What's your general approach to organic modeling (and your latest WIP)

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  06 June 2006
What's your general approach to organic modeling (and your latest WIP)

I figured since this portion of the forum could use some love I'd make a thread to get some insight on other people's methods of organic modeling.

Well I'll start it off with my technique; I've found works best for me is poly by poly modeling--but more specifically, modeling the initial flow and details and making everything work around it. For example: I'll model the jaw line and make the face fit to it, instead of modeling the face and trying to model the jaw line off of the face. I put what I want, and make the unimportant/undetailed parts work around it.

Also, for me--looking in the mirror at pictures (if I can find ones at decent angles) and visualizing the topology on my own body (or the pictures) helps me get a sort of idea of what I need to aim for; the depth of field helps me as opposed to pictures which are so flat it's hard for me to visualize.

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  06 June 2006
hey julian!

great thread. sadly no one replied... -exept me
it sounds like were using a very similare approch. i've posted a small tutorial/explenation of my workflow, in the silo tutorials thread. but you can also see it here. he is also one of my last wip's.

  06 June 2006
Hmmm quite interesting topic, but only one reply? strange

I also use similar technique... Erm, to be honest it's not pure edge-extrude - first I extrude large polys and subdivide them later. It is suitable for me as I add polys where needed and don't really need precise planning

It has distadvantages of course.. Result is lots of n'gons and have to refine topology from time to time

This is my "current" WIP (no time to work on it, exams )


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  06 June 2006
At beginning I model poly by poly, but now I model from box or sphere etc... I found I have better control when modeling like that, but still use poly by poly for some things, but really rarely for head or body... or better to say never

I think it's not so matter some people found it easer to model poly by poly while somebody else found it easer to model from box etc. subd

btw. sorry for my english

example (I start by some picture from subdivisionmodeling forum, but right now it's an orc I added nose etc... it's not here on this picture)

http://www.creationsofmind.net - portfolio
http://blacksun.creationsofmind.net - Personal project (in progress)

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  06 June 2006
I started to learn the 'extrude edge' approach but decided to do my own thing. I use cinema4d for right now because it is much easier for me to model with that Maya. I use Maya for animation but I find it to be too 'professional' to model with for some reason.

I take the add points tool and make points where I think they should be, then use the bridge tool to connect them. Also, when I do that I have it inside a hypernurbs object so I can see exactly what I am getting.

What I want to know is if there are any MAJOR drawbacks to this other than taking more time. It isn't giving me any problems just yet though
  06 June 2006
nice to see this thread, up and running. very intresting to hear about your approaches.
very nice character, julian.

  06 June 2006
interesting thread. i hope this gets more replies... i use box modeling method.. i block out the basic shape first and some primary loops and just keep on adding edges where i need them and redirect them for better edgeflow later on.. edgeflow comes last..

and my latest WIP.. i'm not working on it at the moment though.
have a nice day :-)
  06 June 2006

omg!! how do u all do that??!!! that's awsome!!

i'm juz a beginner in 3D.. currently learning modelling with maya for a mth now...
my maya sucks!! T.T

how do u guys manage to get it shaped so real??
i just move the vertex... very hard to shape it.
n inserting spheres to make the eye for my character...
looks totally sucks... =(

pardon me, what is poly by poly btw?
becoz u always do it with your heart...
  06 June 2006
Work, work and work . Practice and you will learn, take a look at some good tutorial etc...

Here's one example, @juzMe this is poly by poly

http://www.creationsofmind.net - portfolio
http://blacksun.creationsofmind.net - Personal project (in progress)
  06 June 2006
hi guys, good to see this thread potentially start going somewhere.

I like to plan out the topology of my character model first in photoshop on the front and side references before I begin modelling. It does take a bit of time but once you learn a good method it can become quicker. I find this method helpful because it allows you to study your character more and learn more about their bone and muscle structure.

Besides, once you get to modelling your character its just a case of joining the dots, however with the model shown below, i used the box method and created lines using the connect tool mostly. Its also very easy and simple to adjust the topology if its not looking quite right because the topology loops are already set up.

  09 September 2006
I am still new to the 3D realm of things.. I've played around in Bryce and Poser in the past. But since I moved over to Linux I use Blender. Been working in Blender for less than a month and learning the edge extrude method. this is a current W.I.P

"One movement under a Title of Liberty"
  09 September 2006
I've always found extruding edges to be a huge mistake. You get too many polygons, it's more difficult to get a nice 3D shape than if you started from a box, which has the three planes already defined for you. Human faces that have been modelled this way always look sooooo flat. I mean...you wouldn't start a life drawing with the details, right?You would work general to specific. Boxing out a figure into it's general shape first then refining is the same theory. Plus...it helps so much with proportions.

The wolf's head was edge extruded, and the rest of the body was box modelled. Same with the Stegosaurus.



  10 October 2006
My way of workking ise going from eyes, to nose to forhead to mouth, to jaw, fill in + neck

than body, chest, belly shoulders, back, spine, shoulder muscles, connect front to back, making armpit, butt, than legs, from knee to lower to upper leg, than feet, from tow

allmost all poly modeld, accept for fingers and tows, and sometimes part of leg or arm.

my latest wip is the link below in sig

and a wire from that model:

  10 October 2006
I started with boxmodelling because it was easier to work on proportions and getting a vision of what it will look like already in early stages, later i switched to poly by poly, because it's easier to create clean topology with it, then i brought both techniques together and started working with what i'd call silhouette modelling, i still do human faces poly by poly when i have to create new heads, but besicly i stopped doing it all over again on any model and developed one topology thats flexible enough to create many different heads with it without having them to look all the same.
Then i'm building the Body top down, head, torso, legs, arms, hands, feet, if i don't have a proportionssketch in the back i model a rough silhouette and use it as my guide.

and this is my latest wip shot

bonus vir semper tiro

some timelapsed videos
  10 October 2006
Do any of ya'll know of any good character model tutorials out there? I've been searching but mainly just head, ear and hand tutorials pop up.
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