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Old 07 July 2006   #46
Yeah, pure black should be banned Though it's not much I know about using color in paintings. That's one thing I (in my opinion) never did great when painting traditionaly. Maybe it's better for me when digital. You know, there's no custom color palette when you paint in traditional media. But it only needs practise. And that's what we're doing here, right?

Nice hand anatomy study too! Is that a study of some other artist or is that form your imagination? Lovely done.

Keep up with the studies and don't say a bad word about MaYa!
My anatomy thread
Old 07 July 2006   #47
demented - avoiding black was exactly what I've been trying to do with this coloured one - there's only dark purple - perhaps too dark I've tried to apply your colours suggestion in the new one... I still dont' have enough courage LOL

razz - thanks! yeah colours are so hard! the hand is from an anatomical reference - I don't have that much fantasy

ok here goes my version of head 65 - around an hour


Old 07 July 2006   #48
Hi Intervain

Awsome work you've done here Your 3d is amazing, can't say enough.
Look forward to seeing more

Old 07 July 2006   #49
FateBringer - thanks very much for visiting Appreciate it!

Old 07 July 2006   #50
Great mood in the last peace. I like the colors too. They're getting better compared to the other colored peace. Are you going to do another head of that master? For me it was very interesting to do the other head another day. Because they are the same, only in different view. And I didn't use the previous ones colors, I tried todo a better work. It's great to compare them after that. Ok I'm telling this because I'd really liek to see you paint that other head
My anatomy thread
Old 07 July 2006   #51
razz - thanks a lot! I decided to follow your advice and try doing the second one I wanted way brighter colours with that one though...

my, angle of the head was a nightmare in this one and I feel it turned out a tad flat :/

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Old 07 July 2006   #52
this is a bit older - but I still quite like it - done in around 30 mins looking at a photograph I can't find it anywhere, sorry - I can assure that no tracing or the like was involved ...


Old 07 July 2006   #53
did one more 2d image today

a roughly 3 hours worth of work - copy of Pierre Auguste Cot's Ophelia, a typical victorian painting but I love them shame it's so hard to find a bigger than that copy :(
couldn't get the eyes to look at the viewer though - so mine's looking down for a change LOL
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Old 07 July 2006   #54
The last one should've been hard to copy, eh? Such a small reference you had there. I like the depth in this painting. And great job on not using pure black on the background! You've captured the lighting on teh girl nicely, only some places could be brighter (like in the original painting).

When I was painting that second head you've done here, I had trouble too. It might seem easy, the angle may look simple at first glance. Nose was the area where I had the most trouble with. About yours, I like the thing that you've made it more bright. Adds a bigger contrast to the painting, looks much better in my opinion.

And progress is seen from you comparing these paintings to the little girl painting. Keep up with the studies
My anatomy thread
Old 07 July 2006   #55
thanks a ton razz - really appreciate your help and opinions!

yeah with that head the angle was a killer - for me it was mainly that eye on the left though I have to admit the nose was a tough part as well...

here's just a small study I've done today as well - I guess I have a real 2d day


Old 07 July 2006   #56
Intervain, you've got a great thread going here. My friend directed me here and I was delighted to see an XSI user posting 3D anatomical works in this forum Just started using XSI about a month ago and I've fallen in love with it. Though haven't really accomplished anything yet, this thread is very inspiring and I may tackle a head this evening

2D isn't my forte, I stopped drawing years ago so I can't offer crits. But I can definitely say that your drawings are getting better with each image, I especially like the eye study and Ophelia. I love how you captured the heads in 3D, really well done and it's amazing how fast you are. Afraid I can't offer crits on them either, but I'm observing nonetheless, learning as you post. Looking forward to more 3D pieces from you.
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Old 07 July 2006   #57
Hey Dion - thanks very much, glad someone's visiting the thread

good luck with your XSI endavours - it's a sweet program heh?! I love it and it pains me to have to switch to Max soon... blah - but I'll still have XSI at home so more stuff is sure to come

Old 07 July 2006   #58
Good morning Magdalena!

As I've said before, the new version of your scholar is just fantastic, you've done right to choose this as an avatar, outstanding work !
But I'm really surprised to see the fast improvement in your 2d work , some really good heads here and I especially like your hand and eye studies. Keep posting !

Have a nice day!

Old 07 July 2006   #59

Just stopped in to say hello.....finally cooled off here a little this morning, so I was able to check out your thread......very impressive...
Can't say too much about your 3d work, other than I think it is GREAT...A virgin in that area..3d....myself...LOL... ....only been playing with Z BRUSH for 3 or 4 months, but haveing
a ball with it so far, and am finding it to be very additive...
On your 2D work, I read that you are timid when it comes to using purple...
Purple can be great, ...when blended into a yellow, gives a nice shade of gold ect....also makes a great shadow, that can have brighter colors applied on top of it,...creating a translucent effect
On the first couple of pages of my anatomy thread, there are some good examples of the use of purple, to achive the effects that I decribed above....check them out, if you feel like it, and have time....might be of some help to you, in developeing your future 2D workes

Glenn Gallegos

Old 07 July 2006   #60
Sabrina - wow thanks a lot, really appreciate it

Hey Glenn - Oh I've been going through your 'purple' paintings already Thanks a lot, I'd appreciate any help - I must do some exercises with mixing those colours I think... time to install painter *g* -- boo I'm not too keen on it but I guess it's the best software for that purpose [hate it because I don't know it ;P]

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