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Old 12 December 2010   #16
I really wanted to like the book series but I couldn't get over the age of some of the characters in the first book. Bits like the 5 year old (?) boy running and jumping along the castle roof top doing acrobatics were just a little too much for me to believe, and felt so out of place with the rest of the realism.
I keep meaning to try it again, but haven't been able to find the time. This looks awesome though! So glad to see them approach it as a series and not a 3 hour movie.
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Old 12 December 2010   #17
It's based on a period where getting married at thirteen was considered perfectly normal. There was a lot more pressure to grow up fast.

And Bran wasn't doing acrobatics; he was climbing up a roughly hewn stone wall. He never does anything that would be surprising from a reasonably dexterous five year old, though he takes risks very few modern parents would tolerate.
Old 12 December 2010   #18
Cut out a bunch of stuff cause it was long

"He knew two ways to get there.
The best way was to...leaping roof to roof,
barefoot so the guards wouldn't hear you overhead.
...and swing from gargoyle to gargoyle, hand over hand..."

I know something as small as that shouldn't put me off, but
it completely took me out of the story and made me think
about how improbable that was. That in turn made me not want
to invest in a long epic that for all I know could be full of
goofy moments like that. It's probably a great book, and I'll
get to it one day. Maybe the series will make me want to read
it again.
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Old 12 December 2010   #19
Rye did you finish the first book? Or just give up after that, which was really the beginning of the book...

I used to climb up trees and do some crazy things but now that I think of it I was quite a bit older than 5 at the time.
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Old 12 December 2010   #20
Rye, leaping and the gargoyle thing aren't that crazy for an experienced 5 year old. It's acknowledged that what he's doing is extremely risky and if a responsible adult saw him they would stop him. But really, it's glorified monkey bars. Kids do those all the time, no problem. I hope that wasn't as far as you got in the book. The story is just about to actually start.
Old 12 December 2010   #21
This was like 6 years ago or something so I don't remember quite how far I got, but I didn't finish the first book. That was just one thing that stood out in my memory.
I'm sure its an awesome story. Again, I may read it one day if I have the time.
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Old 12 December 2010   #22
Authors have brain farts too. The second book of WoT was quite laborious in that respect but Im glad I went on because the fourth was absolutly amazing!
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Old 01 January 2011   #23
Exteded trailer
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Old 04 April 2011   #24
I've finished the WoT series and started A song of ice and fire and I can say that it kick WoT in the teeth in every aspects. Its only now that I realize how much WoT was bad (or could have been better).

Im starting the 4th tome, A Feast for Crows. The first 3 tomes were one of my best reading experience ever. Highly recommanded to anyone.

For the Game of Thrones trailer, Im just afraid that the production is too small. The King tourney look very small to me... hopefuly they will add big matte painting behind!!

EDIT: after seeing this new trailer (slightly NSFW);

I have no fear anymore. The wall look great!! not sure about Jon Snow casting but I'll get use to his spanish looking mustache..!!

Any other good reading suggestion anyone??

EDIT 2: wouhouuu! the 15 first minutes of the show in HD! Its really nice!

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Old 04 April 2011   #25
And? How was it??
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Old 04 April 2011   #26
The first episode screened here in the UK this evening and I really enjoyed it! I've always loved the way HBO shows don't shy away from nudity, sex, swearing and violence (I was a huge fan of Rome too) and this show certainly doesn't disappoint in these areas. It's gritty, surprising and raw, and has a great cast. The production values are really high, and I was impressed with the sets, costumes and VFX (not to mention how gorgeous Sean Bean looked, all rugged and manly, ooommmphhh!). Definitely looking forward to following this.
Old 04 April 2011   #27
I saw it last night as well. It was great!. I have never read any of the books, infact I had no idea what this was about untill I saw it last night. They did do alot of explanation in the first episode so I am still a little lost on the whole sceme of things, but it seems like there are several kingdoms that arn't getting along. So far nothing has beaten the pure greatness that was ROME, or Band of Brothers, but this series may be added to the list. I look forward to next week!
Old 04 April 2011   #28
great first ep, unless it go south in a big way from here on this will be my new must see tv show
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Old 04 April 2011   #29
The first episode was really great... I was pretty astounded with how high the production values were on it too considering it'll be a 10 part mini-series. I agree that it was a little harder to follow for those who haven't read the book, but luckily my girlfriend watched it with me who has seen the whole series and she was able to explain any gaps
Old 04 April 2011   #30
I thought it was just ok. It felt a bit 'bare' at times and some of the hair grooms were terrible! Blonde guys anyone? HBO has indeed been making some amazing tv in recent years - band of brothers, boardwalk empire and most recently and my favourite yet - Mildred Pierce which I happened to watch the final episode of last night just before Game of Thrones. I promise you Mildred Pierce is the best tv anyone will ever watch. Check it out, and yes it too is faithfully adult in content... the story, the writing, the acting are all just so much better!

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