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Old 04 April 2010   #31
I’ve decided to work on some ZB portrait studies. Alfred Hitchcock will start. Here are the first iterations. He's not looking like Alfred yet.

This one's way off on a tangent.

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Old 04 April 2010   #32
Here’s an update.
Alfred’s getting there. Still have a way to go on this study.


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Old 04 April 2010   #33
Nice stuff man.
I particularly like the two extremes the best: the quick figure sketches and the zbrush portrait studies. Very expressive.

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Old 04 April 2010   #34
Great thread!! Everything is awesome. I love Alfred Hitchcock. I think he has such an interesting face. I also really like the study of the woman's head in zbrush. Seeing the steps is very interesting.
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Old 04 April 2010   #35
Hey thanks Chris. I feel I need to do more at both ends of the spectrum. I’m finding the portrait studies in ZB are a bit more challenging than drawing or painting them, since I’m more familiar with 2d approaches.

Jimtuv–I’m glad you’re liking the thread so far.
Hitchcock has turned into a bit more of a challenge thn I had expected. I’m not at all satisfied with the sculpt at this point. It needs a lot of work to ‘pull the rabbit out of the hat’ to nail the look. I’ll be getting back to it soon.
The girl steps may be misleading. They are not actually WIP steps, but are simply showing the different subdivision levels of the current hi-res head shown.

Here’s a nother personal project I’m going to work on in ZB. I’m redoing a horse model I did back in my ZB beginning. I did a retopo-ed base mesh from the first horse sculpt, which was based on a horrible base mesh and uses ZB’s AUV texture map layout. The new horse will have a workable UV layout, as shown--which I think I'll tweak a little more.

Base for new horse sculpt:

Old horse (my first 'real' ZB sculpt--done in ZB2 in under 5 hours):

Old 04 April 2010   #36
Hi there Quadart, you've got some great work in this thread. Your head sculpts look good and your most recent arm studies are awesome!

The horse looks good, I tried to model one myself as one of my first attempts at 3d. I do have some minor critique if you plan to work on the model some more. The torso of the horse seems a little too human. The bulge in the chest area extends further down towards the posterior of the horse before curving up under the hind legs. I'd say almost 3/4 of the way back before it starts to come up. Also they tend to have a rounder belly, I'd recommend filling that out more. As it is your horse looks like it needs some serious nourishment. This may have been intentional if you were trying to study/show the underlying anatomy.

I just realized that it was your first attempt, so I guess that you will be starting from scratch perhaps and this critique is in no way helpful

Regardless I'm looking forward to more, and thanks for sharing!
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Old 04 April 2010   #37
Tasp–Thanks for the comments. Yeah, this was my first full ZB sculpt after having that eureka moment, where I came out of the thick woods of trying to figure out this strange new app (back in 2004). I whipped up the base thinking I was just going to play around and wound up getting really involved in the sculpt. The horse does look a bit too lean. I brought a low level mesh, with a displacement map, into Cinema4d and messed with the brightness/contrast settings of the displacement map making the horse look thinner than the ZB version. Although it’s not too skinny for a Thoroughbred.

The next horse is going to based on the Dutch Warmblood. I can take it to a Clydesdale, pony or Eohippus from there.

Dutch Warmblood refs:


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Old 05 May 2010   #38
More quickies.

Old 10 October 2010   #39
Finally started working on a full body human model in ZBrush.
I did a light retopo of the box sculpted head from the last page, (A) below, and gave her a low poly basic body (B), imported into ZB and started sculpting the ‘Gumby’ mesh (C).

Here’s where it’s going. She is still in the early stages with lots of sculpting/tweaking to do.

Old 10 October 2010   #40
Looks good to me. Nice work Bill.
The terminal velocity of individual particles is directly related to pink rabbits on a bank holiday.
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Old 10 October 2010   #41
Thanks Chris. I want to finish her head. The shape of her cranium is odd and the facial features are too sharp yet (ears, lips…). I’m thinking of giving her an Alicia Keys-esk look. The hands are still in Gumby mode. I just started on the back before posting.
Hey Chris, I’m looking forward to seeing some sculpting updates from you. You’ve got some mighty fine models in your arsenal.
Old 10 October 2010   #42
Originally Posted by Quadart: The shape of her cranium is odd

I dunno,... the whole figure is pretty accurate. From this good base you can pretty much go in any direction you want. If you wanted her to be more fem fatal then the eyes might be a tiny bit close together and the outter corners could be pulled back a wee bit. The middle top of the lip might have a softer dip and the baby protrusion up and out from the side view more. Like you said the nose and the lips are a tad too sharp. The jaw could be a bit lighter and a tiny bit more delicate. Those things don't have anything to do with reality though. Where the hind quarters come up to join the hip is super (funny the stuff I see).

Thanks for your kind comment.
On this sculpt a solid base already!
The terminal velocity of individual particles is directly related to pink rabbits on a bank holiday.
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Old 11 November 2010   #43
Update on the sculpting. Still a way to go--when I can find the time.

Old 11 November 2010   #44
I really like your work. I was definitely inspired after browsing around. I just recently purchased ZBrush and as of right now, I am NOT having as much luck with it as I hoped right off the bat, Lol. It's actually a lot of fun so I hope to get there soon.

Can't wait to see some more stuff here.
Old 11 November 2010   #45
Thumbs up

The body is wow, man. The head could use some more definition. I think you need to study the skull and head muscles, as it's not up to the level of the body, and it shouldn't take too long.

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