SKYFALL - "What did you expect? An Exploding Pen?"

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  11 November 2012
Skyfall Titles - Daniel Kleinman
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  11 November 2012
I loved the way the movie transitioned into the intro titles, which is an absolute masterpiece. Plus it seems to add to the story. The fact that you don't really know what happened with Bond, the titles seem to sink in the Bond's dying delusional mind, incredible piece.

Too bad that in my opinion the rest of the movie went downhill the second after the titles ends. Bardem is such a great actor but that's it. Oh, and the MI6 explosion left me speechless. I would have never expected such a terrible explosion in a movie like this.

Thanks for the link Roberto, I kept that link in my favs to watch once every now and then.
  11 November 2012
I liked the atmosphere and i just like Craig as Bond in all.
Storywise, me too, liked Casino royale more, because of just a bit more usage of classic "Bond attitudes"..

To the "choosen camera"..
ARRI´s Alexa becomes more and more popular because just more popular directors started to work with them
because of some special advantages she might have in some situation it seems.

Several "Shootouts" here and there between Alexa and Epic ended up with the result, that a Alexa came out on top,
when it comes to the right output-mix of colors/details/highlights dynamics and noise in/at very dark, undersaturated low- and mixlight scenes/motives.
*Example: Issue Jan./Feb. 01/12 of Digital Production (a known german speaking/writing special interest magazine)

Roland Emmerich did also a comparison beforebetween a Alexa prototype and a RED (One/MysteriumX) prototype some time ago. He was comparing/testing some digital outputs for the planned movie "Anonymous" those days and ended up with similar results like others comparisons later.
*Not my red Interview in german but one in english at least..

So, to come back on the rails: Skyfall is VERY dark and sometimes depressing in many scenes. This just could/maybe the reason for their choice of camera..

To Skyfall:

Beautiful settings, framing, atmosphere, lots of different, interesting locations (Istanbul roofs, "..hello The International").

Intro titles were good. I like Adele and the title song in all, but it´s lacking of some exploding expressions/emotions/dynamic drama in her voice. It was maybe not her fault, we will never know..

***Spoiler Alert*** *my vB code did not work for me it seems..

Never seen such a useless,
nevertheless beautiful at least, Bond-Girl.
The death scene fits to the importance of her role, i laughed loud!
Her felt presence in the movie was like 4 minutes..!?
Short, disappointing Bond-Girl appearance even more reduced to the core:

Step 1: Sexy eyes
Step 2: Bambi eyes
Step 3: Bond is ban**** her, knowing it might be her last fun on earth, gives a shit
Step 4: Near instant death (but well performed i say)

M was the real Bond-Girl this time, no problem. The introducing of the new M was ok, but his person is looking some kind of "out-dated" or too old fashioned in meaning facing possible new, modern Bond characters, high-techs and other possible things in the future. Old M looked like a Hipster in comparison.. We´ll see..

It was something harsh to introduce the "Afterlife-007" as a total wrecked alcoholic and upcomming retiree inbehalf such a small time span.
A guy like him, a natural born "no-training-needed-ultra-athletic" incl. an iron liver, there is no chance of just fading away - in a Bond movie at least!

Was also missing a classic "devils right hand" which James have to face first if he wants to kill a "boss".

***End of Spoiler Alert***

*Btw., sry for my crappy english, heh..

Last edited by Bjur : 11 November 2012 at 12:04 AM.
  11 November 2012
Skyfall Trailer

Thought I'd toss in this project just wrapped up- a skyfall trailer remake. Eager to hear any notes.
  11 November 2012
Originally Posted by JWRodegher: Oh, and the MI6 explosion left me speechless. I would have never expected such a terrible explosion in a movie like this.

Thanks for the link Roberto, I kept that link in my favs to watch once every now and then.

I hated the movie with a passion, but what was wrong with the MI6 blast? Going back to when I first saw it in the trailer, I thought it was done practically on location, I didn't know it was well-integrated miniature pyro till the VFX supe mentioned it, and I'm usually oversensitive to VFX giveaways.
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- Major Garland Briggs
  11 November 2012
I don't remember the details now, but I do remember thinking there was something weird with integration and maybe the timing. It took me out of the immersion, I wouldn't mind taking another look though.
  11 November 2012
Originally Posted by leif3d: Of course he didn't have anything to do with it! It's just the camera! point and shoot...I've got one right in my smartphone...look I can even apply fun filters and lens flares!

Thanks for making a ridiculous argument out of thin air and then pointing out the obvious.

Not because I say a camera is special it means the cinematographer is not special.
Uh...people and their flawed logic...

Whoa, I wasn't being too serious man. I just can't tell you how many times people look at the monitor on a set where the DP has worked really hard to get a nice atmosphere and say, "man that camera is awesome", with the DP standing a few feet away. We always just roll our eyes and joke about it later.
The End
  11 November 2012
Originally Posted by Unklejman: Whoa, I wasn't being too serious man. I just can't tell you how many times people look at the monitor on a set where the DP has worked really hard to get a nice atmosphere and say, "man that camera is awesome", with the DP standing a few feet away. We always just roll our eyes and joke about it later.

