What Are Microsoft Really Doing?

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Old 07 July 2013   #1
What Are Microsoft Really Doing?

In a growing list of PR blunders, I read this article this morning, where the Xbox One team are excited about the advertising being built into their dashboards: http://asia.gamespot.com/news/xbox-...in-mind-6411083

I don't understand what they're doing. I mean, have I missed some brilliant bit of slight of hand here?

Honestly, I don't. Not only did one of the higher ups initially respond in a dismissive way to the complaints raised with the restrictions issue and having to log onto the internet everyday, they then do a 180 and try to spin it as a 'we care what you think ploy.' Not only that, the Kinnect having to be on all the time is unsettling to me and, now, this weird article.

Shouldn't they be talking about the games their going to be realeasing?


Also, I'm seeing a lot of reports that Windows 8 is still doing badly. Plus, I am finding Outlook to be so buggy and problem heavy since they changed Hotmail over to it. I'm beginning to think they're deliberately doing this to themselves, so they can completely change their image from the ashes... or they're bored and want a challenge.

Lloyd Harvey
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Old 07 July 2013   #2
I think headless chicken best describes things. The whole xbox debacle can be summed up as bad management, or rather management that have a chasm of disconnect with what their customers want.

Nobody wants the changes which windows 8 has brought, as evidenced by the sales worse than vista. People just want a professional desktop to get work done. They saw apple has a nice simplified consumer OS with iOS and decided they needed one too, but then made the idiotic choice that this should replace the professional desktop that people use to create content. Apple kept the two OS's distinct for a very very good reason.

With the xbox, its almost as if they had a competition between the departments to see who could be the biggest arsehole to the consumer in the name of making more profit. The hardware guys put in their entry with an always-on, all seeing, all hearing eye of Sauron staring at little Katie in her bedroom 24/7. Not to be outdone though the game department decided we can only play games when they decree and that when we've finished with the game, they want a second cut of the product before making the game self destruct so it cant be sold again. Finally the OS management have decided that charging a subscription no longer means an ad-free experience and that we'll now have banners plastered in every spare gap they can find.

Most of us didnt think anyone would take the crown away from Sony after their rootkit CDs, removing features from the PS3 and so on, but by Jove I think MS have done it. I truly hope a third party comes along and takes their lunch.
Matthew O'Neill
Old 07 July 2013   #3
What I think will be interesting, is how much MS will panic if the majority of gamers stay the hell away from the Xbox One. They'll try to pick apart what they did wrong, and likely jump to the wrong conclusions... It'll be fun to watch.

Old 07 July 2013   #4
Everything is under control. Nothing to see here.
Old 07 July 2013   #5
Spell binding... utterly spell binding. I missed what he first said though, what did he say?

I think they're going to have to dip into Marge's "Rainy Day" fund after this. I can still imagine the headlines though, "Even with the many PR mishaps, sales of the Xbox One are strong."

Lloyd Harvey
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Old 07 July 2013   #6
I think there are some longer versions of this 'speech' on youtube.
Check those for more 'context'. It was quite popular when it surfaced a few years ago.
Old 07 July 2013   #7
While not the biggest fan of Microsoft myself (having ditched Wndows machines in favour of Mac years ago, although I do own an XBox), I nevertheless find all the hatred and suspicion that's perennially levelled at them really rather tedious. Frankly I think that regardless of what they'd put in the XBox One, it was going to be slagged off by the hordes in the gaming community, because if there's one thing that gamers like to do more than anything else, it's bitch and moan.

My sister, who is a gaming journalist, actually wrote an article after the whole initial fallout, and the irrationality of some of the reactions:


Don't like the XBox? Don't buy one.
Old 07 July 2013   #8
Also, I find the paranoia about the Kinect pretty laughable. As with conspiracy theorists who are convinced the government is spying on them or trying to control them, there's an excessive narcissism at play here; little Johnny Gamer thinks his life is so awesome and riveting, that of course Microsoft want a pair of eyes in his living room to track his every move and relay it back to the MICRO$OFT LEGION OF DOOM HEADQUARTERS, where their hordes of henchmen are waiting with baited breath to see what he's going to do next.

I hate to break it you, but your lives just aren't that interesting.
Old 07 July 2013   #9
I think having adverts in the XBox One is a wasted effort. The vast majority of XBoxers and games console players generally are probably teenagers, and they don't pay any heed to adverts because they already blew this weeks pocket money on the game they are playing. They most likely won't have money to spare on whatever advert is being flashed at them.

I suppose if the adverts are aimed at parents they might yield a return, that is if enough parents actually play games consoles. Of all the people my age I know who play consoles games, none of their parents play at all. Not one, and that's the truth of it.
I like to learn.
Old 07 July 2013   #10
Originally Posted by leigh: [...]
I hate to break it you, but your lives just aren't that interesting.

Someone is not reading the news apparently....

Old 07 July 2013   #11
Originally Posted by Dillster: The vast majority of XBoxers and games console players generally are probably teenagers,

Surprise surprise: the average gamer is 30 years old.
Old 07 July 2013   #12
Originally Posted by leigh:
I hate to break it you, but your lives just aren't that interesting.

If I had the ONE in my living room, apart from watching my play the games, and maybe having supper, they would have HOURS of footage of cats.

And thats worth it!
Old 07 July 2013   #13
Originally Posted by Kai01W: Someone is not reading the news apparently....


I'm very well aware of the NSA scandal. But it's a far cry from having video cameras in your living room.
Old 07 July 2013   #14
Originally Posted by leigh: I'm very well aware of the NSA scandal. But it's a far cry from having video cameras in your living room.

Yes, but it is an unnecessary start... 1984 and conspiracy theories aside.

Look, I wasn't advocating that Microsoft were going to be spying on gamers and completely agree that why would anyone care about the gamer as an individual, and I get the use for it and see the future potential to it... I just still found it a little creepy, as did a great deal of others. Not having the choice to turn it off, that to me is an issue.

The NSA thing aside, there is also concern over what Microsoft are monitoring through Skype (since they own it). Although the saying "if you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to worry about," is true, its starts to become a bit suspicious when Microsoft claim on adverts that privacy is their top concern, then do things like check outbound links posted in PMs (I don't know if they monitor calls).

Needless to say, if you don't want one, don't buy one. Leigh said it and its true. It applies to other things: if you don't like what you're watching, don't watch it.

The reason I started this thread is because I find it incredible a company who had such success with the xBox 360, bungle the release of their next product. And to do it so publicly.

Lloyd Harvey
Twitter Me
Old 07 July 2013   #15
Well after all the bullshit Don Mattrick got the boot:

Shame it happened after he did irreparable damage to the X-Box One's PR.

The real comedy here is that he's moving on to Zinga.
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