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Old 05 May 2006   #16
Yes I understand, Rebeccak. It is that CG is not very popural in my country and I truly believe that none colleges here would accept digital works. I was thinking of drawing the same girl in traditional paint, I only need time. Maybe some weekend I'll do it. Further on, I know that I should first get familiar with traditional painting and only then paint digitaly, but as it is similar in some ways, I'm more comfortable with painting digitaly. But as I said, I will do it with traditional paint. Thanks for the encouragement. I'll update the thread as soon as I have something new. It's a pleasure to join you all =]

Old 05 May 2006   #17
Wow, you already have that skills with just 16, congratulations, indeed you are going in the right way, all your work is excellent, but I just blown away for the sculpture and the last paint (beautiful).
Old 05 May 2006   #18
WOW!! Such gorgeous work!! Awsome, beautiful sketches
Old 05 May 2006   #19
Hi....RAZZ ...
Looks like you have the eye, and the touch....always a winning combination...
You might want to start drawing and painting from life also. Maybe a mirror self portrait,
still life composition, city with people ect,...whatever excites your imagination.
What you learn from real life drawing and painting, will improve your didital work and your didital
work will improve your traditional work....cover all the bases, and you can't go wrong...


Glenn Gallegos

Old 05 May 2006   #20
You are only 16? WoW!! Congratulations, you are very good!!

I really like your drawings, keep going!!

Old 05 May 2006   #21
DigitalSol, thank you. Well, I've got 10 for the sculpture, as it was done at art school. And it wasn't destroyed, but left for other to see as an example. I was happy about that. About the painting, I loooove doing master studies!

Enialadam, glad you like it. Will do more!!

SpiritDreamer, thanks. I am thinking about doing a self-portrait in front of a mirror and I will do one (or much more) when I have time. I would do many life studies, but i don't like drawing at the city, because people go looking and then they start to talk and blah blah, I can't draw that way. So after one time I tried to do that, I'm not thinking about another. But I will do life studies, that's for sure, I just need a quiet place =]

Azabache, of course I will keep going! And never stop Thanks for the kind words.

I didn't have much time recently, so this is just a start of a master study. Raphael again. I will post some wips or a finished one next time and of course I'll continue on the ones I've done before (the figures on the first page). Here's the new study of Raphael's work, only a wip:

Old 05 May 2006   #22

You! have amazing talent! love everything here, particularly impressed with the sculpture. The mastercopyfinished painting also looks spectacular. Truly inspiring, can't believe you're only 16. All that remains now is to be be productive prodigy, not a prodigal prodigy.

I'm really amazed - keep inspiring.

- d.
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Old 05 May 2006   #23

Hello Razz, I like your last study, my only suggest is to apply some darker areas, something that works good for me, in this class of studies for the hair, is cover almost all with the lower value and then bring up the brights with an eraser, the best way that I know for doing hair is work from dark to light, thats all, great work.
Old 05 May 2006   #24

Lovely work with the Master Study razz. The only minor crit I might have would be that the ear may be placed a bit far forward, but I really love the sense of the piece and the sense of presence that the person has. Nice work, it's always good to see your work.



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Old 05 May 2006   #25
Demented, thanks man! I'm very happy you think so and I'll do the best I can to keep it that way. Again, thank you!!

DigitalSol, thanks for the tip, will try it =] Although i don't think I'll be doing anything with the hair on this study, but I'll sure try that in the future master copies.

Rebeccak, I need critics :P Moved the ear a little backwards. Amazing forum you gave here, many talented artists show their knowledge of anatomy, very inspiring. I guess the thanks go to you =]

Now some bad news. I won't be able to draw anything for two weeks. That's because I have a lot of work to do. So after just finishing that work I will come back to drawing. Fortunately, after about a week I'll post some drawings from my art school, not much, but still something to look at. They will be more like sketches because I'll never have time to finish them. Well, you'll see. For now, a little more on Raphael's study:

Old 05 May 2006   #26
Hey thanks Glog!! I'm very happy that you like it so much. I always use a 2h pencil for my drawings. Only the older drawings which were posted at the very begining of the thread ar draw with a 3b pencil. Damn I almost wrote 3d =] I'll try to do what you're telling, about the levels. But I think it's pretty similar to how I'm doing it now. I do one level over the whole drawing, the define the shadow areas, darker areas. Maybe I just get into detail too soon. Thanks for the comment.

All righty then. Today I've done the work that I needed to do until tuesday. So it means that I'll have some time for studying anatomy! Haha!! But still I have ltos of work. Found some time today and as I said earlier that I'll draw muscles and bones over the master study I've made earlier. Here it is, very sketchy, very fast. Feel free to overpaint, correct my mistakes because I know it's not perfect :P

Old 05 May 2006   #27
Here's the start of David's head model, just for practise. I think I'll do the shoulders and that will be it. It was modeled a week or two ago, no time to model some more now. Sorry no time to render, so just a screenshot. Will do more when I have time.

Old 05 May 2006   #28
Very nice pencil work Razz! They all have a very gentle touch to them, keep it up : )
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Old 05 May 2006   #29
~the best of two and a half millenia all in one~

Yo razz

Divid's head looks sweet dude - you've really done well in getting the Renaissance take on classic sculpture right. Which means you have a modern take on the Renaissance rebirth of Classic sculpture - great.

Love what's happening here - keep cracking at it.

- d.
sorry if you expected something clever here, I'm working on it. sketchbook thread
cgs sketchbook

Old 05 May 2006   #30


You continue to amaze and impress! Fantastic work, really looking forward to seeing this model of David progress.



Korpus School of Art + Gallery
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