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  11 November 2012
Originally Posted by leif3d: I wonder how everyone is going to feel about Linux now that Windows is going less pro and more tablet/ consumer.
Linux resurgence?

steam is heading to linux, and I think they're porting their games ( Tf2, left 4 dead etc )
it'll snowball from there
  11 November 2012
Well i agree with you guys centOS 6 is by far the best .rpm distro i've try, And i do love his GNOME monastic UI .

From the .deb side i was a big fan of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS but Ubuntu choose to follow an other path now, so from the .deb side CrunchBang is now my First choice by far.

Then .rpm or .deb is a vast debate. From How Debian is Made its harder to do a more stable system. I never had issue with Ubuntu or CrunchBang. I do agree that some install can be tricky but i also remember crying on installing Maya and Renderman on a Fedora ...

So i wouldn't say that Debian is less Stable than a red hat ! it will be harder to configure ... Sure ! , but when all is setup correctly it will never fail ... (well in theory ... )

Again you can find big companies on Debian base Distro like weta or buf and good company on centOS like ILM. But again i wouldn't say one is more stable over the other.

Well ... To me (as a dangerous Debian Integrist ) i will definitly say that you can't find a more stable OS on this planet than Debian ... (But this is where is loose all my objectivity ... )



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  11 November 2012
I want to recommend Linux Mint as well.
It is such a no hassle solution. Stuff just works and it looks really slick with its own DE called Cinnamon.
Screenshot with Houdini.

At work its all Centos tho because of that autodesk and pixar only releases rpms and we do not want to repackage everything ourself.
  11 November 2012
Hi guys, because of the new windows 8 release i have been considering switching to linux, someone recommended me fedora, and ubuntu, but i would like to avoid ubuntu. What do you guys suggest, and how hard is it to make the transition from win, to a unix based system?
  11 November 2012
as a total linux newbie, what version of linux is currently the easiest and most trouble-free version to install a maya network license on for a renderfarm for MR for maya?

I'm not looking to use it as my main OS, just something easy and free to set up for a small renderfarm.

I'm getting the impression CentOS 6.3 is pretty quick and simple for maya installations.

Is there a step by step guide anyone follows? I've seen a couple guides for doing it with Fedora 14, but have yet to dive in and give it a shot until the new render machines come in

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  11 November 2012
@sentry: this is a generic and simple way
You won't have much trouble if this is for the render nodes.

@neuk: Yes, it is a bit hard, maybe try with a live version of centos and fedora just to see how you feel. And if you don't want a debian distro, I'd go with fedora.
  11 November 2012
thanks eddgarpv

would you go for installing the "minimal" version or the full DVD version for just setting up a simple maya renderfarm?

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  11 November 2012
Well, I don't know what is included in the minimal version but you can try with one node and add packages as you need them - keep a copy of those rpms and you can create a small bash script to automate installation on more nodes (a repository).

Using rsh will save you time configuring and installing applications just make sure to add those packages from the beginning.
  11 November 2012
thanks edge... i will give it a go.
  11 November 2012
I would install virtualBox on windows, and install some few distro to judge by yourself, you don't take any risk with your system and you can have infinite distro .

for RPM i agree with edgar CentOS and Fedora are my fav, i now stay away of fedora because things move too fast, its a testing distro for red-hat and it evolves extremely fast (Fedora 17 ... ). So CentOS would be my choice.

I think you should also try debian distro without hearing too much what people say about stability. Again to me you can't find a stronger os than debian. So i will definitly give a try to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS which is in my opinion the best distro to start in the linux world. I would also try linux Mint and of course the marvelous Crunchbang 11 ...



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  11 November 2012
Talking about distro testing,
using Stella here, Gnome2 based Centos 6 _remix, basically a
ready to use CentOS/RPM based OS like a ... normal desktop user

If you'd like a slightly outdated but stable, Gnome2 based OS to play with then feel free to give Stella a try.

Here is a review with screenshots:

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  11 November 2012
I tried to install maya on Fedora a few months ago, but hit a snag in the activation process. Since then, I switched back to Ubuntu... assuming that there was no reason for me to stick with Fedora if I couldn't get Maya to run.

Last night, I tried installing Maya (2013) on Ubuntu with the shell script I found online. I got to the end, and had more activation issues. I made some links, and got it to activate... but now the main window never loads up. '$ sudo maya' will temporarily bring up the window before a crash, and '$ maya' will bring up the command window *only*.


Edit: I got Maya 2013 to activate and run on centOS 6.3. Turns out, I was being a total idiot when installing on Fedora... Someone needs to flame me for not RTFM!!

The good news is that I was looking for a more F14-style environment anyway, so centOS is perfect! Sorry for the off-topic post. I honestly loved trying #!, but I didn't want to go the Dbian route.

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  01 January 2013
Well, thanks Emmanuel for #!

my desktop

I'm a Waldorf user now (Crunchbang 11). My Wacom Intuos4 works out of the box, nVidia is 'one click' away unless you have a recent gfx card and nukex (which won't display any gpu device until you install the propietary driver). Maya need a couple of packages to display jpeg images (libjpeg 1.62).

To switch the super/alt key to navigate in maya, you just need a small script file, also a few options in xorg.conf will stop the 'flickering' desktop when switching views (in maya). And well, nuke just works, also houdini 12.1

Maya is easy to install when you have the deb files around and remember to use 'sudo' to activate using the command line (otherwise it won't work).

jefecheck is having some glitches and topogun is having a segfault (waiting for a response on this one from support)

If anyone needs a config file on anything, let me know.


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  01 January 2013
Edgar , I'm glad you try !# and adopt it ! it's a kickass distro !


  01 January 2013

My two cents! with Mari, Softimage and Nuke
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