How did you first get interested in 3D?

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  04 April 2013
For me it was the reel of an impressive cg artist that changed my life forever
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  04 April 2013
Seeing Tripping the Rift - the original, not the TV show.

That and supermoine
  04 April 2013
Quake 3 Arena's Radiant Editor
  04 April 2013
My love for graphics in general probably stems from my love for games. I had been playing games for a few years before this, but the first game I really got addicted to was Pole Position in 1982.

I think I played that in the arcade nearly every day that year, and the year after. That was the game that inspired me to make my own game on the C64. It was a Defender clone, iirc.

If we're talking 3D specifically, I'd have to go with the DOS version of Virtual Reality Studio in 1991.

I remember really wanting to make a 3D game around the X-Men characters "The New Mutants". Man, oh, man! The poly limits! This being 1991, I really remember being very frustrated that PC tech was still too slow to do anything of note in 3D.

I didn't cut my teeth on "actual" 3D until 1994 when trueSpace v1 came out. The year later, I bought Andre LaMothe's book "Black Art of 3D Game Programming". I've been obsessed with anything 3D ever since.
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  04 April 2013
Originally Posted by imashination: 1993, Amiga Format magazine, Imagine 1.0 coverdisk

Oooh, same. My interest was already high and used Deluxe Paint almost daily from the day I got my Miggy 500.... lots of pixel pushing Star Trek spaceships, but that copy of Imagine was the real start. Still fondly remember doing the shark tutorial thinking how slow and boring the whole process was.
  04 April 2013
Once upon a time, I was lurking curly streets of China in hope to find some rotten rice. Nothing seemed odd that usual day, until I saw a guy running out from a foodstore with a skewed face, screaming "vertices don't merge!"
Two yakuza approached me. "You! You saw too much! Now will work for us!" So my modeling carer started... I modeled mainly for "seafish and 3dmodeling Chung" corporation, until one day they brought a really big fish to land in a Ukrainian restaurant. I sneaked at night, and got inside, after smearing with jelatine. The trip was really hard.
So that's my story. Today I happily live in an old abandoned bomb-shelter of a small Ukrainian town (not even on a map). At least it's safe here and better than in that jelly fish.

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  04 April 2013
For me was when I was about 15. After playing counter strike I wanted to create my own maps and played with the hammer editor, I soon started messing with maya and the rest is history
  04 April 2013
At first I was inspired when I was a kid because my dad started a Media Arts college called Expression here in California. I saw the student work and started at age 12. I was in over my head but I had all types of resources. but later I was truly Inspired by Sebastien Laban when I saw his first 2 shorts. His amazing Generalist work inspired me to pursue all avenues of 3D and story Telling. His new piece meet meline was beautiful I just wish the story had more of a punch. If you have not seen his work its a must.
  04 April 2013

No explanation needed
  04 April 2013
how I got into 3d

I was almost 10 years out of college, working as a print production artist, which I hated. In my free time I was honing my airbrush skills. Literally, getting really good at the airbrush.
Then one day I woke up and figured out that "hey, nobody wants airbrush artwork any more. What the heck am I going to do?
All I ever wanted to be was an illustrator. All my stuff was volumetric, with careful lighting, and 4 different kinds of perspective. But my style wasn't anything distinctive at all. Just a pleasant, possibly cool, realistic illustration technique.
So it was around '97 and I didn't own a computer, and I had a lightbulb moment: "Maybe 3d will be my way to break into the illustration field.
So I bought a Mac, which is what I'd been using for 6 years, and Alias Sketch, A Mac-only modeling and rendering only version of Alias power animator.
After I got proficient with that software, I got a new job where part of my responsibilities was making 3d packaging. And I got a pay raise.
Then I got another job. Then I bought LightWave 3d, and got a better job, with more 3d tasks, and much, much less print production. Then I taught myself to animate.
After 4years at that (very good) job, I went freelance. Now, 9 years later, I teach and do 3d animation full time.
And maybe it's time to get out. 3d artists are everywhere. Already my years of experience don't mean as much as they used to.
So I'm developing my other skills... comic book illustration, painting, etc. Getting back to my roots, and bringing everything I learned doing 3d to what I truly love to do.
  04 April 2013
Smile It started waaayyy back.....

