Lytro light field camera coming

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  07 July 2011
I could see this being great for motion picture cameras. No more extra takes because of missed focus.
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  07 July 2011
Originally Posted by Unklejman: I could see this being great for motion picture cameras. No more extra takes because of missed focus.

I think that paparazzi photography will be the first field that makes extensive use of this.

Celebrity chick from TV show is spotted eating in restaurant. Walks out with boyfriend eventually. Paparazzi now have 20 - 30 seconds to get some quality snaps of them before they are sitting in their car and drive away.

A digitsl camera free of DOF/Autofocus issues will be a godsent to celebrity snappers I bet.

And from there the trend will probably spread to other professional photographers.

And from there, eventually, to motion picture cameras.
  07 July 2011
Originally Posted by DePaint: The only downside I can see to this tech is that more and more manufacturers will stop bothering to include a manual focus-ring in their photo or video products.

This is already happening with low-cost HDD Video Cameras. They are great little cameras with plenty of storage space and battery life, but - oops - no focus-ring provided whatsoever... = crappy autofocus shooting only.

There will always be Zeiss, Leica, Voigtlander, Olympus Zuiko, etc. making some of the best manual focus lenses you could ever hope to find. No worries.
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  07 July 2011
Wasn't Adobe working on this several years ago?
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  07 July 2011
Isn't the blur fake afterwards?
There are some serious artifacts in some of those images.
  07 July 2011
The whole image is sort of fake, really..they're taking data from tons of angles of light and combining it.

There's a bit more of a breakdown in this video, they're talking more about the GPU processing ability and talking a bit goofy, but they show the image pieces in the very beginning.
  10 October 2011
It looks like these are now available

$399 or $499 depending on memory size. The necessary software is Mac only at the moment with a Windows version coming.

EDIT: possibly just pre-orders shipping early 2012 according to PCW
I don't know

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  10 October 2011
Saw that..I am hoping a "pro" version comes along sooner rather than later, as well. Seems a bit too basic.

But the whole thing is still exciting to see it getting into actual production so soon.
  10 October 2011
Think of all the sharp photos we can have of UFOs, Loch Nesses and Sasquatches now! No excuses.
  10 October 2011
I can see this work out in surveillance applications.

Robots too, the less moving parts the better. The software can choose what to focus on, and focus instantly.

The camera could also be handy for collecting evidence. The less an investigator has to worry about the camera, the better, and everything in the picture can be in focus.

I could also see a photojournalist using this in violent situations like a war zone or a protest.
  10 October 2011
Originally Posted by mister3d: A good photographer plans his focus.

And a designer only uses Apple computers. And Lightwave is only for spaceship fx. And 3dsmax only for games and architecture.


  10 October 2011
seems pretty cool, however, i think there are some catches.

there really isn't any mention of actual output resolution. it also appears that they're intending people to share the native file so that viewers can pick different parts of the image to look at. For me this would be most useful if it was actually outputting at least an 8 megapixel image that I can edit within their software to get my focus right and then send it over to lightroom for color work. it looks to me though that this is asking a bit too much.

the tech is young and will probably find its way into more professional level hardware. it is a cool start but probably not quite something I'll jump into. I still like using my ability to compose shots, focus properly and create something compelling.
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  10 October 2011
Originally Posted by mister3d: A good photographer plans his focus.

That is because we had no choice. And honestly, unless it's a studio shot or some other still/landscape, planning my focus is there, but not always at the top of the list. It is just a natural part of the creative thought process, and I don't think this technology would stop good photographers from doing the same.

Not to mention, some of the best shots are not planned. A good photographer can get a great shot with what he/she has got in the time they have. However, not all moments give you the liberty of getting the range of shots you would like, even if you manage to get some good ones.

I would love to just focus (no pun) on capturing the frame and the moment. If I had a technology that would allow me to pull different types of focus from the same shot, I would not turn it away. It means more freedom with that magical shot as well as fewer shots I need to take.

To me, this is the same difference as a current RAW digital negative where you can pull all the different light values you want. Changing those does not mean you plan any less, just that you have more freedom with the same shot.

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  10 October 2011
Focus in on his face and look at the tip of the spear.

Not impressed. You can find these artifacts all through the images.
  10 October 2011
Originally Posted by BigPixolin: Focus in on his face and look at the tip of the spear.

Not impressed. You can find these artifacts all through the images.

I think i can understand where the artifacts are coming from - these people are doing the same thing with a cosine mask:
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