what music do you listen to when working on CG stuff?

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  03 March 2013
RAMMSTEIN! If I´m in a rush to finish something, nothing beats Rammstein to keep me working at a regular and fast pace.
  03 March 2013
This thread is pretty OT but since it's Saturday I'll let it pass.

Originally Posted by JWRodegher: RAMMSTEIN! If I´m in a rush to finish something, nothing beats Rammstein to keep me working at a regular and fast pace.

I'm a pretty hardcore Rammstein fangirl, so I have to agree with you there. People that know me know I'm a big metal fan so I listen to loads of metal while working, although I have very broad taste in music, with everything from death metal to opera on my iPod. Like others here, the music I listen to varies according to my mood, as well as what I need to get done. If I need to plough through loads of work, then something rhythmic and foot-stompy like Rammstein works well, whereas for a more chilled work day I'll listen to classic stuff like old Maiden albums and Nine Inch Nails (my two favourite bands) or Neil Young (his Decade album is one of my favourites to work to), or switch gears entirely and listen to atmospheric stuff like Sigur Rós or Dead Can Dance. When I'm feeling really stressed out, I like to listen to reggae, because reggae tends to make you feel instantly chilled out. My biggest musical guilty pleasure is 80s and early 90s pop music, especially guitar-driven power pop bands like Roxette (greatest pop band of all time), and I'll listen to that stuff any day of the week because it's so feelgood and makes me feel jolly, which is great when you need to get through some boring work.

Music is by far my greatest passion. Outside of CG I do music photography, so I'm closely involved with the music industry too, spending several nights a week shooting gigs and meeting bands; in fact, if you happen to be at the big Jägermeister Defiled/Gojira/Ghost gig at Brixton Academy in London tomorrow, you might be able to spot me down in the photo pit! It's a good change from sitting in a studio at a desk all day.
  03 March 2013
Thanks Leigh for not locking this, I wasn't sure how far out this topic would be.
  03 March 2013
Two Steps From Hell this year. Basically on loop ;-)

  03 March 2013
It really depends on the mood, but I definitely listen to a lot of stuff that falls toward the downtempo, IDM, dreamy, nostalgic end of the elctro spectrum.

Tycho, Boards of Canada, Ford & Lopatin, Com Truise, stuff like that. And a lot of synth-pop like M83, Chromatics, The Knife/Fever Ray, Glasser, Purity Ring.
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  03 March 2013
I thought Leigh was gonna close this, but then Rammstein was mentioned, so I knew she wouldn't!

Originally Posted by etherial: I like the music that promotes an alpha brain wave state to keep me focused and relaxed. I started a couple stations on Pandora for this using artists like:

Brian Eno
Harold Bud(d)
Jah Wobble...

I adore Eno, and Harold Budd is a God to me (check out his awesome collabs with Robin Guthrie or John Foxx if you haven't yet), but I don't really like to work to them. I need something a little more energetic, but only slightly. Take a listen to Loscil. It's down-tempo ambient with a pulse and very pleasant to work to. I also like Biosphere a lot for similar reasons, but he's more animated and varied. His stuff is almost sounds like the soundtrack to some weird experimental movie, particularly albums like Substrata or Dropsonde.

In actuality, my working to music tastes vary all the time, but this past week I listened a lot to a series of DJ mixes from the California DJ music festival known as Chillits. Search on Soundcloud for dozens of 90 minute+ mixes from some great experimental, ambient and down-tempo recordings from some great DJs. This is one of my all time faves. Here's the page it's from. The Megan Hug mix there is awesome, too.

  03 March 2013
I listen to a lot of Supertramp, Deep Purple, Wings, NIN and the Masters of Reality.

But lately i've been listening to Itom Lab almost non-stop. Can't recommend Itom enough!

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  03 March 2013
i know this isnt "music" but i have been listening to audiobooks while i work. Can never find the time to sit and read when i am home.. so during the 8-5 i find a good book on history or historical fiction...lately been on the topic of ww2. But the times when i am listening to music it's classical or just some techno
  03 March 2013
I like so many different kinds of music, although, I find, the kind of music that inspires me the most in my work is, listening to my favorite film scores. Generally, before I start working on something, not during. It not only inspires me, but it really helps me to visualize.
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  03 March 2013
Originally Posted by leigh: ... atmospheric stuff like Sigur Rós.

I love Sigur Rós with a passion. I actually have in my playlist a Sigur Rós album start inmediately after a Rammstein one, now that's contrast.

By the way, they have a new EP, if you haven't heard anything, check http://www.sigur-ros.co.uk/ , they suddenly went down the dark side for a while it seems. Have you seen them live? I'm hoping for them to come down here sometime but I don't see it happening any time soon.
  03 March 2013
Depends really.

If I'm animating I don't listen to anything and sometimes even wear my headphones to to block unwanted music/background noise from others.

If I'm Doodling in ZB and having fun usually Metal (Brutal if possible):


If painting Weights or doing other boring stuff like Uv's, Modeling etc... it varies from Soundtracks to more "mainstream" Metal or simply listen to what others are listening and completely forget about it if it's not to my taste.. like Pop or causal Rock. So if having fun the faster and brutal the better (except while animating )
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  03 March 2013
Originally Posted by JWRodegher: RAMMSTEIN! If I´m in a rush to finish something, nothing beats Rammstein to keep me working at a regular and fast pace.

Definitely! They've got that insane energy that just keeps you going. Great music for workouts too.Apart from Rammstein, my playlist usually tends to include....

System of a Down, Disturbed, My Chemical Romance, Ting Tings, Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold, David Bowie, U2, Beatles, & basically anything 80s, especially New Wave stuff.

Cheesy 80s rock anthems are a great way to start a new modeling session. Those old school montage songs can make any weakling slacker feel like Rocky Balboa. Personally, I love to start new sculpts to Sinead O'Connor's "I Want Your Hand On Me". Yeah. I know.

When I really need focus, my best soundtrack is.... pure silence. Noise cancelling headphones or earplugs have served me well since, like, forever.
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  03 March 2013
Whatever is needed by the theme or subject that I'm working on or Temp track of the film I'm working on.
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  03 March 2013
I'm going to have to queue up a ton of these artists later tonight!

For me I listen to whatever I'm digging that month. Like Late last year I was right into Owl City, and right now I like to pop on Billy Van - Retro Punch. Though I have been switching to less distracting music lately for the likes of Ludovico.

Otherwise I will listen to a ton of different music. Things I can't stand however, screamo and Death Metal, especially the ones that have insanely great rhythm, beats, vibes, etc, and then ruin it by just raging over everything. I DON'T F* GET IT! Please someone explain its appeal!?

Anyhoo. Any Canadians here should check out Grooveshark.com; it's pretty much Pandora / Spotify for Canada.
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  03 March 2013
My music pretty much stays with either

Cafe Del Mar Albums or I'll listen to Groove Salad on SomaFM.

Really great music to work to.

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