ELYSIUM Reviews: Somewhat earthbound for all it's lofty goals, but not "terra-ble."

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  08 August 2013
Originally Posted by Artbot: I don't think their thinking on this was quite that deep. :-) The flaw here is that the station's inhabitants are not "good" per se, but rich. They are buying their way into "heaven," as it were, but there's no story payoff along those lines.

I think thats the entire statement about the entire subject and everything related to it...

The concept I describe is not new, it is a thought thats been floating around for a while. To call a space station elysium under the circumstances it was presented is a serious radical coincidence if the director had never heard of the concept before. A greater coincidence than I'd be willing to accept.
  08 August 2013
Oh, I'm sure they were fully aware of the allusion of calling it "Elysium." But it's more just a curiosity than a deep story point. It's like Neo looking for "Zion" in The Matrix. It's just slightly lazy writing that is meant to impart more depth than it really does (because there was no point or consequence of naming the station Elysium. It had no real bearing on the story or events. It's like calling a luxury cruise ship the Nirvana or something.)

  08 August 2013
Originally Posted by teruchan: But that's what I mean. We don't know how shallow, if at all, what he originally wrote was. Maybe it was more intriguing that D9. As writer and director he should have complete control, but the studio may be saying,

"Nope. Cut it."

"Nope. Simplify it."

"Nope. Change that."

And if it fails, they will say, "See?! Should have made it more like Transformers."

This is kinda dumb. So If we don't go and see it studios will say "See we should simplify it even more" and if we go see it then studious will say "See, people like simple things".

The movie was bad and had the exact same story as D9 only written worse. It even has same lines in same key moments. I mean come on, why would I support this movies if it is not good. If I am to support a movie that gets lots of hate that would be Pacific Rim or Man of Steel not Elysium.
  08 August 2013
Originally Posted by Grrrrrrr: This is kinda dumb. So If we don't go and see it studios will say "See we should simplify it even more" and if we go see it then studious will say "See, people like simple things".

No. What's dumb is anyone who thinks THAT'S what I was saying.
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  08 August 2013
I don't know if anyone has brought this up, but I feel like Elysium has left me feeling the way I felt after Prometheus. Disappointment was among other feelings like wonder and amazement, at moments. Ultimately, if you count yourself as any kind of "Sci-Fi" fan, I think these movies are like required reading. Worst case, think of it as Sci-fi-fan-homework. I think the only question is allotment of discretionary household funds, and whether you see these movies in the theater, or at home within 3 months; if you are a Sci-fi fan, that is..
  08 August 2013
Just saw it. Really digging the style and designs, some really good potential, but not really delivering. A decent movie though. I liked it better than Pacific Rim.
  08 August 2013
Originally Posted by Michael5188: Ok, so if we didn't like the film we aren't supposed to post? Or is it that we should rave about it even if we found it boring and poorly made just cause it wasn't an adaptation?

I'm positive the studios reigned him in and made it cookie cutter, but that isn't my fault, and I'm not going to give the film a pass because it's original or it wasn't the directors fault, or the writers fault, or etc.

Honestly I just want a good film. Show me an amazing adaptation over a lack luster original movie like this any day of the week.

No, actually I believe much of the story came from Matt Damon.
  08 August 2013
I think the film was nerfed. how much? who is to say at this point. But if you check out some of the blog posts by the concept artists that were working directly with Blomkamp. There is some stuff that just never made it into the movie and would of definately changed it.

I cant post the links at the moment. But when I get home later I can. Blogs are blocked here at work.

you can check out Christian Pearce, Ben Mauro I think, and some others. They are posting a few concept pieces that show some really cool stuff never made it into the movie. Maybe budget, maybe creative control. whatever. I think the movie was nerfed, would it of been better I dunno?
  08 August 2013
Links as promised.

Some Wickedery from Aaron Beck.

The dude with the gold bar cyber arms is cool.

Some awesomeness from Ben Mauro.