Jonathan, it's cool. I understand what you mean.

The way I look at it is "Of course it's Roger Deakins and his team at work. But Alexa is his favorite for a reason."

You can take it away from him but have you thought that it's possible Deakins would be the first to complain that the images wouldn't look as good without his "favorite camera system"?
"Your most creative work is pre-production, once the film is in production, demands on time force you to produce rather than create."
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  11 November 2012
Just saw it.. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was just alright. Story was a bit formulaic and predictable. I might just be getting tired of Bond films, or spy thriller films in general, but it seemed a little 'unsurprising'.. It looked really good though...
  11 November 2012
I don't like it when the characters don't make logical sense.

[ SPOILER - Click to reveal ]
In the opening sequence, the bad guy has made off with the list of undercover agents - which of course is kept on a laptop, in the field - and then the hard drive is stolen, put on a lanyard and worn around the villain's neck. Bond catches up to the man, and fights him on the top of a speeding train. He struggles and fights with the man, trying to pull it off of the man's neck... when what he SHOULD do is simply toss the S.O.B. off of the speeding train, where Eve - who is racing alongside the train - can stop and collect man if he survives the fall, and easily retrieve the hard drive.

This simple, extremely stupid oversight makes me frustrated with the writers.

Outside of that, I enjoyed the film. I really liked the opening sequence - with exception to the oversight mentioned above (and excusing the questionable greenscreen work during the motorcycle chase). I LOVED the opening car chase in QoS, and honestly, I think I like both films better than Casino Royale.

CR was for me, really slow. There's nothing more exciting that watching people sit around playing cards, except maybe the thrills of international investment! And the villain was limp.

QoS was more enjoyable for me because I saw Bolivia as a piece of the puzzle for the corporate takeover of South America, not just that country. And the sequence with the planes was pretty good... (though Camille's history with fire and them ending up in a burning hotel was far too convenient for my liking). And the villain was limp.

Skyfall was enjoyable because
[ SPOILER - Click to reveal ]
MI6 has been shaken up and it's suffered losses and it's hunkered down to become more determined and efficient. Silva should have been much stronger in my opinion. I didn't find him really threatening enough to warrant a double-o agent. Must have been all of the exciting computer hacker code action that Silva was behind, like making the doors open!...
So, the villain was limp. Again.

I think the backstory on Silva's HongKong issues might just be part of the next film. Now that China is pushing for foreign film productions to visit the country and even offering investment, dropping some hints at a Chinese connection and not delving into it allows for future sequels to fully explore it, filming much of the content IN China... which is good for production dollars and pleases the Chinese. If that is the case, expect him to end up with a Chinese government official as an ally in the next film. JMH guess...

I really hope Bond gets a villain worthy of being a Bond villain. Your hero can only be as good as your villain... so far the one who's done the most damage to Bond has been Vesper, and
[ SPOILER - Click to reveal ]
one of Silva's random thugs if you include the death of M.

All in all, I do really like Craig as Bond. In CR, M says it best... this Bond is a 'blunt instrument'. Which suits me just fine (except for the oversight on the train... that's too 'blunt instrument' to be handed a license to kill).
  11 November 2012
Plotwise, the film was such filled with nonsense, it's scary...

But the director and DOP made such an awsome job with the actors, pacing and photography (music was good too), that I swallowed most of it while watching it, and it only struck me afterwards... (save for a few scenes where I was... wtf?)

The thing that most disturbed me is that it blended both gritty realistic stuff (hence calling for a believable realistic plot) with silly over the top nonsensical plans... which you would expect in a Roger Moore movie or Austin powers, but not in a serious spy story.

In one way they clearly stated that they want to take some distance from the "exploding pen" cartoonish James Bond clichés, but at the same time they also induldge in almost all of them... Like they cannot really take sides because of the budget, stakes, fans etc... So sometimes both elements work against one another...
  11 November 2012
[ SPOILER - Click to reveal ]
the whole "you're too old to be batman" shit that they kept insisting on in the movie was just plain bizarre and off putting.

Adding the anti-bond aspects is dumb too. I get it, you wish you were working on the Bourne movies. No need to keep going on about it.

it's a good movie, as long as you don't think about it.
[Invivo Animation Reel]
  11 November 2012
apart from Bardem's first scene it was pretty forgettable, rather boring for a Bond film. and how many cack one-liners were there?.. I lost count!... and the old gits battling against a Mr Evil, what was that all about!?... also thought the Bond girls were very disappointing
  11 November 2012
I loved it, and I didn't like any 007 movies in the last 10 years! Why? because there was a scenario instead of explosions every 5 minutes, and in your face VFX to try and hide the lack of story.
  11 November 2012 are you saying this one had a story?.. I prefer a story over action any day but this had neither
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