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Old 10 October 2012   #16
Originally Posted by WyattHarris: Aw, how could I forget Claptrap.

I am a big Dalek and Dr Who fan too. You beat me to the punch.
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Old 10 October 2012   #17
The first two 'mechs' that caught my eye as a kid were the Power Loader from the Aliens film and the VF-1 Valkyrie from Macross. There's something inherently awesome about an F-14 Tomcat that can shoot 5 dozen of those 80's style swarming missles in a dog fight and then change into a 3 story high robot with a badass laser cannon. The characteristic that both mechs share is that they seemed entirely plausible as a kid. None of that Gundam baloney with laser swords and shining fingers
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Old 10 October 2012   #18
Along with many listed, especially RoboCop 2, here's a couple other random faves -

Evangelion - love the athleticism (even in penny loafers), lines and organic/inorganic nature:

BIG O - Tribute to many great giant robot designs of the past, I liked the retro futurism:

Masamune Shirow - Many many mechs, from Patlabor, to Ghost In the Shell, Appleseed, etc. I like his "chunky agile" style, and not just the glistening babes that pilot them.

Definitely a fan of many iterations of Macross..and Mospeada too.

Also will always have a soft spot for the AT-AT..totally impractical design and terrible in combat, but it was just such a presence and iconic moment in the series.

OK that's a lot of real estate for one post. More later.
Old 10 October 2012   #19
pretty cool thread!

I personally was always a fan of the steel battalion concepts, a 3D design process was used on this, although inked after. Reminds me of a walking M1 Abrams tank

Of course MGS rex is pretty high up the list but we all know that one

Masamune Shirow I agree he is pretty much the god of mechs.

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Old 10 October 2012   #20
Here is another lord of mech/mechanical design.

Kow Yokoyama, the Japanese are pretty much untouchable with this stuff imo!
Old 10 October 2012   #21
I've always liked the Dragonar and Votoms designs, and generally anything smaller such as the Madox armor. The VF-1S from Macross and Dougram were also very influential to me. If I could think of one clip that incorporated the most things I like about mecha, it would have to be this one:
Old 10 October 2012   #22
One of my more favorite designs would have to be section 8 exo-skeletons. Although I know its not a droid, but it was very well visualized as this man+ mechanic combo.

Old 10 October 2012   #23
I've always liked the Madcat design from Battletech:

Old 10 October 2012   #24
My obvious favorites are the four original Gundams in the 2007 series "GUNDAM 00"
followed by" 0000 Quanta" in the theatrical release ,based on same series in 2011.

Cant attach any pics atm because I dont have any here on the Android tablet I am using to make this post.

Old 10 October 2012   #25

all the art from makoto kobayashi

all the art from keith thompson
Old 10 October 2012   #26
There you go, the ultimate badass red, blue and yellow all-powerfull monster crushing mech.

Old 10 October 2012   #27
Originally Posted by DanHibiki: The Keloid short film has some bad ass mechs:

This is seriously awesome !

Nice textures and a lot of work in post.
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Old 10 October 2012   #28
Real steel was pretty cool! Allthough the designs weren't that outstanding in general, it is the best live-action robot movie to date (and a decent movie to watch as well)
Old 10 October 2012   #29
The EVA s from neon genesis evangelion are unmatched.

(Still waiting, what weta is going to make out of it.)

And Exxaxion is quite impressive also .
Old 10 October 2012   #30
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