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  08 August 2012
Originally Posted by CrustedInk: the topo on the helm is nice, only the part between the clip and the hole looks a little bit "not right"...

thats actually another little hole in the side of the helmet that the inner padding clips into


It's been a little while since I posted an update but I've been working on it the whole time...and as such...this might be a lengthy post...

Shoe Progress

Finished out the base mesh of the shoe. Completed the upper by continuing to follow the spline guides, and the sole was started by a combo of measuring and placing spline guides as well as a healthy dose of eyeballing

I then started modelling and laying out the details on the bottom of the sole.

reall happy with how it's coming along...

Body Progress

Spent some time fixing up the body while continuing to sculpt it out. Much happier with the overall shape now.

Roughing in the back

Started blocking in the leg muscles
  08 August 2012
Helmet Progress

Added a rough facemask to the's just splines at the moment...trying to think of a way to model it to be like a proper facemask in regards to how the bars intersect, might even use Zbrush...

Using my actual helmet for reference/measuring I set about modeling the cheek pads

and a little render of the whole helmet so far

I'm thinking of adding a visor (I've given him one in the game) but not sure if I want to cover his face up more than I already will be...
  08 August 2012
Agreed. a visor will hide your modeling. We have to see his eyes.
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  08 August 2012
You got a nice project going on here. Solid start with great models.
Keep it up!

  08 August 2012
@scote: yeah that's what i was thinking...i'll continue to look into it

@PKT: thanks

i should have some time to post a proper update later today, been far too busy working on this to even post about
  08 August 2012
The Eye make the model come alive. but you know that
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  08 August 2012
Body Progress

Finished the rough pass of the body and checked the proportions.

From there I went into a bit of uncharted territory. I don't do a lot of retopologising generally, I think it's been about 3 years since i did

I started by planning out the retopo with polypaint.

Since Zbrush 4r4 came out with its topology brush I figured I'd give it a go. The first tries with the topology brush were a bit finicky and I wasn't getting it to work as smoothly as I'd liked. I think it's more my fault than the program though as I've looked at a few videos since and I was doing it

Not to worry though, I pushed on with the traditional retopo workflow in Zbrush (with a zsphere) and and built out one side of the body...

I then brought it into max, mirrored it and welded it onto the head mesh.

then it was just a case of reprojecting the subdivs

setting the poly groups and unwrapping it using UV master

and a quick render of the body in max

  08 August 2012
Shoe Progress

I finished up the details on the sole of the shoe

And roughed in some laces and the tongue of the shoe

Ball Progress
Started working on the ball, I set about measuring the crap

out of a football I have and setting up my splines.

Then modified a cylinder to fit.

A bit of extra modeling and adding of some laces and we have

the base model for the ball.

Extra Body Progress

I also did a quick detail/cleanup pass on the upper body.

  08 August 2012
i like what you got so far
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  08 August 2012
Whoa! This thread alone is awesome to look at. Great progress and updates. Keep it up!
  08 August 2012
Several images in these next few posts are quite large so, as always, right click to get the full size pic.

the posts cover from friday to tonight (sunday)


I wanted to be super thorough and detailed with the clothes, and as such I wanted to model the Nike base layer compression gear.

So I extracted the appropriate parts from the body mesh and brought those into max.

Using several different ref photos I planned out all the padding separately, laid out flat.

I then rendered those out and then (back in Zbrush) using spotlight transferred them to the mesh to get a placement texture.

Back in max i then placed all the little bits of padding individually...that was fun...there were a few hundered of the little

By the time I'd placed the ones on the pants I realised that I was creating much more work than was needed. It would be easier to just sculpt the pants, as the compression stuff would likely never be seen.

  08 August 2012
Pants Progress

These are the pants I'll be creating

as you can see the under padding is quite visible and as such I was still able to make use of my individually placed padding nightmare.

I did a fresh extraction, which I then sculpted outwards to look a bit more pant-ish and then brought my IPP (individually placed padding) in to Zbrush.

Then using masks I isolated the padded areas and did a quick inflate to bring them out to where they should be. I then started detailling the tailbone piece.

Moving around to the hip pieces I filled in the edges around the padding using Trim Dynamic and sculpted in the dimples.

which i then made a bit more subtle, like they were under the fabric.

I then filled in the edges around the thigh pieces and placed the first layer of dimples.

I added the second layer of padding on the thigh (by eye using the reference I had) and sculpted out the knee section in the same way as the previous parts.

and to finish off one very productive Friday I did a quick render of everything. Helmet, body, pants, and stand-in top.

  08 August 2012
It's now saturday and back to work on the pants.

I started by plotting out the seams on the pants.

and then planned out the topology for the retopo. I wanted to do it so I could have a separate polygroup/UV island for each individual panel, while still having something that had a decent flow to it. I used black for defining the UV borders, red for the topo lines and green for any areas I had to clean up. Pretty sure it's 98% quads.

I then went about retopologising it. I'm actually quite liking the traditional method of doing it in Z. I don't know why I'd always avoided it, its quite therapeutic and so much easier than any other method I'd tried.

then i took the new topology and using some of the new remeshing tools in Zbrush 4r4 I closed the open holes. I also split it into it's separate poly groups.

next I reprojected the old sculpt onto its new topology

the next thing I wanted to do was establish some seams in the pants. this was done by:
- isolating the polygroup
- masking the polygroup
- unhiding the rest of the sculpt
- shrinking the mask twice
- sharpening the mask three times
- inverting the mask
- inflating by about 2 or 3

I then ran a very light pinch brush over all the seams and a very very light inflate. This was the result

and another render of everything, sans stand-in top.

now theres a bit of a gap here as I spent the next 1.5 hours making a start on the padded belt. I was just that into it that i forgot to take screenshots or write it up as I

but the whole thing was created without leaving Zbrush. Using a combo of the retopology tools, the new transpose modeling stuff in 4r4 and just normal sculpting.
  08 August 2012
sunday now, and after quite a sleep in I'm back at the pants, determined to finsih them up today.

Started with a bit of detailling, laying in some stitches (with a combo of the DamStandard, Standard and inflate brushes), or the impression of stitches. The model is at abou 9 million points at this stage (sub div 7 i think) I'd have to go to sub div 8 to get full detail stitching...but I'm thinking about some alternatives...

I finished off creating the belt, still entirely in zbrush. The base meshes for the straps were made using the insert multi mesh strap brush in 4r4 and the D-rings were just toruses that I modified.

and a render of the pants


I knew I wouldn't be able to sculpt in a lot of the fine detail so instead I opted to texture them in. Texturing (as in actually creating textures) is something that I don't do, and have rarely ever tried to do. So it was all a bit of a steep learning curve.

I created the basic pattern of the pant material using gradients layered on each other.

and was able to use one of my hi-res shots of the uniform (thank you nike press website) to put together a pattern for the pant stripe mesh.

I then created a new texture in photoshop using the pattern function in PS which I then used as a bump map in addition to the normal and displacement maps already in place.

I also added a few little wrinkly details on the backs of the legs and around the top of the waistband.

I still need to fix the stitching on the front of the legs, but I'll get to that eventually...


I feel like I've broken through some sort of barrier in my use of Zbrush. Like I've activated another 10% of my Zbrush brain. The last 3 days I've spent working on these pants has been non-stop, 6-8 hour days. My ass is sore and my wrists are aching...but I feel great and I can't wait to tackle the rest of this project. That pun was entirely unintentional....
  08 August 2012
Wow man, I mean WOW. The final render of the pants looks really really good.
Masterful job on the texturing. That last bit of detail with the jersey and cloth material absolutely sells it.
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