Mudbox 2012 vs ZBrush 4.0

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Old 05 May 2011   #1
Mudbox 2012 vs ZBrush 4.0

Hello everyone,
I've been making some research about these two sculpting softwares.
My interest is to improve my 3D models but I'm more close to an generalist artist than a specialist in modeling. So, with this in mind i started checking several forums that discuss and compare the two. The main differences i noticed were these:

Mudbox: more easy to learn and work, great for Maya users and probably the best to include in a production pipeline.
Zbrush: well in all the forums for what I could understand it's almost an all in one tool. The best for sculpting but not very easy to learn and it's best for specialized modeling artists.

Some artist even use the two, Mudbox for all displacement detail and all textures are painted in Zbrush. Well i just wanted to know a few basics ideas of what more experience users have to say and what they recommend for a generalist to start.
Thank you all for yuour time.
When inspiration arises, it will find you working.
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Old 05 May 2011   #2
its like you said...
test both and choose...
Old 05 May 2011   #3
Thats the ultimate goal.
I would like to ear some thoughts about it thats it.
When inspiration arises, it will find you working.
(John Cage)
Old 05 May 2011   #4
i will go with mudbox
Old 05 May 2011   #5
I will stay with ZBrush. Might not be as easy to learn in the first place, but once you get the hang of it there's no issues at all. It all (for the most part...) makes sense.

I must say that I only tried the Mudbox demos a couple of times and never actually used the program in a production environment. It's a great program, I like the painting module (and the Ptex support in 2012) which I think is better than the one in ZBrush because you can edit textures directly (ZBrush's Spotlight functionality is good, but limited to coloring polygons which makes high resolution models strictly necessary and introduces quality loss by requiring a baking process to pull 2D textures from it) and have layers + Photoshop blending modes and even layer masks available.

The reason I will stay with ZBrush is it's far greater functionality compared to Mudbox in the modelling/ sculpting area. There is a far greater range of different sculpting brushes, you can create the models entirely in ZBrush (without having to create a low res version in an external program first) by using ZSpheres and ZSketch or the shadowbox introduced in ZBrush 4.

To me personally Mudbox doesn't offer anything I can't do in ZBrush. In fact, I would never want to miss the ZSpheres/Zsketch functionality, Mudbox doesn't offer anything like it.

You really should try both programs and choose the one that feels best to you. In the end, although being kind of a platitude of course, it doensn't matter what program you use to create your art. It's the final product that matters, if that's great, who cares what tools you have used?
Old 05 May 2011   #6
Thank you.
In the end of the day it's just up to you.
Really appreciate the detailed comment.
When inspiration arises, it will find you working.
(John Cage)
Old 05 May 2011   #7
My personal thoughts have pretty much been I prefer Zbrush for modelling but drastically prefer Mud for the texturing process. Also Mud feels a little less alien which is nice when jumping too and from max/maya and sculpting app (iv not used GoZ).

These are personal opinions though and not to be taken as absolute statements.

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Old 05 May 2011   #8
It seems ZBrus is really the boss but for a person like me perhaps at first it would be better to start with Mudbox cause I never tried any sculpting software before. So perhaps it's better to improve my sculpting techniques in a software that is easy to learn an then pass into zbrush. The truth is that at the moment I can't loose or dedicate a lot of time in one software only, thats my main problem...
When inspiration arises, it will find you working.
(John Cage)
Old 05 May 2011   #9
Mudbox is very easy. zBrush brushes feel waaay more natural. You can almost feel yourself paint/sculpt where with Mudbox its slightly harsh. Texturing and overall workflow is much more user friendly in Mudbox. I agree, you have to find out what suits your needs.
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Old 08 August 2011   #10
when i tryied zbrush before , it was a pain in the ass to learn weird the interface with ths awkward ergonomy.
I dont know if they changed something but i came back to it , and i feel confortable with it know , i learned to use the two major autodesk software 3dsmax and maya before that so it might help.
I found some similarity between those software .
You should start with sculptris and switch to zbrush when are you confortable ,sculptris is free atm but the topology is gonna be all triangle not really good if you plan to animate your model
What i like the most with zbrush compared to mudbox , in zbrush everything is smooth even in low poly you can trace a straight line it will do it unlike mudbox , and zbrush is way lighter for your computer even at high polygon is way lighter then mudbox .
Mudbox tend to get really sluggish like 3dsmax they did get a new engine for the realtime render for 3dsmax i dont know if they did the same for mudbox tho...
Old 08 August 2011   #11
I don't think they have changed that.
Max it's working great.
When inspiration arises, it will find you working.
(John Cage)
Old 11 November 2011   #12
Can anyone comment on which can handle the highest poly counts?

I've used Zbrush in the past and was forced to divide my model into lots of different parts in order to subdivide enough to provide sufficient detail when sculpting onto my imported model. Otherwise it would crash.

I'd much rather be lazy and just buy more RAM. Saying that - I've not used Zbrush since upgrading from my old 32bit machine.
Old 11 November 2011   #13
In zbrush, each subtool can be the maximum your hardware can handle. So if you can go up to 60 millions, then each subtool can go that high (the number will vary depending on how many polygons you have at level 0).

If you need to subdivide crazy amounts to get surface details, you might be working with a base mesh that is too dense to begin with.
Old 12 December 2011   #14

I just recently started to use mudbox for painting textures and its awesome! Silky and smooth. I actually never used it for sculpting though.

Zbrush its great for sculpting, and the posing tools are amazing (i think mudbox has something similar now) But thats it...

Many features are just broken, or have some catch, bugs, bugs, bugs, broken features and more bugs.

For me most of the features that are not sculpting are unintuitive.

example: Duplicating and mirroring a mesh and maintaining the subd levels you have to do some steps that could be done automatically behind the curtains, but, click, click for a simple step.

The sculpting layers, that were never very good, are just broke in version 4. I lost a lot of work a few days ago, cause i didn't know that the sculpting layers are not supposed to be used, has i figured it out later at zbrushcentral...

There are bugs that were never solved, like loosing high def detail if you delete some portion of the mesh, (there's a workaround for that).

No 64bit.

I'm a bit disappointed with zbrush with the fact that it seems to me, thats its more important for them to had 100 new features, with some of them uselessor just broken, then solving problems.

neither less, its an amazing sculpting software.
Old 12 December 2011   #15
I understand perfectly what you say and agree with a lot of what you said.
I've been using ZBrush for sculpting and mudbox to paint and do some small details.
I'm still not completely comfortable with zbrush but I became very confortable with mudbox very quickly. Still I'm searching for the best to express my work and I'm still divided between the two. Perhaps for what I'm doing now Mudbox is better and easier.
When inspiration arises, it will find you working.
(John Cage)
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