Long render times in Blender + other softwares.

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  04 April 2018
Long render times in Blender + other softwares.

I have been experiencing long render times that has been annoying not just me but for everyone else so I was wondering why are the render times so freaking slow? 
  04 April 2018
Wait, so has rendering suddenly gotten slower on your machine? If so, that's probably evidence of malware. Or are you just complaining about the inherent slowness of rendering? If so, then learn about how to optimize your render engine, and consider upgrading your hardware.
  04 April 2018
^ yeah, agreed.

Sounds like a hardware issue, for instance as an example of Blender's stability I'm currently running a self assembled entry level gaming rig of 2012 vintage built around an Intel core i5 CPU [64bit] & AMD Radeon HD 7800 series GPU plus 16GB RAM system, so thus far (...touch wood) no problems working with a 2.75a [Alpha build] as a hardsurface modeller rendering out game ready assets alongside hi-poly VFX models as well.  

...averaging appropriate render times between 60 to 120mins
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  04 April 2018
I see for me I have Late 2013: 27" iMac with Intel Core i5 processor maybe that's the problem like it's not supported anymore but I am planning on upgrading to a MacBook Pro the current one and the iMac pro later on maybe, for now, I can be able to render faster on the current MacBook Pro since its new and can run my renders smoother with GPU support. I Have a 2015 MacBook Air as well but probably won't do the job because it has no GPU just CPU only and it's getting old as well 
  04 April 2018
GPU rendering is the future. If you got a GPU with tons of CUDA cores, renders are lightning fast. The only thing to watch out for is the VRAM.
  04 April 2018
well I have a GPU on my iMac but it doesn't work properly like its supposed to because my scenes have complex scenes even when I create a small and less complex one it force quits Blender. but for now what i could do is lower down my samples to 100 and have the resolution up high to like 649 to 1000, or maybe get a little help from Sheepit render farm. 
  04 April 2018
If you're doing a lot of rendering, a Macbook Pro or an iMac will not be cost-effective or beneficial. Even the newest ones are years behind the rest of PC hardware, and very overpriced - just like they have always been.

Since you appear to enjoy the tools, consider getting that Macbook and then a decent rendering desktop to get stuff done. A Ryzen system with 8 cores/16 threads would be much, much faster for far cheaper than anything Apple has ever offered.
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  04 April 2018
1) Don't ever do serious 3D on a Mac. Mac's are slower and way more expensive.

2) Blender & Cycles is slow. There are faster render engines out there. Your only other choice on Blender is the FREE Radeon ProRender. Which is also not a speed demon either.

3) Core i5 is completely unsuitable for serious 3D rendering. That's a cheap consumer processor for people who surf the internet and play the occasional game. Core i7 with high clockspeed is the minimum you should have.

4) A powerful GPU like a 1060, 1070 or 1080 is a must these days for fast GPU rendering.

5) Don't expect to do Hollywood sized 3D scenes on a laptop computer or two. Those scenes are rendered on dozens of fast networked PCs at the same time.

Basically, you are using a poor 3D software - Blender - on a very weak old Mac i5 with no good GPU. Of course you are not going to get good render speeds out of that.

My advice - buy yourself a powerful 17" MSI gaming laptop (about 2,000 USD) with a good GPU, and with the money left over, buy yourself an AMD Ryzen renderslave box.

You'll get far more out of using a PC for doing 3D than wasting your precious time and money on Macs.

Macs are overpriced and 3D work has never been a priority for Apple. You are riding on the wrong horse.
  04 April 2018
To the point Skeebertus just made -

I am required to use a Macbook Pro for work. It's a 2017 model. It's terrible and makes me sad every time I launch C4D.  My personal laptop is an MSI machine. Less than 2/3 the cost for way more than twice the power. Why do you like the Macs so much? I ask because if you are one of the folks who simply prefers OS over Windows, there are many tools you can get (for free) that make Windows much more similar to OS. 

I recently made a 3D model of an old US steel painting by Syd Mead as a side project. It was an attempt at a large scale photo-real architectural render with lots of PBR, etc. On the MSI machine, it takes two hours to render. On the MAC ... it won't load ... just sayin ...

Quote: learn about how to optimize your render engine

So much this. Waaaaaaaayyyyy back in the day, when I was first cutting my teeth in XSI Foundations, I remember even really basic things taking seemingly for ever. I figured it was mostly because it was just the Foundations version of XSI and maybe not as powerful (I was woefully ignorant about a lot of technical aspects at the time). Then I picked up one of AAron Sims' XSI books. It had a link to a website where you could download all the files in order to follow along with the book. One of them, was a scene that contained not only the completed creature, but a whole herd of them with a simple environment. I loaded it half jokingly figuring it wouldn't even load let alone render. To my surprise, it rendered VERY quickly. A herd of photo-real creatures w/animation AND a simple environment rendered faster than all of my very basic scenes. That's when I began learning about optimization. Things like only making textures as big as they need to be, making sure your raytrace settings are correct, etc etc. 

It makes a HUGE difference. 

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