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  09 September 2013
Originally Posted by leif3d: It's strange to me that people haven't heard of him. He's a pretty well known modeler, especially when you consider all the training he's done.

This might come as a huge surprise, but particularly in the more veteran slices of the industry in professional roles people don't give much of a damn about websites, tutorials, news, things like Autodesk Mastership and so on.

I'm sure those who still actively follow domain specific subjects and news though would know several more internet heroes than I ever would, at least in their domain.

I could bet good money 99% of the modelling focused people on this website haven't heard of Herb Sutter, yet he's been an extremely influential figure in computer science for quite a while now with followers/readers in the hundreds of thousands
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  09 September 2013
Originally Posted by ThE_JacO: [snip]

Is this some kind of contest?

  09 September 2013
Sounds like he's from somewhere around Newcastle upon Tyne. I could understand him just fine, but i'm British and used to such accents.
  09 September 2013
Originally Posted by Telemachus: Sounds like he's from somewhere around Newcastle upon Tyne. I could understand him just fine, but i'm British and used to such accents.

He's from Durham. Personally I don't mind the accent since I from that area, but it's more of the sound quality and the low deep voice, it's making what he's saying unclear at points. Also the echo in room isn't helping.

In my opinion the video isn't helping any situations on the subject matter. I don't want to say what's what about the industry since I'm not part of it yet. He has a lot of views and opinions that I've listed but at the same time he's not going to act on them views. I feel yes he has a point and people have a right to an opinion but for it to be heard properly and for it to matter, a person needs to stand up and act on them.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to what he has said? Is it still relevant since it's been 6 months since the upload.
  09 September 2013
I'm sure Wayne is a lovely guy in person but from this video he comes across as that guy in the pub who's sat alone but loudly joins in with everyone else's conversations.
  09 September 2013
Originally Posted by Darkherow: His views are the following-

1)He believes that artist are treated poorly and film studios don't recognise the work done by the VFX studios and their artists. Artists aren't being treated fairly.

2)The protests are biased for the LA side of the industry, as all the focus are on them and that he dislike how some of the protesters were fighting for rights to have all VFX to be done in LA. He thinks that basically the VFX community outside of LA have they're own right to do VFX and the protest should be about everyone.

3)He dislikes how people are supporting the protesters views by turning their avatars green, without knowing the fact that they want VFX work to be done in LA only.

4)He feels that VFX costing too much is due to the over complicated relationships of the management, arguing over things in the project. This causing the scheduling to be delayed and being less effiecient.

5)He believes that VFX should be done by small teams rather than large houses, a team of about 40 max. This is to cut down costs and make things efficiently without all the politics. He thinks that big budget VFX can be handled with an efficient team of 40 experts.

6)Film Studios can bring VFX in house rather than as a separate entity. Film studios buying up the VFX studios to fix prices for cost and wages.

7)He believes that film studios don't see artists as artist but button pushers.

8)He feels that the VFX community needs to band together as a world wide community and not just one part of the world. He does not want the LA side to take control, as he believes that all the good work will then be allocated to LA with the overflow of work, be for the rest of the world. Also that the community as a whole needs to stop arguing with each other including the pratical production side.

9)He believes that there's no winners or loser and people need to make compromises for the work being handed out. No body will get all the work they want.

10)He's sees the protest movement dying out and fragmented.

11)The future of VFX can be either small efficient teams or VFX companies making their own films or VFX will remain the same and work will slow down with the low-mid level artists suffering for it.

I actually tend to agree with some of this (particularly the green avatar movement, which I never participated in myself, as I also felt it was purely for the sake of LA artists), but at the same time, it always kinda grates me a little when people who have little to no experience in the industry (and indeed he doesn't appear to have much in the way of that) sit and dictate how things should be, especially when their inexperience clearly shows through in fallacious and naive assumptions about how things work; for example, with the exception of the biggest blockbuster shows, most film VFX projects are done by relatively small teams. Just because a studio employs 500 people doesn't mean they're all working on the same show. I've worked on a film or two in my time, and have found that 30-50 artists is the usual number on an average show. With really big shows, however, you simply cannot accomplish anything with small teams, because there's really only so much a human being can do in one day. A number of his views as listed here come across as a bit weird, but since he's not here himself to discuss them, I'm not going to nitpick them.

I'm not really sure what he was trying to accomplish with the video. Maybe he just likes to rant like he's in a pub or something, but like I said earlier, I've never really wrapped my head around these Youtube soapbox types.
  09 September 2013
Oh come now, surely you remember DarthWayne? He's been a member here for long enough.

Originally Posted by leigh: I'm not really sure what he was trying to accomplish with the video. Maybe he just likes to rant like he's in a pub or something, but like I said earlier, I've never really wrapped my head around these Youtube soapbox types.
Oh yes, Wayne likes to rant a lot. I just thought it odd to bring the video up 6 months later and long after the topic was discussed to death.

Originally Posted by CGIPadawan: I watched it thinking: "I wonder if this is what he's like while designing or making VFX...."
Hehe, I've got a few training materials from him and its not much different although the audio quality is much better. It didn't take too long to get used to his accent.
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  09 September 2013
Originally Posted by WyattHarris: Oh come now, surely you remember DarthWayne? He's been a member here for long enough.

