[Topology] Help. First full body model.

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  02 February 2012
update on shoulder.

how does this look? I didn't spend much thought on how to direct the extra edge down the arm to fix that pole.

Modified the ribcage as suggested,

Due to the need for more loops on the inner thigh, im going to reorganize all the loops in that area, around the hips, and down the quadriceps.

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  02 February 2012
Originally Posted by flatulentFuzz: Pretty self-explanatory. If the polygons towards the top of the thigh are stretching in this pose, you should definitely consider adding a few more edgeloops.

Hey flatulentFuzz, what do you think of this configuration of hips/thighs?
  02 February 2012
Well, when taking the extra edge from the scapula into consideration, just see if you have enough edges to define the crease that the deltoid makes at the back.

The bottom of the ribcage is looking much better, but I think the bottom should be moved lower still.
There's also too much space between the breasts, and moving the entire breast forms closer together(instead of just the areas close to the sternum) will help.

Just to point out a mistake people tend to make when moving secondary forms that are situated on primary forms, I made the image below. Remember that you want to be moving any secondary form(the breasts in this case) along the surface of the primary form(ribcage in this case), without distorting the shape and volume of the primary form.

Strange things often happen to me......
  02 February 2012
Progression Update.

I moved the boobs around like you suggested flatulentFuzz and they look much better, thanks.
I'm having a mind boggling time while working on the shoulder, armpit, and kneecaps.

Still working on the rear of the kneecaps. it doesn't look that great at the moment.

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  02 February 2012
k, so I spent about 4 hours on the legs and now they look much better.

here they are smoothed

and this is how my character stands as of now.

  02 February 2012
Finally fnished the shoulder and arm. Its looking great.

Please point out anything you see wrong or that could make my model better.

  02 February 2012
You've done a good job with the torso(spacing especially), although I'd recommend spacing out the edges at the bottom of the ribcage a little bit.

The arms are still too skinny, and you generally don't want to add topology for the flexor/extensor muscles of the forearm on women.

The front of the thigh looks fairly good, but there are areas with issues. Despite the feet looking a little blocky, I think they're very close to completion.

I'll try and post some paintovers later.
Strange things often happen to me......
  02 February 2012
K another update.

I've made some more serious changes to the legs, advanced the topology of the shoulders, and down the back of the armpit. I also removed some lines from the forearm.

I still have to fix a line going from the back of the head to the ear and I'm thinking of adding just alittle more geometry to the hands and feet. They are a bit blocky in between the fingers and all around the toes.

Do the arms still appear to be too thin?



  02 February 2012
For the topology of the hips, I actually prefer this to your current topology at the hips, only because the edge following the red line allows you to define the iliac crest really well(if that's necessary).
Changing it is completely up to you, and depends on how prominent the anterior portion of the crest will be, but you should definitely keep both options in mind for future models.

The topology of the underarm, you just need to connect the edges like I have below and you'll get less pinching/stretching than your current topology.

I apologise if the advice related to this image was misleading, but when I said "and the ribcage looks a little too much like it would fit a male character", I should have made it clear that I was referring to the angle at the center of the ribcage at the bottom(shown by the red line) being too wide for an average female character.

1. To solve the ribcage-pelvis proportions, make the ribcage broader, and bring in the hips and upper thighs as indicated by the red line. The armpit and broadest part of the thighs/hips don't need to be exactly in line like my drawing, you can have the hips/thighs a little further out if you're going for an idealised model instead of a very realistic one.
Just remember that the whole outside edge of the ribcage(the green line) needs to move towards the red line, not just the upper area near the armpits. The upper area is the only part which should completely touch the red line, though.
2. The arms are still a little too skinny, and kind of short, especially in the forearm. Remember that the elbow should generally be in line with the bottom of the ribcage when the shoulders are in a neutral position.. The tips of the fingers will generally be about halfway down the length of the femur, which is not the same as halfway down the thigh.
3. I don't know if the topology you had for the quadriceps was necessary, but it looked pretty good. Of course, the removal of the quadriceps is not particularly significant, but I think that changing the top of the knee was a bit of a bad move. The pole over there is not in a good position, and I'm pretty sure you'll have trouble with that when animating/posing.