Kruger being turned totally cybernetic would of really upped the action.

I am sure more stuff is out there.

One of my complaints about the movie was that they had super awesome mechs, but they only seemed to show up at specific action sequences. There are huge chunks of the movie where you keep wondering where all these bots are. They only seem to show up for Max.

So we know the sequel would suck. Max is dead and the bots won't come back.....
  08 August 2013
I don't think the use of other designs would have made a difference. It's the things that happen around those designs (story, staging, characters, dialog, etc.) that dictate how we react to what we're seeing. Every heavily concepted movie has awesome ideas that are perhaps much more interesting or exciting, but aren't used for one reason or another. That's what concept artists get paid to do, and sometimes they are lucky enough to land on a (previously unscripted) idea that ends up in the movie.

When movies are in their formative stages, they are often very fluid in terms of story, action/vfx set pieces, and budget, so lots of great stuff gets tossed out all the time. I was fortunate enough to see most of the designs for Ep. 1 long before that steaming turd hit the ground and let me tell you, there are a couple dozen other very cool (looking, at least) movie's worth of designs there. I just wish they'd put all that artwork in a book.

  08 August 2013
Saw this last night and while there were a couple of 'woah! Cool!' moments the writing was pretty shallow so the characters felt very bland.

One thing that I was discussing with my friend after seeing it was that Matt D felt like a hero character for the entire film and so it was difficult to relate to him because he has that automatic 'hero' status attached to his image. We wondered what it would have been like to swap Shalto with Matt so that Matt played the bad guy and Shalto played the 'everyman' character. This would have also made the exo-skeleton Matt wore feel like it had more effect, taking a skinny guy and making him strong rather than an already beefy guy and adding only a small additional amount of strength.

Overall, nice effects, bland story and characters, D9 was better.
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  08 August 2013
Saw it last night at my first IMAX experience.

Like others I also think its a very bland story and very weak characters, It had everything to make an extremely interesting movie, too much action ruined it for me, I would had preferred a much lower tone.

Jodie Foster was awful... wasn't expecting this from her, everything about her seemed over the top and sometimes I couldn't even get the feeling she was acting with others.

Saw great brazilian actors acting like they were fresh out of school, which indicates bad direction, maybe Jodie suffered from this too.

My expectations were for a great SCI-FI movie and as the story kept rolling they went downhill. Too bad, maybe one day a sequel or similar will give it the justice that it promised, because I'm one of those that saw what our future will be like on those images.
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  08 August 2013
I saw it last night, and loved it.
There are a lot of South African touches in the dialogue that I think will definitely be lost on the international audience, but it made it a pleasure to watch for me.

It wasn't as 'deep' as District 9, and the third act lacked the punch of the District 9 Exo-Suit fight - but all in all I was really happy with the film. Good pacing, good cinematography, and truly amazing design.

Standouts for me was the UI design, the excellent sound design, and the awesome robots!

This film serves as proof however, that bigger budgets take away director control. I would have loved to see an Elysium on half the budget, and Im really looking forward to Chappie (a lower budget Blomkamp film).
  08 August 2013
I didnt think of Matt as hero, he was the same cliche guy in district 9. The only cares for himself then suddenly gets turned around guy. But not done in a believable or well portrayed way.

It was really dissapointing. Not much action and shaky blurry cam for most of it. The plot was just fairy tale nonsense.
  08 August 2013
Originally Posted by Calabi: I didnt think of Matt as hero, he was the same cliché guy in district 9. The only cares for himself then suddenly gets turned around guy. But not done in a believable or well portrayed way.

I don't know you thought Wikus in D9 was Clichéd at all. I cant think of a similar character in the lead of a film in the 20 years.
He did fill a certain Archetype, but was certainly not clichéd.

Max (Matt Daymon) was determinately more of a stereotypical character, and I think that it was 'safer' to go with his character (who was certainly ore black and white than Wikus) with this larger budget. Same thing goes for Kruger.
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