Sketchbook Thread of Madio

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Old 02 February 2012   #1
Sketchbook Thread of Madio

Hi there!
I've decided to start my own sketchbook thread. As I'm a newbie to 2D drawing, first time there will be no impressive arts, but surely I'll do my best to develop my skills and become better and better. My goal is to understand human anatomy, gestures and apply the knowledge on my 3D character works in future.

As my first drawing manual I've chosen Loomis book "Fun with a pancil" so here will be shown some exercises done from this book. Also, I'm looking for some perspective studies, maybe someone can advice some good stuff.

Here are some of my sketches, to show the level I'm at. Done from photo references.

Now I've bought a Wacom Intuos4 M for my sculpting work and going to draw digitally most of time. So I'm also learning to use tablet, remember this

I will be glad to have some feedback and advices on my learning process, any critics and comments are welcome! Hope you'll enjoy may path
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Just started practicing on those heads from Loomis book and some things are confusing:
(I decided not to copy anything, but to understand principles and do my own concepts)

-it's hard to draw a clean circle digitally for me, hehe
-how to place chin, eyes, cheeks in perspective? can't catch it so fast
-first time the nose is in the center of a ball, but then it's eye line, really confused about it
-can't handle the proportions, it looks so simple in examples, but not in action

Here are some fast sketches, 2nd day on tablet, really hard to manage with it

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Hi there!
Digital Rembrandt autoportrait sketch, decided to distract from Loomis for short time

My Sketchbook
Old 02 February 2012   #4
Hi Madio

You might do some studies of the human skull to start with...That's a great way to get familar with the underlying bone structure of the face and head, and doing the skull studies will also make your studies of faces go alot easier when you know what's underneath the skin that you are drawing or painting..There are some excellent skull refferences out there, and if I remember correctly, there is a good skull tutorial or two somewhere in this forum..There might have even been a workshop on skulls, in here somewhere.
You might even go to the different workshops that took place in this forum, and use the models that were in them as your starting point to learning to draw and paint in 2D...Even though the workshops are over in this forum, there is alot that can be learned from them, just by studying them..
When you can, it is always best to work from a live model, and that includes yourself...Make that mirror, and the image you see in it your best friend, and learning tool...Rembrandt was always looking in the mirror...Look at all of those self portraits he did..

You might also start out with a black background canvas, and work from dark to light..It is just alot easier to see and pick up on all of the VALUES when you work from dark to light.

Anyway..Madio...Looking forward to seeing your progress in here..Keep posting..


P.S. .....Above is the link to a great sketchbook and artist that might be of great use to you in your study of gesture, mass, and form ect. in the human figure... She is one of the best in this forum at it, and alot can be learned from the study of her sketchbook and the words and works within it..
Glenn Gallegos

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Old 02 February 2012   #5
Thanks for your reply, Glenn!

I had begun to study the anatomy of the skull, but read the recommendations on the usefulness of the Loomis book and decided to try it. But found it not so intuitive as I expected, maybe I missing something between lines?

Is there any book that covers the entire process of learning the human stracture drawing step by step, just from the simplest? Found "Structure of man" video course by Riven Phoenix, is it good?

Now going to draw the skull as you adviced, I'll come back soon with updates
My Sketchbook
Old 02 February 2012   #6
Here is my skull progress, front view
I got some problems with blending to make smooth transition between colors and making them clear. Is any lesson about it?

And the original:

My Sketchbook

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Old 02 February 2012   #7
Hi Madio.

Hey..nice job on that skull. ..You might try a three quarter view/up angle as seen from below view/down angle view as seen from above...The more familar you get with seeing it and drawing it from all different angles, the easier it will be to visulize your figures in different perpectives...straight on..from above..from below..ect.
Everyone has a different aproach to learning anatomy, and a different approach to painting...some like photo realism, some like to see the brushstrokes...depends on what the goals are. That is what will determine the outcome of the work.

