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Old 07-31-2007, 09:44 PM   #31
You Can Do IT !
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James Brown
Vancouver, Canada
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There's nothing wrong or right regarding the use of either method, rather it is really cool to see the results of patience, knowledge and effort applied...

It is bliss when you view nice design concepts and or mesh strategies employed, and by so many artists these days...

Quite the fantastic talent pool a building
"The only way things get done is by one doing... "

Old 08-14-2007, 12:58 PM   #32
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CGSociety Member
Magdalena Dadela
Senior Character Artist
Ubisoft Toronto
Toronto, Canada
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depends on the references for me If I'm happy enough to have perfect side/front views [which is almost never the case!] then I'll go poly by poly and match it all nicely to the ref... otherwise it's a combination of poly by poly and box modeling...

Lately I developed another method which works great for organic modeling, at the beginning of the process - I get a basic shape [box modelled] and do not worry about bumps and such and then I put it into zbrush - subd it - sculpt the shape some more, obviously zbrush will smooth stuff out nicely for me - and then I go back to the lowest level of subd and back to xsi... then I add all the defined edges and so on... It's a very fast method I found and gives good results quite often. [a matter of personal preference, too, I guess!]

Old 09-17-2007, 04:49 PM   #33
New Member
Kendra Wells
Casselberry, USA
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What model style do you use

I. Intro:"When people see the beautiful marble in Trump Tower they usually have no idea what I went through personally to achieve the end result. No one cares about the blood, sweat and tears the art or beauty require. It’s the end result that matters." Donald Trump

Thesis: Developing a technique that best suits the various parts of one’s model can be achieved though the various styles of modeling, such as box, poly to poly, and spline modeling.

II. Box Modeling is the most common industry standard where the model is created from a basic primitive shape.

A. Used for everything

B. Pros

1. Quick block out

2. Excellent method for sculptors (Block Out and then details)

C. Cons

1. Difficult to form correct edge looping

2. Robotic model

III. Poly to poly modeling is constructing polygons one by one

A. Used mostly for modeling heads

B. Pros

1. Correct edge loops from the very start

2. No edge loop cutting

C. Cons

1. There is no beginning block out

2. Not recommended for modelers who lacks knowledge of the mesh’s overall shape

IV. Spline Modeling is when an artist creates a two dimensional outline of one’s reference image and then lofts between the curves.

A. Used mostly for modeling heads

B. Pros

1. Guaranteed correct edge flow if curves follow muscle structure

2. Modeler doesn’t have to keep adding details, the detail is already there from the beginning

C. Cons

1. Creating curves can seem tedious

2. Adjusting the vertices after lofting

V. Conclusion

Old 11-15-2007, 06:22 PM   #34
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Michael Reiter
Nuernberg, Germany
Join Date: Aug 2006
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I´m always modeling from the box.

In the beginnings when i started out with Blender, I used to only model pbp.

But when I changed to Maya I started modeling from the box, first I tried to model pbp, too.

But I won´t recommend Maya for that task.

here is my latest WIP

Old 11-17-2007, 10:36 PM   #35
Peter Johansson
Peter Johansson
Carnival Studios
Stockholm, Sweden
Join Date: Aug 2002
Posts: 43
I use a similar approach as Intervain. But I create the topology and basic shapes and then import it to zbrush and flesh it out. Then back to maya and continue the modeling. This way I can see if there are any flaws in my models topology.

Here is a model that i just started.

Old 11-19-2007, 01:05 AM   #36
Im here a lot
nmcelmury's Avatar
Nicholas McElmury
Magic Pictures
Los Angeles, USA
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I still preffer the poly by poly method for the face, and usually I do the body wih a combination of pbp and box modeling. Here's my latest W.I.P. Working on a small diorama just to brush up on some skills and try out some new edgelooping techniques.

BTW, great thread, hopefully some more people will post as I'm sure there are a lot of people using a lot of different methods out there.

