WIRED - "The Game Console is Dead"

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  10 October 2012
Well whether it's about more memory or tablets or "companion tablets" (see: Wii-U).... What's important is never to lose sight of the fact that as a Gaming industry it's about what is the "most fun".

tactile or motion controls.... better graphics... stereo 3D.... it's all there now.

It's about the games, really.
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  10 October 2012
Originally Posted by CGIPadawan: It's about the games, really.

Exactly. The hardware vendors will only go as far with the specs as they can fit into predetermined budgets, both in power consumption and manufacturing costs. This business is about selling software and services, and not about producing the best possible graphics for CG geeks
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  10 October 2012
Regardless of our personal opinions on this the headline reeks of bad journalism and simply click bait for page hits; congratulations we bit. It should have been titled "The Game Console as you know it is Dead" and backed it up with some useful data for the coming change.

Betteridge's law of headlines (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betteridge's_law_of_headlines)
Quote: Betteridge explained the concept in a February 2009 article:
One thing though: This story is a great demonstration of my maxim that any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word "no". The reason why journalists use that style of headline is that they know the story is probably bollocks, and donít actually have the sources and facts to back it up, but still want to run it.

When we have a voice pushing for change, this is nothing more then someone's personal agenda for a new business plan that was hand fed to a writer who ran with it. With that said IMHO Consoles and PC's will continue to co-exist, ultimately they will evolve with their own market demands accordingly.


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  10 October 2012
I agree with Devenish.

This sort of article tells me to keep an eye on the tinfoil hat the writer is using.
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  10 October 2012
"There was a time when consoles did everything well" - This statement alone discredits the whole article. When did consoles ever do everything well? I really have to wonder what the agenda in that article is here.

As many said above, im so tired of these articles and there are to many good reason why the console won't die any time soon... just like paper, just like the PC (which tablets and smart-phones are if you take "PERSONAL COMPUTERS" to mean what it really does as opposed to the marketing bastardization it has become.)

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  10 October 2012
Originally Posted by BoBoZoBo: "There was a time when consoles did everything well" - This statement alone discredits the whole article. When did consoles ever do everything well? I really have to wonder what the agenda in that article is here.

Well if you think about the glory days of the NES or even the SNES I still remember them always being not as good as the arcade versions. I don't know what time the article is talking about either.
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  10 October 2012
Consoles have never, ever, been the cutting edge of gaming.
  10 October 2012
Originally Posted by Ephisus: Consoles have never, ever, been the cutting edge of gaming.

But that didn't stop industry from positively glamourizing console gaming over the last years, while simultaneously crapping on the PC as a "piracy-riddled" gaming platform, now did it?

These days the tide is turning. Gaming PCs are far superior, hardware-wise, to any console currently on the market.

That may not change with the upcoming 4th Gen Consoles, either.

Give it a year or two, and any mid-range laptop or desktop will catch up with the Xbox 720 or PS4, or whatever MS and Sony will call the next batch.
  10 October 2012
I am always amused when friends that are console oriented try to preach to me about their systems being superior for whatever reasons. I always think of examples like GTA 4 modding where the game came out back in 2008 yet today is still being modded to improve quality to "near photo realistic" for PC users. I don't think it's quite photo real but the changes are impressive.
  10 October 2012
'Superior' is very subjective though isn't it?

Sure you can say the PC experience is superior because of the enhanced graphics mods like that give you, it can also be argued that the console experience is superior because you don't have to spend time on that stuff, you just plug and play. For me my PC is a tool for work where consistency is the most important factor, not something I want to spend my time tweaking and tuning just to play a game on it. Of course I understand that for gaming enthusiasts the opposite would be true but I'd say the majority of gamers would be more casual gamers like I am.

Maybe it's just me, but GTA never feels right to me when used on a PC and controlled by a mouse anyway, for some reason it just doesn't seem to fit that platform as well as a console with a joypad, just my 2c of course..

  10 October 2012
Originally Posted by Horganovski: 'Superior' is very subjective though isn't it?

That is exactly right.
All my friends who play games do not work with computers, and just use them casually.
Modding is of no attraction to them, it can be considered work.
I am very familiar with modding and have done it countless times, but I still prefer consoles for the plug and play aspect.
Mods usually cause issues, install a mod to change something and next thing you know the gun is sticking out of the character's chest or something weird.
Obviously on a computer professionals forum this seems hard to understand. But it really isn't that hard.
Most people just want to play the game, nothing else. It is elementary.
I can completely understand why most people here won't mind spending as much time messing with the game, as they are playing it.
I agree with GTA on PC, another example is Battlefield 3. The FPS shooting is better on PC, but the vehicle driving is better on console unless you switch to some type of joystick when you get in the vehicle. Otherwise you are steering full tilt left and right with no in betweens.

Just like PC vs. Mac. To some one is superior because it is mostly plug and play, to others it is limited in what they can do. It is subjective, neither is better than the other for everyone.
  10 October 2012
These days there's not really any advantage to consoles. Without any mods a PC game will have better graphics (resolution, framerate, anti-aliasing), and it's way more convenient since you just click one button to start up a game, you no longer have to put a disc in every time you want to play the game. Once you start up a game it loads faster as well. And you have access to both console controllers plus mouse and keyboard.

Only thing going for consoles is the price of a console is much cheaper than a PC.
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  10 October 2012
As far as interaction goes I have the exact same experience as on xbox because I have an xbox controller for my pc, the control schemes and screen prompts are the same. The social networking and interaction is very similar too using steam I have regular voice chat with friends. The only difference for me is that I have options to control my graphics settings and future potential as mentioned for modding.
  10 October 2012
"Casual" platforms sound like the opposite of "superior", whatever else may be attached to the concept of casual.
  10 October 2012
Originally Posted by Ephisus: "Casual" platforms sound like the opposite of "superior"

See, this is one of those tricky lines I have to keep dancing over. Do I mean my definition of "superior" as in graphics and horsepower or "superior" as in gameplay. The former would include games like Farcry, Crysis, GTA IV, and many others when they came out. The later would include Mario and Zelda which are far from demanding but still excel at being a blast to play. And on some occasions you get games like GTA IV which hit both points. If I had to pick my favorite game that hits both of those points, I guess I'd have to pick TF2. Looks great and is a blast to play.

Talking about the controllers, I've converted just about every play style from gamepad to wasd+mouse except for a few that just can't be done. Driving isn't bad at all because I used to play hours upon hours of Gran Turismo on the PS1 before the analog sticks came out and driving on the pad is just about the same as the keyboard. But you just can't beat having the free look of the mouse anytime its available. However, motorcycles while doable on a keyboard, are just better on the pad because you get all of the lean options to corner better, do donuts etc. I tried doing the same on the keyboard but lean back and front is always keyed to the page-up/page-down keys and I could never find a better option. Flying is also always better on a pad. Not that you can't do it on a keyboard but it is not worth the headache. So when playing a game like GTA IV its usually with wasd+mouse with a little shuffling with pad.

Of course I originally bought the Xbox pad for playing Street Fighter IV on PC. I've played Mortal Kombat and some other fighting games on the keyboard before... lets just say lesson in futility comes to mind.
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