I think you underestimate how many people I communicate with on this site on a daily basis!
  09 September 2013
I'm going to guess... 500.
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WIP: Harris Nut House
WIP: WarCraft Troll Dig it!
  09 September 2013
So the purpose of this thread is what exactly?

Is it to discuss the video I did back in march when everyone and his dog was banging on about the VFX protest? Now regardless if you agree or disagree with the content (and as it was back in march this year I can't remember the details), I stand by it. After 20 years in 3D I am allowed an opinion just like everyone else.... No one ever said we must all be meek little mice and all agree all the time.

Yep I have an accent..guilty as charged, as rather nasty one from the north west Durham area. I've tried for 20 odd years of the 42 years I've been on this planet to get rid of it, hasn't worked even remotely so I am stuck with it. As a result so is anyone who chooses to watch any videos of mine.

Last time I was even remotely active to any extent on ANY forums was back in 2009 or 2010 or something. I usually avoid posting on them these days although I do try to read one or two every now and again. Back when the Mudbox 2009 release came out (the 1st one after Autodesk's acquisition) I was all over the damn place on forums, sites doing videos, lectures all over the place and basically it was total overkill. (Which was simply because Mudbox at that time was 'news'...)

I think I was the only person who didn't have any problems with bugs with that release ironically and funnily enough I got a lot of heat from people on a lot of forums. After that I pulled back, because although life is not a popularity contest, I do try not to go out of my way to piss people off all the time.

As such the only place you usually see me online, is now and again on twitter, on my Facebook page and my site. Anyone who wants to listen / watch / read /look can, those who don't want to...well they can safely ignore it. I usually do try keep things far more low key than most people. If you have spent the majority of the last few years on just a few forums, yep bloody good chance you'll never hear from me or about me. Similarly if you've never used an app I've done a video on, or unless you go looking...I'm a ghost.

Who do I think I am...Wayne Robson. (there was an overwhelming urge to paraphrase Jesse from Breaking Bad at that point, thankfully I haven't. ) I have a rather eclectic skill set, I try to push technical boundaries that any sane person would avoid. I've done this for a long time, worked in virtually every sector that you can do 3D in, and as a result have experienced my own fare share of both the awesome and the crazy.

I've tried over the last 20 years or more I have been online, to do a revolutionary thing...only tell the truth. Granted the truth as I see it. But I don't lie, I don't play politics.... I just do what I do and am lucky enough to get paid for it like every single one of you. I don't have an 'ego', as anyone who has ever worked with me can attest. But yes I stand my ground when I feel I am right.

Let's have a bit of background about this it may help things to at least make sense as to 'why' I would put it up. I have put hundreds of damn videos up since about 2008, they are in effect my video diary, often done very tongue in cheek. (Although my sense of humour does seem lost of 99% of the population).

So this wasn't some out of the blue thing, it was to discuss what at that time in march was a hot topic and bring forward some thoughts I felt had been pushed to one side. At that time everybody and his dog (at all levels of 3d, from bottom to top) had made their opinion known.... so it's safe to say I was allowed mine as well. I assume each person is now going to have a thread on their take on it?

It was intended to fuel discussion yes...although bit weird that it surfaces here in its own thread 6 months later. Also interesting that out of everything said in that video (that I fully expected some people at the time to have a big problem with if you read the description), that the content has taken a backseat to my accent lol. But seriously....?? 6 months later.....???
If you'd looked harder you'd have found some really embarrassing ones from years ago, with all manner of crazy opinions in them lol. (Which yes I do cringe at, but I leave up as they are part of who I am as a human.)

More importantly yes, I stand by every single word. Although it would have been nice to get the memo that we've all time traveled back to the 1950's and that accents aren't tolerated anymore and that opinions are OK as long as we all agree what they are in advance I hear women have the vote and everything these days!

But I thought I'd add a reply to this to put it into perspective, so there's no reason for me to keep nattering on in this thread after this...

I'm now going to disappear back into the internet wilderness, as usual...if people want to find me they can, if they don't they can avoid me like mist on an autumn morning.

PS I'm surprised my log in still works as its been a fair old while since I used it.

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  09 September 2013
Ummmm, okay.

  09 September 2013
Respect Wayne!
Mukul Uppal
CG Artist
  09 September 2013
Originally Posted by Kai01W: Is this some kind of contest?


I have to admit I'm not entirely sure what to make of this. As in I can't guess the tone or intent, too short a message and text only kinda sucks at this.

In case it was somewhat annoyed at my post, all I was pointing out is that I frequently see people in online communities of all descriptions going "OMG I can't believe you don't know this or that person!", referring to someone who is somewhat popular in a subforum and maybe even does some domain specific stuff that has been acclaimed (press, videos, corporate or whatever else).

We don't all have the same internet heroes, especially when they aren't massively popular and tend to cater to some sort of specialization or other.
Half the people I have the utmost respect for and read eagerly 99% of the population will never have heard of, even if some of them have readers outnumbering the number of accounts on this forum, nor I expect other people to know them unless they have an interest in that specific subject.

That's it. It wasn't provocative, it sure as hell wasn't a go at Wayne, or the post I replied to. It was just a thought and a comment.
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  09 September 2013
You have an accent Wayne? Didn't notice, I must have been drinking the same thing you where at EUE
Paul Neale
  09 September 2013
I don't see any need to troll the guy. So he has a thick accent, big deal.
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