squid is the tough one, there is literally no video of it in it's habitat, and only one living specimen ever captured, so it's lots of pictures of it all bunched up or cut up.

Intervain: Lets hope the ambition pays off . Both are pretty fun to work with, I just hope I can make it look as epic as it looks in my mind.

Paul: Thanks, more comin soon.

So both models' base meshes are pretty close to finished. I'll probably do a bit more tweaking before going to zbrush but I'm pretty close. Here's the squid's base. Pretty simple right now.

  04 April 2010
Not a lot done today but got both bases into zbrush and just started to work with size and finetuning the general shape of the main base.

  04 April 2010
Good stuff, looking forward to see this epic fight!

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  04 April 2010
good progress

It looks great. I hope I can create a squid that comes close to looking as great as your current model does. Looking forward to your Zbrush progress and also how your scene setup is going to be.
  04 April 2010
Yeah, I must agree, can't wait to see the end result for that Squid Tim, it's coming along great.

- it smells like the sea billy!
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