What's your general approach to organic modeling (and your latest WIP)

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  10 October 2006
well if you can model a hand or an ear you can model the rest of the body too, especially the hand is one of the hardest parts to do...
but there are a few pretty popular tutorials, you could try it with the joan of arc tutorial over at 3dtotal or Wiros charactermodelling tutorial on his homepage arilwiro.com
bonus vir semper tiro

some timelapsed videos
  10 October 2006
Thanks for the tip Neox, I'll check that site out tonight.
  12 December 2006
Hi, I'm studing some organic modelling, but I think my job is very dirt yet, I always have some questions, could one of you ask, please?

- What is the importance of good reference images?
- In the box modelling how add many details (like some wrinkles or corner of eyes and mouth) without create many triangles faces?

PS: You, guys, have excellent works here! Congratulations!

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  12 December 2006
I do almost all box modeling. I like to see the basic forms early. I make a very rough version and look at the smoothed preview and then smooth it and add detail. I do adjust the topology too at eash stage zapping triangles and N-gons been gettign better at keeping it quads I do slip up once in a while but I stach the N-gons and trianges in areas that do not deform.
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  12 December 2006
I started with a cube that was cut down the middle for symmetry. Then cut slices in it and stretched and pulled on them while smoothing. Then cut some more slices and stretched and pulled. See http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=225937 for more info.

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  12 December 2006
Unhappy looking for help modeling anime characters?

hi every liked the half dog and human it looks like it's from the movie "immortal" I'm a student
just started to get into the wolrd of cgi and cga I'm wanting to model an anime character
and I want to make it look really good
the quality like advent children I'm looking for advise on how to go about it I'm using maya
I'm told that maya isn't great for modeling i know but it's the software that I'm using.
can i get some pleaassse?
  01 January 2007
Some what? lol. Go for 3ds max, it's quite good for modeling =]. Oh and get the MJPolytools script.
  02 February 2007
You basically have two choices for modeling the face: box modeling or planar poly by poly approach. For the box modeling approach I highly suggest Modeling the Human Head from Gnomon (it's fantabulous). For poly to poly, nothing beats the Joan of Arc tutorial still. I will say don't buy the Character Modeling for Production DVD from Gnomon and think you will get alot of modeling information. It's a great DVD for overall character production but skimps almost everything on how the face and body are created. I also completely agree with Neox in saying that all you really need is a good template. After that it's off to Zbrush anyways. I've seen people take young female head model templates and zbrush an old guy.

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  03 March 2007
I start by first studying the form of what I will model, mapping out how my topology must flow. Then I use box modeling to block out the basic forms, then I go in, delete faces, and shit, and do poly by poly, but I combine it with my existing box modeled mesh. so instead of adding all my detail by means of extruding, cutting loops, and spinning quads, I do it poly by poly, which comes easily and quickly for me, since it was how I learned to model. Whenever I do 100% box modeling, I'm always unsatisfied with the topology.
  03 March 2007
Well .. here a new model ive started, this time not a highpoly model , but just a base for putting it in mudbox or zbrush later.

I'm trying hard not to put to much detail in it.. just basic forming, so no muscle details, no abs etc.

im using poly-modelling, for me the best way to go, its constructive and precise, and you can work on one piece at a time, without influencing surrounding areas,
I try to not put much of muscles or detail from them for that matter in the body, because i dont want to limited when sculpting.


  03 March 2007
Great thread

I'm using poly by poly for the head and any complex pieces like the ears etc. But i usually use box extrusion apart from that, i use that on the body, hands feet etc. But i do find that poly by poly gives me far too many polygons for the head, which is a pain.

On the plus side i find i can control the edge loops and overall quality of the mesh, to a much higher level, straight off the bat, with barely any tri's. Important when it needs to be used in a game atleast.

My current WIP thread is here (http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr...876#post4266876)

Current update here (Note: The pelvis is wrong, i've still to get it looking right)

Aiming for a game model, but i do want it to appear as realistic as possible.
  07 July 2007
great thread.....up until about a year ago, box modeling was working best for me b/c I was able to get the basic forms/proportions without needing to worry about detail.....about 6months later, planar ( poly2poly ) modeling worked best b/c I can get the model's topology to flow exactly how I wanted....then somewhere between then and now I use both techiques....( boxModeling for the body mostly and planar for the face/head/ears )....but recently I started boxModeling again, ...mainly b/c my knowledge of human anatomy has grown, and that combined with being able to spin edges, it's now easier to get the mesh to flow how I want it to via boxModeling.....which means I can create the sameModel with less geometry....this is my lastest W.I.P it's "All" boxModeling....started from a cube.....

here.....here and here..... << are a few of the steps.....modeled in Modo btw....

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  07 July 2007
I nevr used the box modeling process, always Extrude modeling or in max edge growing (its like poly to poly but you drag out new topology).
Recently I have been lofting and then box/extrusion modeling. Im currently trying to figure out a new technique..
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  07 July 2007
although i prefer box modelling, i find myself using and instance most of the time. making a low poly sphere, and making an instance of it with a turbosmooth modifier. that way when i transform and cut the low poly sphere, i see it updating in real time. here is an example of what i have done with that.

this way i think is a bit more effective because there is less shaping to do.
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