Yess it all started waayyy back in the year 2003 i guess when my father bought me a pc..
I was just 12 years old....
The person from whom we bought the computer had installed Macromedia Flash on it,,,
One fine day i was just chilling and checking out various softwares when i found Flash in the installed software list... The tooltip on the icon said "Make ur own movies ecards and animations". That got me interested in it... and I started playing with the software... there was not much help available...just the one that comes by default with the software...

I played with flash over 1 year or so...when one fine day one of my brothers told me about Discreet 3ds max... I kinda managed to arrange a cd of that software and the whole world changed for me...

It was soo much fun... I could create anything and rotate it...add shadows...transparency ...everything was just wonderful..I started reading help and making stuff. I must credit the default help that came with 3ds max. It was lucid and had very well described stuff with images...I played with max for a looong time...till I found that there exists something called MAYA.....

I was 16 years old when i started using maya... It wasnt that easy... I dint like the help as well...but still people kept talking about it being used in movies etc which held my interest in the software...

I was 18 when my parents decided to send me to Mumbai to learn animation... I am pretty much thankful to them for letting me choose this field as my carrier...

2 years... I spent learning from an institute which just taught me nothing but the tools... actually not even the tools properly... but i found something called forums on the internet...
Thats it... I knew this was the place to learn...I kept asking questions and am very happy that people were kind enough to help me out on the forums...they did paintovers on my models explaining where i was going wrong etc...

I passed out from my institute in 2011 and at the age of 20 I got my first job...
Today I am 22 and i work for an Indian studio who does vfx for a pretty good running mythology show and I am happy... I might not have made that much money as my friends from other fields would make but yeah am enjoyying this life... am happy
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  04 April 2013
Originally Posted by killerplanet: After 4years at that (very good) job, I went freelance. Now, 9 years later, I teach and do 3d animation full time.
And maybe it's time to get out. 3d artists are everywhere. Already my years of experience don't mean as much as they used to.
So I'm developing my other skills... comic book illustration, painting, etc. Getting back to my roots, and bringing everything I learned doing 3d to what I truly love to do.

I totally hear you on that one. It ain't what it used to be, and just doesn't hold the appeal that I remember. I can't think of anything happening around the industry in recent years that I would really be excited about or even want to work on.
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  04 April 2013
Initially a never ending curiosity lead me on this path and it still does in various ways. My first somewhat related interest was photography and digital editing in photoshop. I saw other adobe programs whenver I used photoshop so I was curious what after effects was. Eventually I learned it from playing around and decided video was a bit more fun that simply still images. I was making tacky visual effects like indie film style home videos. I kept doing this and discovering new things I could make and composite. There were issues though regarding moving shots (3d) and lighting changes. I realized I needed more control over assets which lead me into 3d. Now I still see things once in a while where I go "that's cool how could I do that" and explore software and methods to learn more.
  04 April 2013
I grew up surrounded by acetate cels, ink and paint. My dad was a traditional animator and worked at one of the few studios here in Melbourne in the 70s and 80s. But it was the film '2001: A Space Odyssey' that did it for me. I met a lot of Dad's workmates, and I got into the right crowd. I created huge moonscapes, and a suspension bridge in the backyard at home, compositing several sequences with exposures of dust, smoke and fire. I shot and edited my own 16mm films as a 16-17 year old. Soon enough, I was at work as a runner, then clap-loader, camera assistant, focus puller, then cameraman and production manager.

My life moved to writing after I had an accident with my back, but I still get a thrill watching the '2001' shuttle rolling in orbit approaching the space station in Kubrick's film. I feel lucky to be so close to the industry I love after it entered the digital domain.
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  04 April 2013
Practical effects from Blade Runner, Alien, and Star Wars. That was what I wanted to do, anyway. Always been around computers (IBM 5150 oh yeah baby dual floppies ), went to college later in life after a decade of being a ski bum, and stumbled upon max2. Hell had I known they created the Utah teapot just up the street I would have went to school sooner!
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