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Old 10 October 2006   #16
rblitz7, cheers

abyss103, thanks, there's gesture TD in ca.. we had 100 p/w, 200 last week...probably like 50 this week tho.. you should check it out. cheers

shyamshriram, hahaha thanks man! been admiring your stuff for sometime mate!

-voraz-, go for it, tho I do suggest you look at the book coz mine's not accurate or correct enough I believe. cheers!

errm these are 200 gesture TD... More of Hogarth studies, sorry to bore you with these.. I sort of went through the book now, but might go again.. kinda feel like I learnt heaps..and kinda feel like I forgot most...*shrug*

Well it was 200.. and I sort of decided to do some quick fashion studies.. It did feel real fun doing them.. so many ideas and stuff.. but can't remember shit now.. :S should definitely do more..a little more detailed tho..


Old 10 October 2006   #17
some more...

Some character quickies.. girls again.. scribbling not thinking too much.. was kinda of relaxing too.. I should really do some b&w or something.. hopefully soon.

Old 10 October 2006   #18
Hey Mintastic,

I have to say that I really like the delicacy with which you infuse your sketches, I think your style is distinct and I think that as you get more expressive with your linework you'll be a draughting force with which to be reckoned.

I give you these lovely asspats to drive you from your natural state of emo - keep up the good work, emo boy!

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Old 12 December 2006   #19
Hey Nuna! hahah thanks for the kind words.. you are tops! hope you are doing well.
oh and I am not that emo :P I am more "sensitive" haha *oh god*

some more scribbles...

cheers Min!

Last edited by bumskee : 12 December 2006 at 11:41 AM.
Old 12 December 2006   #20
Great stuff happening here! Those gesture drawings are developping well: amazing how you can naild own all these details. The fasion models look great to. Keep going!
Old 12 December 2006   #21
Ello, luv,

Good to see your new scribbles. Hope you are enjoying your new job and kicking some concept art bunnage. You should post your Blizzard Contest step by steps here too.

Korpus School of Art + Gallery
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Old 12 December 2006   #22
I'd love to see you update your thread more often, Bumskee. The stuff you post is of great pleasure to my eyes and flows with inspiration! It is amazing! Makes me strive even more to learn and hopefully someday do stuff from imagination with the quality I see here. And considering these are only scribbles, as you say, makes it even more astonishing.
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Old 12 December 2006   #23
batte812, thanks! reminds me that I need to do more anatomy studies.. gee it can be quite a chore I think. cheers

NUNA! hey, how's things? i forgot to ask about your xmas plans.. hope you got it all worked out and stuff. hehe, thanks for the nice words as always! I have been in an art slump recently I think whined about it to u before.. but yeah I think it's kinda over tho, feeling great about scribbling.. doesn't always mean I will do decent work tho. haha. Hope that exhibition is going sweet too! catch u soon. cheers, Min

razz, thanks for the kind words, I am glad it's not too boring. hahah. yeah I have holidays coming up so..I will be wacking in more more & more I hope..

Some stuff I did yesterday, decided to value some out.. *bleh*

WOOP! cheers, Min
Old 12 December 2006   #24
As per Nuna's suggestion. Blizzard contest steps.. I keep forgetting to do the steps for the other piece too.. maybe later.
(I hate how I have to post several posts... :( how many images can I post at once anyways?? :S)

OOOp, here's my step for "sanctuary" *shrugs*

I started off with a rough sketch.. I guess we all do.. I thought I drew a better drawing but guess not.. and then laid a colour behind it. mmmm I planned on sticking the figure on the tree branch, but wasn't sure where so I decided to leave it to further down the track.. *shrugs*

then I spent sometime blocking it out.. working big fast and fat! kinda funny in a way, despite my huge weird brush sets, I mainly just used this blocky slanted rectangle brush and the oval shaped one..

well I tend to make things too dark.. so I put an overlay layer on top and made it a little lighter and also to add some contrast.. dropped some more branches in the back too

mindless rendering begins.. I started with the main tree naturally.. I went through some trees in the forest and picked up some interesting ideas.. so vines and weird plants came fromt here..

I realised it needed something, and after some crit sessions with some people, waterfall was suggested.. I thought that or a face in the tree but went with waterfall..

more rendering process.. slow and boring..

the trees in the background needs tiding up, ignore the red line that was my idea on where I was going to crop the image.. more refininf..

TIME TO throw the elf in. I was going to put her on the tree initally so I didn't sketch her up.. so I dropped her in and added some swooshing lights blobs around her.. just a bit, I had thought heaps more but this worked better. I did experiment with some other poses and figures, three I belive but she looked best like that.. wasn't too keen on going through anymore so..


Last edited by bumskee : 12 December 2006 at 11:42 PM.
Old 12 December 2006   #25
Added some highlights here and there, the swirly thing in her hand and some detailing work.

cropped and refining continues.. I can finally see the end!!

added the lighting, more refining here and there.. realised the swirly needed more... and also to add more attention to the tiny figure, surrounded her with swirlies.

with some colour editing, suggested by idiot apathy himself, the image was tweaked with adjustment layers. and It was too black, so lightened it up a bit too. all done!! yay (noticed my steps have been cropped slightly due to my uber screen grab skills)

OOOP some details, almost 100%

Smile cheers, Min
Old 12 December 2006   #26

Thanks for posting these, they're amazing. I think your grayscale sketches are outstanding, even if, in your emo state, you 'can't' see that.

Thanks for posting the Blizzard step by steps - they're just mind boggling! Where do I sign up for these emo skills of yours?

Korpus School of Art + Gallery
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Old 12 December 2006   #27
Hey bumskee (wth nobody??? yeah right

I was hugely impressed with those gesture sheets in your thread. Now there is no way I could do that from imagination so if it's ok with you I'll try some of your stuff...

You're an amazingly talented artist. I hope to get to your level at one point. (I'm a few years behind )
Old 01 January 2007   #28
nuna. heheh emo skills unfortunately can't be taught.. it's a skill you are born with? (o_0)

NR43, you are too NICE! thanks!

just some random stuffs?

cheers, Min
Old 01 January 2007   #29
Love how you can never post enough images in :P

xmas card...doh!

some more random stuffs, it was ermm 1 hr each and was between IRC people at #conceptart channel. eeee

Ash wood ripp off :P

cheers, Min
Old 01 January 2007   #30

Five stars - without a hesitation - keep em coming!

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