My favorite teacher of anatomy is Burne Hogarth...His books are stuffed full of really important information on the subject of how to represent the human figure in all of it's actions in a convincing way...basically the same method that Michelangelo and all of the Old Masters used to learn anatomy and figure drawing....The principles involved in Forshotening,Rhythm, Interlacing of form and volumes ect...All stuff that most of the other books only touch lightly upon, or totally neglect all together.
His book Dynamic Anatomy is great for it's discriptions in visual form of every muscle there is in the human figure.
His book Dynamic Figure Drawing shows how to put the muscles that are learned in Dynamic Anatomy to use,...and how to put the figure into motion through the use of body gesture dynamic posing using forshortening ect.
His book on drawing the human head is one that would be really valuble to you at the point that you are at now with your 2d skills...
His book on Drawing Dynamic hands is a real treasure for any artist, no matter what level of learning they may be at..
His book Dynamic Light and Shade is AMAZING...I never realized how many kinds of light and shade that there is, until I got that book of his.
All of his books are Great in fact...I have them all myself, and I still find myself looking through them to find the answer to a problem in a figures that i'm creating..The answer to the problem can always be found in one of his books...He has never failed me yet...An amazing teacher, and a wealth of knowlage concerning all aspects of the human figure.

Anyway, above is a link to his books...An investment that is worth it's weight in gold, and one that you will never regret making..If you choose to get them that is...
Glenn Gallegos

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Old 02 February 2012   #8
Thanks, Glenn! I can't express my gratitude for your help, really appreciate it!

I'm going to continue to practice on skulls for some time and use them as reference to make a detailed 3D model to consolidate the knowledge on practice

I found Burne Hogarth’s books on amazon, going to order couple of them, they seems to be real treasure!

Check for updates soon!
My Sketchbook
Old 03 March 2012   #9
Done some quick skull sketches, got real problems with 3/4. Made many attempts so far to get a normal form. Does it make sense to redraw shading accurately and spend lot of time to have clean blending instead of just quick line draw to catch the forms and proportions?

My Sketchbook
Old 03 March 2012   #10
Hi Madio

It's best to get the foundation of the drawing down first before worrying about shading.

It's a good idead to buy a plactic skull from the art store,joke shop, or hoby shop, or you can probably get one on the internet now days...Always best to work from a real model if possible..With a skull, you can feel the in and outs of the form, alot easier if you can actually hold it in your hand..The sense of touch registers in your brain and memory, giving you a clearer picture in your minds eye of what you are actually drawing...Same as a bli8nd person can read a face just by touch kind of perception and visulization.
Do a ton of these kind of bone studies, practice is what it's all about...If there is no pain,..there is no gain..when it comes to learning..

Above is a link to Doctor Bones....Might be very useful to you, as you progress in your studies of anatomy..
Keep up the good progress Madio
Glenn Gallegos

Old 03 March 2012   #11
Thanks again, Glenn!

As I see, there is no other way but to study fundamentals first. Gonna find some academic drawing book and start with it and when I'll manage with simple forms and perspective, switch directly to the anatomy. And find a realistic skull for sure

Also, still uncomfortable with the tablet, can't control "slow" lines, they become too jaggy. Got to practice mooore!
My Sketchbook
Old 03 March 2012   #12
Wha-- First you were just learning to use a tablet and then you pulled out a skulle painting like THAT? That is some fast learning! Kudos!

I'll be checking back in here to see how you're doing! (: Also working on my fundamentals at the moment.
Old 03 March 2012   #13
Hi, Vilhelmina! Glad you like the skull, I spent pretty much time on it

Now I'm working on perspective and drawing from life some primitives. I don't understand clearly when to use 1/2/3 point perspective. As I see it depends on the point of view, but not sure.

Here is my 1PP study quick sketch, decided not to post cubes, cylinders etc.

My Sketchbook
Old 03 March 2012   #14
Some abstract fun

Going to study skeleton, check it soon!
My Sketchbook

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Old 03 March 2012   #15
the skull you made there is pretty amazing... :O I'm just curious how long were you painting it...
When it comes to anatomy Glenn Vilppu also has some great video tutorials, that's where I'm currently learning from.
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