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  03 March 2013
Cool Animation Tutorials for a noobie, character animation, Maya

Hi guys!

Could you recommend Animation Tutorials to a noobie ?

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  03 March 2013
Let me Google that for you....

You might also specify what software you are using.

  03 March 2013
What type of animation? Character animation? Procedural? Mograph? You need to be a bit more specific. Whatever type of animation you're talking about, there should be tons of tutorials. I'm sure that you can find something to your liking. I'll cover character animation here.

YouTube is home to a great many tutorials and walkthroughs. You just have to know what you're looking for. The quality will surely vary from video to video though. Obviously, you're not going to find pro quality tuts on YouTube.

If you've got cash to spend, you could always invest in a subscription to Digital-Tutors. There are animation tutorials there covering tons of topics and accommodating all skill levels.

If you can score a second hand copy of it, Jeff Lew's old character animation DVD is great. It's not very program specific, but it covers some very key concepts in a clear and concise manner. Any other day, I'd have directed you to Jeff's site, but it seems to have closed.

There are good character animation books out there. George Maestri's series "Digital Character Animation" series of books is another look at the fundamentals. Richard Williams' "Animator's Survival Kit" is, imo, a must have too. It doesn't focus on apps, or even 3D, but it does school you on technique, which is even more important. As you get more skilled, you might want to look into Jason Osipa's "Stop Staring", which deals with facial animation.

All of those resources assume that you have both a fundamental grasp of your app and understand how to rig a model for animation. If you don't know what "rig" means, you should also look into character rigging tutorials. Digital-Tutors has a number of them, all of which are app specific.

I'm sure that others have something to add. All I'll say is that animation is a complex topic. It is very time consuming. Go in with reasonable expectations. Don't just assume that you can bang out a 30 minute short film on your first attempt. Not going to happen. Dream big, but start small.
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  03 March 2013
Artbot Maya. Google haha I could do that sure. but I'm just basically asking what's good what's not.

cookepuss Character animation

I can do better bang out 90 min film in a month Bam! I may be a noobie to Animation but no CG

Money is not an issue but Digital tutors, no way in hell :P it's for noobs by noobs trainings. They don't know what they do themselves. They might've improved since 2007 but not gonna give it another go.

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  03 March 2013

Keith Lango is a good place to start. He has a couple of videos on his YouTube channel and lots more at his store (dirt cheap).

  03 March 2013
Well, if you excuse the shameless plug, I have a lot of tutorials that happen to be on sale this week! ;-)
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  03 March 2013
Originally Posted by Compote: I can do better bang out 90 min film in a month Bam! I may be a noobie to Animation but no CG

I'm no newbie to CG either. I've been doing it since 1989. Having said that... 90 minutes of keyframe CG animation in 30 days? Not gonna happen. For somebody who knows nothing about character animation, you clearly don't know what you're talking about.

Animation takes time. There is a direct correlation between time spent and quality. If you think that you can chug out 3 minutes of quality footage a day then you're deluding yourself. At best, you're looking at a few seconds a day. Ask anybody else here. They'll say the same thing.

Tell me how reasonable 3 minutes a day sounds after you've spent an entire morning blocking and roughing a few seconds of a first pass. Tell me how reasonable it sounds after you spent the afternoon messing with morph targets just to get it to match your audio track.

Do yourself a favor. Google "Kaze Ghost Warrior", "Killer Bean Forever", and "Blue". Not one of them did 90 polished minutes in 30 days. At best, Timothy Albee cracked out 23 minutes in 6 months. Nevermind the fact that, to do that, he was a former Disney guy who had to move to Alaska to get the job done. Jeff Lew took 2 years to do (so-so) 90 minutes and he was an animator on the Matrix sequels.

IOW, sorry, but character animation isn't as easy as you think. If it were, then everybody would be doing it.

As far as DT goes..... Don't ask a question if you don't want an answer. DT is a solid resource. Does it have a wealth of noob material? Sure. That's fine because that's exactly what you are. I mean, you even call yourself one in the op. Your original question, and your gross overestimation of your output, further drives that point home.

I stand by my recommendation of Digital Tutors. GIGO. Garbage In. Garbage Out. IOW, what you get out of any experience can be connected to how much you put into it. If you got nothing out of DT before then that's on you. Other people have had nothing but pleasant things to say about DT and, yes, they HAVE come a long way in those years. I wouldn't have recommended them otherwise.
DISCLAIMER: The views presented herein do not necessarily represent those of my brain.

