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Old 11 November 2011   #61
I just finished replicating some of the posts from THE POLE thread.

Feel free to comment.
There is also a zip file attached with a txt containing the posts entries with a forum format, so if you want to replicate the thread somewhere else, feel free to do it.

Will probably give a shot at some other threads, but for now I'm sick of transcripting and all the fuss.

Old 11 November 2011   #62
The problem with your dissertation that it's not clear, which is useful, and which is not. You observe all cases with abstract narrative. It's interesting, but hard to make any conclusions. People seem not understand what to do with it.
Old 01 January 2012   #63
True, I keep things floating in abstraction for many reason:
- Silly me trying to get to universal truths.
- Leaving the book all open for someone to read and add something new. So even though it's probably ''too much information'' sometimes and useless, it does give a better picture of what I am after and it might trigger something on someone else. I'm always looking for feedback, being corrected, discussion because I'm trying to improve those silly universal truths.
- This is a game. And in a way some of the concepts I would like to have them Hard-wired in the modeling application, and not have to think about them. So I keep them floating wishing they in someway might be picked and integrated. I moving more towards it =)

But I agree that for general public consumption it might be frustrating or even useless. Of course myself, I would like to be in a state where I know it all and can explain it all.

A shamefull update, not interactive yet.


(click to enlarge)

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Old 03 March 2012   #64
Shifting Grid Topology Keys - Interactive Samplers

I gave another try to Flash enviorment; it allows to compress a lot of info while still keeping the ability to compare between examples.
But at this point is clear to me that an open Wikia structure will be much better than a closed presentation, since it allows hyper-text and progressive updates, instead of point releases.

I went a bit overboard of the "Moving Poles" and restructured the base concepts, so I'll drop these matters for now, off to more artistic subjects. But later I'll combine all this with the Polygon Table and the Stepping sheet
I'll also try to push some concepts to be adopted by modeling apps.


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Old 03 March 2013   #65
Hum..... after reading all of this, i dont see the usefulness of it. On the other hand, you could always print out all of youre diagrams and decorate your bathroom walls with them. Now that would be neat......
Old 03 March 2013   #66
So I said I would like to make a Wiki and so I am working on one. I don't have much free time now as before, but the idea still stands and evolves

I consider this url to be temporary until I make a final decision about if I keep this in my main site or arrange in the same host a dedicated url. For this registrations are for now closed, but I would like to hear opinions, on simple ways to get something like this going nice&easy and being actually useful for others.

With some of the gone threads remade.

With my stuff tossed in there waiting for organization, still getting a grasp out of the wiki itself, but hopefully later other people join in because the things I cover are a small fraction and very abstract.

I would like to see someone to chime in with topology insights about animation, and other aspects of a 3D workflow.

So, basicaly my goal is to build a nerd niche we corner to discuss and advance on these matters.

Ah, there are some videos posted by SomeArtist in a zipped folders, but since the urls are just marked up, no actuall url info I can't reach the reference or files. Anyone has them.

Hey mister3d, could you rebuild your revision thread? :P Would spare me some work, eheh

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Old 03 March 2013   #67
I love this thread.
Old 03 March 2013   #68
Good thread animatics, thanks.
I like to learn.
Old 03 March 2013   #69
Sorry, double post.
I like to learn.
Old 03 March 2013   #70
Originally Posted by animatics: Hey mister3d, could you rebuild your revision thread? :P Would spare me some work, eheh


The pole?

As I only now started working professionally on characters, hopefully in a year I could make some corrected input from a practical perspective.
I think what you do is very interesting. I hope I'll find some more time to get into it. Though I come from a practical point, your point is very interesting.

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Old 03 March 2013   #71
That one exactly mister3D
Well, when I have time I'll export the images out of the PDF and remake the thread with some snips, unless you prefer to do it yourself

Nice to know you got up to work with characters, probably takes a lot of testing, so I'm sure an year from now you'll have a lot more insight to share Wish I could be on it myself, but still stuck with packaging and some motion, some character animation on the way, but no time to test things, ehehe.

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Old 03 March 2013   #72
Hey man,

This looks like something that would be right up my alley, but to be honest, I'm not sure what's its for. It reminds me of those drawings that show all the different types of rope knots, but with no context as to what they're used for.

It might help to place some of your edge patterns into the context of a shape your trying to recreate. It also might be beneficial demonstrate how Catmull-Clark subdivision and various other subdivision techniques work. Maybe you could present things in terms of a case study. Say your given a complex bit of piping you need to model. What would be the best edge pattern to use? You could go through pattern by pattern, and show what would best approximate the surface. This is the type of thought process I go through when I model.

Either way, this is pretty interesting, and I appreciate you taking the time to put this all together and share it with us.


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Old 03 March 2014   #73
Yes, that could be something I could do. I did some generic shaping with Stepping Elements for example, don't know if you seen it:

I think you're on the same page of mister3D. I don't draw a clear path with these.
Funny thing is that many topology nerdy discussions are on game artists communities, where subdivision is not on the table. Same desire for absolute truths and the same dropping to "Whatever goes along better"

Anyways, stepping is something I would like to some back to in time. But again with some abstract examples. I rigged more than modeling these days :/

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Old 05 May 2015   #74

Dream come true?
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Old 05 May 2015   #75
Originally Posted by animatics:

Dream come true?

Nice, but is there any download of a useable software available (not source code)?
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