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  09 September 2007
Originally Posted by Sirielle in May:

Finally took tablet's pen into my hand Wasn't painting since July

I'm not sure about the women faces, they were supposed to look like a drawing not a smooth painting (and different from each other), I may work on that later; haven't touched the painter, yet (except resizing him a bit):

  09 September 2007
DSC #28: Barbarian King on Epilogue. I was going to sketch my king when I saw this challenge today, then decided to do a speed painting... Well, this was speed of a turtle :lol: About 3/4 hours. Overdosed (on purpose) and messed anatomy (not on purpose), but I'm pleased anyway - Conan was blond

  09 September 2007
I couldn't stand women's faces, especially that they do not resemble the women at all. One has got sharp and heart shaped face, the other strong cheek bones and oval face, etc. So I have let FinwŽ paint them more symbolically - matching resemblance only in colors and brows shape. I hope now their face is OK. I may add a little here later, but I'll leave painting the rest to my little painter. In fact he is painting them, I only report it here

  09 September 2007

You have great works here, I really like your elf concept, the way you painted his face he looks very realistic.
I think you did a good job changing the face of the womens, I think the strong cheekbone they had made them look more like a guy, now that you softened it they look more girly
By the way,the face of your speedpainting looks very good, the way you accentuated his features with yellows gives him this kind of glowy look, and goes very well with his hair , very nice, very nice for being a quick painting (the only speed thing I've been able to do are sketches...with pencil D: )
Keep it up
  09 September 2007
Thank you! Pencil is a great tool, I need to work with it more, either. Just bought books on anatomy, so as soon as I finish a few drawings I plan to draw hands, feet, legs, chests... I'm just fighting with chest's back of my little painter with a nose in the books I managed to spoil him, but hopefully I'll fix that.
From the speedy painting I like the face most Face and the ridiculous horns which might hurt the owner of the throne Fantasy XD
  09 September 2007
I think it's not a bad idea to have the hair color "shine through" in some of the facial features, but I think your approach doesn't work. Now it looks like paint on her face. Maybe blend those yellow and blue colors more in the skin colors.

The swirls in the hair are lovely, but personally, I would have put that layer on overlay or soft light or something, to make the lines a bit more unified with the tones.

Check the shoulder anatomy on your barbarian king. The position of the deltoid muscle is off.

Keep working you are making lots of progress and it's always a pleasure to see your work
More soon I hope!
  09 September 2007
Thank you for the points and encouragement

I added the line art especially to the women's face for they supposed to be a drawing while I had them more refined than the painter himself. In fact they should be in art nouveau style but I don't know how to make it. So I just scribed the line art on the top of faces, it wasn't there before. If I find any way to fix it I may try, if not - my little painter will have to finish it I might also go for a brush strokes look and cover faces with a lot of them, we'll see.

Barbarian has got arm and neck to fix, I haven't touched it yet, except fixing his nipple position. In fact he needs another arm, bent knee with a crown on it (robbed in the south) and something else. Maybe I'll have to paint the whole image anew.

Last edited by sirielle : 09 September 2007 at 11:33 AM.
  09 September 2007
Update. I have spoiled his back (twisted it too much back, it supposed to be more 3/4 side view) and fixed back, but I'm not sure of it:

- the old and newest variant. Haven't touched hands, yet. Amount of hair cut down (looks poor now :( ).

And the little painter in the right background:

Light check would be great - I guess to paint he needs it from the top. Would there be any shadows on the mural then?

Edit. Or maybe this variant was better?

Last edited by sirielle : 09 September 2007 at 07:50 PM.
  09 September 2007
Where the lowered head goes? I'm lost!

  09 September 2007

I wanted to finish that barbarian king's portrait and went a bit too far with ideas. What shall I do with him now?

Crop the head and forget about knees, choose one of options or make something else? I'm not sure of his pants type, either, leaving him without any is tempting He should have something on if the slave is going to be there. He is too stiff, either.

Last edited by sirielle : 09 September 2007 at 12:25 AM. Reason: more images
  09 September 2007
Seeing the thumbs like that... his head looks too small. It needs more mass at the back as well.
It's an interesting pose so why not go for the big thing.

However, you would need a bit of a story though... for a barbarian king, the pose looks too "civilized".

Concerning the person sitting down in sideview, these might help:

justmenia pose 1
justmenia pose 2
justmenia pose 3

Thinking about bones may help you a lot here. Where does the spine go and how does is the head connected to the rest of the body? How does the "swiveling" mechanism work when changing the position of the head (nodding yes, nodding no). Check your mirror
  09 September 2007
Great stuff ! Is it me or your barbarian is heavily inspired by Michelangelo's Adam ?
"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."
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  09 September 2007
Thumbs up

tizianoadmirer, not you, I was looking at Adam, one of Michelangelo's Ignudi gentlemen, stock photos and anatomy books, but none of them had exact pose I was looking for. I want him too be quite heavy as Adam is, but not the same.

NR43 - I collected these photos from Ben's stock (and was looking also at some for legs), but I thought the slave's head should be lower since there is no hope for salvation now. But maybe he could have it higher, as on the first linked picture of Ben. If I save him, I consider kicking him off the picture.
It started as barbarian king now I am torn between fantasy Viking, Celt or totally unknown northern tribe. Boy just got back from the south, robbed some Roman or Christian village/city and brought spoils of war, including a bishop's crown(kind of) or kind of Roman crown, which will finally make him a real king, since he had no crown before. And he has to have it somewhere thus I needed bent knee to put a crown there. Not on head, damn, he is not used to such non-comfortable hat Of course the more I doodle the more ideas come. Maybe I should stay away from historical barbarians so no one accused me later that Celts were black haired (?) or bishops have no crown etc. The pose should be comfortable, I'll check what you noticed and act in front of mirror to check his head position!

Last edited by sirielle : 09 September 2007 at 11:32 AM.
  09 September 2007
Can't find the right position for his right leg, so I thought I'll sketch some legs following anatomy books:

(It was not sketched in one line, I just put it together after scanning.)

We'll have to try again with feet later.
  09 September 2007

Ha, some sketchy progress:

Polish scribblings say that I need to move his right foot up to place it better on slave's head or lower to place it on slave's leg, to move the horns left etc. Haven't I moved the head too much to the left?
He is still too stiff, but I finally moved that damned leg. Will have to move it up or down, but I'm glad I managed to work on it, for I was so angry on that guy tonight that I would gladly throttle him if that was only possible.
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