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  03 March 2013
Wow so much rant hahahh
I thought the joke about 90 min was obvious

If I ask a question I can't express my opinion if I've bought their stuff before ?
Yes I'm a noob and I want "by professionals for noobs" trainings. I don't think I should even mention this.

Tepes Instant buy !

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  03 March 2013
Originally Posted by Compoter: Wow so much rant

New here?

Originally Posted by Compoter: I thought the joke about 90 min was obvious

Heheh. You'd be surprised. I've seen guys/trolls ask forum members to honestly critique their work & then throw total sh** fits when they got it. There are some newbies who simultaneously say, "Help me" and "I don't need your help." The internet is full of psychos with delusions of grandeur. I see one in the mirror every morning. lol

Seriously though, it wasn't as obvious as you'd think. Some people actually think like that, ask for noob help, but also pretend to be beyond it. It's a crazy thing.

Originally Posted by Compote: I want "by professionals for noobs" trainings.

And, as I said, if you're not getting anything from Digital-Tutors then the fault is yours, not theirs. They have tutorials that cover everything from the principles of animation to rigging to fight animation. There is no "Make Cool 3D" button. You've got to put the work in.

I also think that it's a tad insulting and misinformed that you refer to the DT trainers as "noobs" who "don't know what to do". I strongly suggest that you check some of their credits, which include many highly regarded games, films, and books.

I would understand it if you said that you didn't like their style of teaching, which tends to be more prolonged and have more hand holding. However, to call them noobs... I hardly think that you're qualified to make that determination. I've known a few of these guys for the better part of 10 years and they're anything but "noob".

Look. You always have other options for learning 3D. There's Eat3D, 3DMotive, Lynda, & Gnomon Workshop too. IMO, your best bet, at your skill level especially, is still Digital Tutors. My reasons are simple:

1. The number of tutorials they have is staggering. They try to cover as many topics as possible.
2. They don't move too quickly or skip over too much. Gnomon, on the other hand, assumes that you already know certain things. Because of that, they tend to move a bit quicker and skip over more. At this stage, for you, hand holding is a good thing.
3. The other training services tend to work on a per-DVD basis. With DT, you can get a subscription and stream to your heart's content. $45/month for unlimited training is an excellent deal.
4. They're constantly adding material, which is important since the art is constantly evolving.

Choose whatever you want, but that's my take.

The quality of Gnomon's material has slipped in recent years. They still have their master classes, iirc, but their output has tapered off a bit. They still come out with new material, like their recent Mari vid, but they're really not as prolific as they once were imo. They've still got some great analog tutorials though.

If you're so intent on learning character animation, you could always look into an actual online school like Animation Mentor. That's a more serious, more expensive commitment. AM is top notch though.
DISCLAIMER: The views presented herein do not necessarily represent those of my brain.

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  03 March 2013
More like I haven't been here for a long time

It's hardly my fault that the first thing you assume someone's nuts or a troll or whatever.
If someone is a modeller he can't be a noob in animation ? I hope you don't apply the same thinking to your life.

Quote: There is no "Make Cool 3D" button. You've got to put the work in.
Enough with the rant ok ? oh wait, right, your right-off assumptions... haha

Quote: you're so intent on learning character animation
Mindreader ? I might just wanna move things around and that's about it. I never said anything about becoming the most awesome animator ever and getting a job at Pixar

Are you a DT manager or cheerleader ? "Our guys are better you guys suck" Look at what and how much you wrote ! The idea here is that DT is amazing gnomon is kinda shit. "...cos I've known those guys for 10 years" No comments on other materials at all. Your point was taken a post ago. Why again ? Troll ?
  03 March 2013
We dont know you, usually when people say "please show me noobie tutorials", we assume they are "noobie". If you want better help, you should give us some info about your skill-level and what you already tried.

Digital Tutors is a solid starting point for beginners and even some experienced generalists who want to learn a new aspect of CG. You get a lot for your money.
There is no doubt that Gnomon for example is much more specific and shows professional pipelines and advanced techniques, but what use is that for a beginner who cant understand half of it?
Passion is the key.
Miysis 3D
  03 March 2013
Zykras I asked a pretty straightforward question about tuts. Quoting myself
Quote: I'm just basically asking what's good what's not.
I don't think it matters if I'm a modeller or not apart from the topology aspect, really. Which doesn't play any even minor role in this thread

The guy didn't get the joke about 90 min ? Hardly my problem
He wants to prove DT is amazing ? Is this a "prove your point" thread?

Somebody assumes too much. Consequently he writes as much and someone has to read as much. See where I'm going with it ?

Let's take Tepes for example. It's right on point.

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  03 March 2013
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