Anatomy Thread of Argonaut 2D/3D

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Old 05 May 2006   #1
Sketchbook Thread of Argonaut 2D/3D

Hi, I decided to make an anatomy thread so Ill post any work i do in here. Unforunatley i wont be able to get many traditional things in here because its kinda a hassle to scan them in, but im sure i can load up some of my best/most recent stuff.

right now I am trying to learn 2d digital, painting, and color so sorry because the 2d digital stuff isnt very good. Pretty much everything is made in zbrush cept some of the 2d stuff is made in the corel demo.




arg.. so bad corel

kneaded eraser and me phone

assorted goodies

A bit better...

love me some frogs

hand that i am working on now

i have very little experience with painting(only those 4) so any advice would be greatly appreciated, Ill also be able to do alot more work once school is over.

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Old 05 May 2006   #2

Hi there argonaut,

It's fantastic to see your Anatomy Thread go up, and I am pleased to see another 3D'er on board here. As well, it's great to see you have an interest in 2D which is of course my stronger area of interest and experience.

As you know we have lots of people on the boards more qualified to answer application specific questions, but I am happy to help you with basic Anatomy as are I'm sure our other members.

Some links that I hope will be of use to you regarding drawing / painting digitally:

My Skull Shading Tutorial using Photoshop:
The short version:
TUTORIAL SUMMARY - Anatomy Review 003 Shading Tutorial - Tutorial Material Only

The long version:

Steven Stahlberg's Black and White to Color Painting Tutorial:

Linda Bergkvist's Tutorial on Smooth Blending:
Just some thoughts on smooth blending

Color Theory and The Human Figure - NUDITY

For inspiration see:
SPOTLIGHT: Best of Anatomy Review 003: Shading Tutorial and Human Skull Exercise


I think the best way to start learning digital painting is by diving in and trying the Skull Shading Tutorial using either Photoshop, Painter, or whatever digital painting program with which you are familiar.

It would help me to know what your comfort level is with Photoshop.

Since you are a high school student, it would help me to know if you are planning to apply to an art college or university. Please be advised that many if not most / all art schools, even ones that are geared toward multimedia, require Traditional Portfolios and may not take kindly to digital work, regardless of it's quality.It is up to you to research the schools which you are interested in and to find out what their Portfolio requirements are, and gear your Portfolio towards those requirements. I highly recommend talking to your school counselor and / or counselors for the various schools in which you are interested.




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Old 05 May 2006   #3
Wow, thanks for all the links. One thing that I still cant figure out is how to get a reference image loaded in, other then making a large canvas and plopping my reference next to where I will be painting, I was wondering if you knew the answer to this or where I might find the answer.

As for comfort level, I would say unomfortable, Zbrush is the only program that I feel comfortable in right now.

I guess my plan is kinda to attend an art college and then focus in more on 3d at some school were they teach it. Hopefully landing a job in games or movies. Unfortunately i do not have anyone to talk about colleges with at school until I am a junior and given a college advisor(right now I am a lowly freshman ) Right now I am focusing more on traditional work then 3d because there is really a correlation between my drawing skills and sculpting/modeling skills, and I need to nail the fundementals because it greatly helps everything else(not to mention its tons o fun
gonna get started on that skull painting right now.
Old 05 May 2006   #4
here it is so far, i just ended up printing out a copy of the reference

arg my stupid scanner wont work right
Old 05 May 2006   #5
Fantastic stuff! I wish I was that good in high school. I was more into 2d but I started 3d than. Nowhere near as complex of models though. I like the lizard and head a lot.
Old 06 June 2006   #6
Thanks alot womball! I wish you luck at your school.

I am focusing mainly on traditional stuff right now, doing the excercies outline in the book The Natural Way to Draw by Nicolaides. The book has me doing lots of gesture and contour drawings right now. Im sure I can post at least one thing a day that I do traditionally. This isnt my most recent work but just my most recent "more finished" drawing, to give you guys an indication of my current skill level. I will definatley try to post a few things each day from my studies with the book from here on out.
Old 06 June 2006   #7

What I'd really love to see you do are very careful head studies ~ preferably self portraits or other portraits from life. Sketch the details lightly at first. Post that here for review before seriously shading so I can review it for you.

A question: do you have college counselors? I feel it's really important to talk to schools ahead of time to determine what it is that they are looking for in a Portfolio. Please bear in mind that many schools are looking for Traditional portfolios only, so it's in your best interest to beef up your Traditional skillset, as you are beginning to do.

Why not try a self portrait, or a portrait of a family member? Remember not to start shading until we've looked at your linework.



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Old 06 June 2006   #8
somehow I always manage to look very unfriendly in my self portraits Is there any specific medium you think I should use for this? Made it larger, I switched from photobucket to imagecave because it was giving me some problems uploading larger images.

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Old 06 June 2006   #9

Feel free to post an image up to 800 pixels wide (72 dpi) ~ once you post a larger version (which I actually prefer) I'll critique your piece for shading.



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Old 06 June 2006   #10
here is something else I am working on a bit

Old 06 June 2006   #11

Thanks for the larger post, that makes a paintover much easier. Good start here ~ I think the main things to watch are the axes of the major features of the face ~ brow, eyes, nose, lips, ear, chin. I've adjusted the nostril a bit and the shape of the back of the skull. As you know from modeling, you always want to think of the skull shape before the hair. Study ears. Fill sketchbook pages of studies of different features ~ eyes, noses, lips, ears, etc. ~ and then come back to this piece and reevaluate, perhaps even redraw it.

Hope this helps:



Korpus School of Art + Gallery
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Old 06 June 2006   #12
Thanks alot for the review I definatley see what you mean about the ear, and the placement of the forms. I took your advice and did a few feature drawings inbetween studying for finals. I think each one was an improvment from the last, so that feels good. geez that flashing gif is mesmerizing!

Oh yeah, we do have college advisors, but I won't get one untill I am a junior(2 years from now) but I have been thinking about what I want to do after high school.

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Old 06 June 2006   #13
The eye studies are really good. The lips could use some work at the corners. Lips are deceptively complex. there is a raised area at the edge of the lips which is often missed. Also there usually is a depressed area at the upper lips. You might want to try drawing both male and female lips. I'm not sure how much different they are but I think there is a difference.
Old 06 June 2006   #14

It's good to see these kinds of studies. Really focus on the ear studies:

See a good ear diagram here:

Also, I don't know if I've asked you this, but do you have any good anatomy books? I think it's advisable to have a selection.

Check out this link for several book recommendations:

Anatomy Resources : BOOKS

Looking forward to seeing more studies!



Korpus School of Art + Gallery
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Old 06 June 2006   #15
Womball: Thanks, I really appreciate you posting here. The first lips are of a baby and the other one are female lips.

Rebeccak: I did manage to get figure drawing for all its worth off the internet, I also have the natural way to draw, but that isnt really an anatomy book. I planning on getting some of those master draftsman books as they look good for copying from. Do you have any recommendations as far as anatomical recource books go? I was thinking about the artistic anatomy book by paul richer but alot of people said it did not have enough female anatomy references. I managed to squeeze in a few more drawings, I don't have alot of time, but after tommorow I will be free!

Pencil on sketch paper

charcoal on cheaper than newsprint paper

i am really proud of this one cept his right arm is a bit goofy^ charcoal pencil on sketch paper
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