1. Moving the side of the ribcage in the front view will move the outermost part from the back as well. Just remember to space out the edges in the back view that are away from the outer edge.
2. Good topology for the latissimus dorsi.
3. You might want to try and get all the edges flowing vertically(if you can), rather than all going in towards the red circle.
4. I think you might want to move the bottom of the butt up a little bit, and also move the top a little more significantly.
5. The edges in red are hurting your topology the most, since they're preventing the gastrocnemius from flowing smoothly into the hamstrings.
6. My topology here isn't completely anatomically accurate either, but I'll try and post a paintover of an image with more detail in the area.

Strange things often happen to me......

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  02 February 2012
thank you so much flatulentFuzz. You have a good eye for seeing the subtle needed changes in my character.

Here's what I got now.

After further examination and references along with your paint over suggestions; I redid the topology on the kneepits and this time it looks perfect. I also fixed the kneecap. I am unsure how much of the tendons I will be able to get to show up with rigging skin weights.

fixed armpits according to your paintover

I moved the arms out some more, adjusted the hips and ribcage as you suggested. I may not have moved the hips as far as your suggestion. It does look more realistic to human anatomy.



Smoothed. I added some lights and a simple blinn with skin color. I also added the top view in this picture to show that my arms are not straight out so that might make them look a little short.

I also messed around with the front of the rib cage making it less prominent and more subtle. I may have to go a little further with that. possibly delete an edge loop.

I need to ask about the actual leg length. Are the legs too long? I have an instructor at school telling me they are too long and that when bending them all the way up to the butt, the heel would surpass the butt.

I have made adjustments to the length but if I adjust any lower, the whole character would just look wrong. Im sure if I modeled some heels on my characters feet, then the legs would look right when adjusted properly.

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  02 February 2012
Just added poly plane hair. This will be the second time I modeled hair on a head so any suggestions on the hair would be great. When I get to texturing I'm going to try this tutorial I found for texturing hair with maya paint effects.

  02 February 2012
I want to extrude skin tight clothing from my character but collar line will be going against the topology of the shoulders in some parts.

any ideas?

All I can think of right now is to just extrude the faces before the collar area and overlap geometry over the jagged skin border.

I dont know if I would want to incorporate a displacement map.
  02 February 2012
Hm, the arm length is certainly better now, but they're still looking skinny(the deltoid too) and don't really match the rest of the body.

The lower legs do look a little too long, especially from the back view you posted. The back of the knees look fine, but I think the kneecaps could be slightly larger.
I think the soles of the feet should be at around the height the ankles currently start(if you're going from top to bottom)

There are a few form issues on the abdomen and torso. First off, the collective fat pads on the abdomen are looking very uniform(almost a perfect ellipse) and sort of inorganic. While the edge-spacing should be as even as possible, do try to make the combined form of the fat pads look more organic.
The problem with those fat pads being fairly prominent on your model is that they're making areas like the front of the hips(the back looks alright), sides of the abdomen and ribcage look like they're lacking in volume.
The ribcage form is overall proportional to other forms, but I think that making it less prominent might not be a great idea. You have to remember that even a person with a bit of muscle and/or fat in that area will have portions of the ribcage(or musculature on the ribcage) visible as it transitions to the abdomen. Since the overall form is alright, you need to work on the lower border of the ribcage, in front at least. As it stands, the transition from the lower ribs to the abdomen is happening very quickly, which is making that line very sharp. Try looking at some images to get a better idea of how prominent that border can be in slim and reasonably muscular individuals. Also remember that though your edgeloops run all the way around the front of the ribcage at the bottom, that doesn't mean amount of volume provided by those edgeloops will be consistent all around the base.

Lastly, the clavicle is looking a little bony.
Strange things often happen to me......
  02 February 2012
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