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  11 November 2012
Question help?

Im looking to create CGI guns, swords etc. for an upcoming my film. Is there a way to create them to integrate with live action footage? Thank you
  11 November 2012

You really need to start doing your own research and experimenting on how to accomplish various VFX tricks.

Try searching Google, Youtube, Vimeo and other resources to find the right answers.

Maybe VFX software like Hitfilm can also help:

Hope that helps...
  11 November 2012
I know this is going to sound a tad abrasive, but you keep posting threads like this, asking questions without apparently trying to figure anything out for yourself. Doing visual effects is pretty tough work and requires a lot tenacity and ingenuity on behalf of the artist - if you expect people to hold your hand and lead you through every step of the way, you're not going to get anywhere.

It's not that people don't want to help you, but rather a case of we can only help you so much before you need to take over and get things done. Your question here does not have a simple answer and there's no step-by-step tutorials out there that can show you. This is because there's no quick way to get out of putting in the effort of learning from the beginning.
  11 November 2012
the main point im in this cgtalk is i need advice from pros..and i knew there is many professional vfx artist in here... i have try searching how? in vfx but i didnt found on what i really wanted to.. and thats why i need advice,trick and else from here.... N YES IM NEW IN VFX ARTIST.. AND I ALSO NEED HELP IN THIS VFX THING.. (SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH)
  11 November 2012
and for your information in my hometown there is NO VISUAL EFFECT SCHOOL or FILM SCHOOL..
  11 November 2012
You need to break down your goal into pieces. It's fine to ask questions but the stuff you ask is kind of like "How does the world work?"

You need to set your goal and then figure out the steps needed to get there. So if you want weapons in there, you first need a weapon--and so on. If you have trouble with a specific step, then you start asking questions. For something like you're asking the information is out there, but just for specific things.
The Z-Axis
  11 November 2012
Originally Posted by ladyunknown: and for your information in my hometown there is NO VISUAL EFFECT SCHOOL or FILM SCHOOL..

There wasn't any in my town when I learned 13 years ago either. There were also no internet resources but that didn't stop me from learning. Not having schools doesn't mean you're going to have a harder time learning, it just means that you have to look elsewhere for information and work more on your own. The fact is that you're a beginner but you're trying to accomplish things that you are in no way prepared for. There is no quick route to learning this stuff - it takes a lot of work. If you want to learn how to put some CG weapons into footage, then you need to learn to track, roto, model, texture, shade, light, animate and comp. And you're basically asking people to hold your hand and show you how to do all of that - it's too much. Stop trying to find shortcuts; you need to sit down and learn how to do this from scratch, just like everyone else here did. If we could all do it, why can't you? Stop making excuses and just get to work.
  11 November 2012


You CANNOT become a VFX artist before you have mastered the basic 3D skills.

You need guns or swords in your movie? Get someone to make them out of wood or cardboard, paint them as best as you can, and use them in your movie. Or buy toy guns/swords somewhere, paint them to look more real, and use those.

You want to do firing guns? Try software like Hitfilm to do the muzzle flashes (= the fire that comes out of the front of the gun)

You want to do it all with CGI? That's going to be very difficult. Especially placing the CGI guns/swords in the hands of a real actor is something that is NOT easy to do at all.

Your best bet is to use real wooden or plastic swords/guns painted like the real thing.

Before you try to do everything with CGI, Ladyunknown, you must learn the basic 3D skills.

And that raises the following questions:

1) Which 3D software are you learning (Maya, Max, C4D, XSI, et cetera)

2) Which Compositing software are you using (Adobe After Effects et cetera)

3) What can you do with 3D at this point? Have you learned 3D modeling? Have you done any lighting and rendering? Have you tried any post-production (e.g. color correction) or compositing?

4) Where are you as a CG learner right now? a) Total Beginner b) Intermediate c) Advanced d) Professional

To state it more simply: You need to spend at least a few months learning basic 3D stuff before you can do any "Amazing VFX Shots".

All of us did that in the beginning: We chose a 3D software and spent months/years learning it and experimenting with it.

You need to do that as well.

Also, without you telling us how much you know your 3D, nobody can help you create "amazing VFX shots".

You should start learning 3D properly (using books, online tutorials, whatever you can find to work with).

Then try doing VFX with your skills.

Hope that helps...
  11 November 2012

Rofl, best thing I have seen today.
  11 November 2012
... and your thread title is bad. *points disapprovingly*
  11 November 2012
Originally Posted by ladyunknown: and for your information in my hometown there is NO VISUAL EFFECT SCHOOL or FILM SCHOOL..

Well there's none where I live either.

And I don't do live action VFX.

Have you tried maybe watching all the "Making Ofs" that you can find on YouTube? There are some "basic things" people do in films that they talk about in these videos that can help.

You can see a "basic logic" of how illusions are done.

Also it helps to sort of run it in your mind. If you think "I make a 3D gun.... what are the problems that can occur if I try and put it in the guy's hand? How can this problem be solved?"

Another important question is if you've learned compositing.... this is the first thing planned and the last thing done in many VFX shots.

I can understand where you are coming from. But I'm hoping you can learn to catch the fish instead of asking for the fish.
"Your most creative work is pre-production, once the film is in production, demands on time force you to produce rather than create."
My ArtStation
  11 November 2012
Ty All For Comments..and I Appreciate It..well I Have To Learn It More To Achieve The Main Goal.. For Kirt Yes My Thread Very Bad Dont Judge New Totally Rookie..
  11 November 2012

We can't help you with your questions unless you tell us basic information like:

1) How well do you know 3D right now? Are you 3 months into learning, or 6 months, or 2 years?

2) What 3D Software do you use? What Render Engine do you use?

3) What do you use for matchmoving/compositing/color grading?

You need to give us MORE INFO we can use, rather than asking a one-line question, then waiting for "help" to arrive.
  11 November 2012
i start to know 3d bout 1 month..i use maya c4d and 3ds max...i use boujou and ae...anywhere ty for make me realize that i need to improve my 3d modelling and need to learn more...ty
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