"The best things in life are either illegal, fattening, or take too long to render."
Old 11-25-2007, 11:44 PM   #37
Star-Scream's Avatar
Michael Jedrzejczyk
Cologne, Germany
Join Date: Dec 2004
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I am modeling only poly by poly sometimes i am trying something new but pbp is my standard.

nmcelmury: Aren't there too many polys at the forehead area? I see bad Tris on the nose which you can easily transform into quads with one cut
Old 12-26-2007, 07:30 AM   #38
Los Angeles, USA
Join Date: Dec 2007
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When you guys say modeling "poly by poly"..what does it mean?

When you guys say "poly by poly"

Do you first mean defining the face with curves adn then creating polygons snapping to the curves?


just going straight to polygons without a drawing, curves..any sort of reference?
Old 12-26-2007, 07:54 AM   #39
Shawn Driscoll
Join Date: May 2004
Posts: 474
I don't trace when I draw out my polygons. I will have some photos lying around that I'll use as reference. But I don't load them into my modeling room. I did trace in the past, but the female models came out too mechanical (stiff) looking. Polygon modeling of women is enough of a mechanical process already. No need to make it more so by tracing photos.

Some people are in a hurry and will trace anyway. It's just a hobby for me. No rush.
Old 01-02-2008, 07:23 PM   #40
New Member
Jonathan Fortes
Göteborg, Sweden
Join Date: Jan 2008
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Im sorta new to modelling and im working on my first head model right now. Im using a tutorial ( as a guide to how i should do the topoligy. However, i can't really se how he did the corners of the mouth. This is my WIP model, please comment on the topology and how it's gonna effect the animation if i would rig it. Would the sharp corner of the mouth affect it in a negative way? Thanks!

Old 02-04-2008, 01:55 PM   #41
Lord of the posts
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John Saleem
3D Modeller/ Texture Artist
Animal Logic
Sydney, Australia
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my Workflow

interesting thread ... well since early 2007 i gave up the poly by poly technique which I've been using since the day i new 3D, at least not for detailing ... i started to develop a better fast technique ( at least for me ) that makes me very comfortable in my work flow which i will share with you.

i start blocking the gesture of a character without worrying about any muscle or cutting any edges just to get the right proportions, i run my regular serious of commands in Maya after i am done ( Clean, Freeze Transformation, Center Pivot, Clear History ) and make sure the Normals direction is right then export it to ZBrush.

In ZBrush .. i start working on the contour and the gesture again at the lower divisions .. maybe hint for the muscles ... then refine and detail at higher divisions, after i am done i re-topologies the model, export the lowest subD and create a neat decent UVs ( as decent as i can ) using UVLayout and a sometimes Maya UV Editor as well, then export back the model to be imported in ZBrush replacing the first sub division ...

from there i am ready to do poly painting, normal maps, displacement if i need it.


There is no failure, except in no longer trying.
Old 03-26-2008, 08:52 PM   #42
New Member
norwich, United Kingdom
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Hi guys , started poly modeling now box modeling, really enjoy what box modeling offers. Looking for a hand tutorial, funny as the head /bod seem so darn easy , but I tend to screw up when doing the hand from the wrist , no dowt it`ll just fall into place with time...gee just so many dam good artists about , great to see whats being done....glad I joined up....good thread
Old 03-27-2008, 09:10 AM   #43
You Can Do IT !
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James Brown
Vancouver, Canada
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Not sure about hands related info here per say, although a search could be in order... pretty sure that there are some good examples posted over @ spiraloid...
"The only way things get done is by one doing... "

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Old 03-31-2008, 06:21 AM   #44
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Eugene Mishibinijima
Montreal, Canada
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Hello guys, nice thread :P I usually go by poly by poly method and keep it simple as possible. I did a video tutorial on poly by poly modelling of the head based of a referance. you can check it out here.

The heads I worked on:

Work in progress | Sam

Another head:
Eugene Mishibinijima

Old 03-31-2008, 03:07 PM   #45
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CK Pinson
Network ADMIN
West Palm Beach, USA
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Yunathan- That's a good start but the problem I see is that you've got tris in your mesh and possibly ngons- try to keep them all quads (4sided shapes)-= this will help incase you ever want to expand and add a sculpting software or use a renderer that requires quads.
CK Pinson
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