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  08 August 2012
I am just amazed that someone can think the new Thing is as good as the Old Thing. The earth could easily stop spinning any time now...
*(GOZER)-During the third reconciliation of the last of the Meketrex Supplicants, it chose the form of a giant SLOAR...

  08 August 2012
I wish I had seen the Thing 82 in a theater instead of on VHS.
I knew all about the fx scenes too. I saw ET instead...

But I find it more depressing how dull movies have become. They arent remaking films like the Thing or Total Recall to surpass or update the previous versions.
Its more like they need to keep themselves employed so they are doing the least amount of creative thinking required towards that end.

If they want to improve on a movie they should remake something like Shocker.
The scene where Peter "Battleship" Berg is being chased by the serial killer through tv land and harasses Beaver Cleaver could be greatly enhanced these days.
  08 August 2012
Originally Posted by AangtheAvatar: It's Kim Kardashian. Nice and beautiful on the outside but on the inside shallow and boring.

This movie has great fx and is beautiful and interesting in many parts and has beautiful people running around looking beautiful (Ferrel, Beal, Kate) By the way I ran into Kate at a store in New York and she is just as beautiful in real life as the movies, plus she is a really nice person.

Anyways.....that aside, this movie is but a shadow of the older Total Recall.

No humor.
No mutants
No Aliens

The original was fun, goofy and had all those things packed into one movie.
This had none of that. Just depressed emo looking distopian people walking around looking mad.

The film tries to pay homage to the old movie but each scene that it tries to pay homage is boring.

One scene as an example is when Arnold is at the checkpoint and his costume starts messing up. It is dramatic, funny especially seeing ARnold fighting in a dress. This one had a Hologram flicker and then he starts fighting.

The 3 boob chick was the only upgraded homage. Aside from that...booooring.

No Fun and no substance. Just another "let's start trying to be like Chris Nolan" realistic hipster mess.

Avoid this movie like the plague. It is nothing more than a demo reel of great FX, but nothing we ain't seen before.

You say homage with the scenes, dont you mean just copying. It was the same with the Predators movie. They just copy scenes wholesale from the originals but dont do anything original or interesting with them. I dont understand it, when you make a remake your supposed to make it better than the original or at least compelling to watch in some way. Its not even hard to do, we could brainstorm better ideas now. Like instead of just having a three breasted women for no reason, why not have a sixteen breasted pig women for fetishists.
  08 August 2012
Originally Posted by Airflow: I am just amazed that someone can think the new Thing is as good as the Old Thing. The earth could easily stop spinning any time now...

I love 82's Thing. But, I always wanted them to explore the alien concept more. I am a sucker for aliens. And though there were a lot of negative reviews on the recent "Thing," I enjoyed it, twice.
  08 August 2012
Cool Good times

I watched the original in theater too when I was a kid.

From the trailer alone it looked bland. I'll just rent the DVD then.
  08 August 2012
Originally Posted by Tamagoo: I love 82's Thing. But, I always wanted them to explore the alien concept more. I am a sucker for aliens. And though there were a lot of negative reviews on the recent "Thing," I enjoyed it, twice.

Having watched both Things now, I think they had to be careful with the newer one. It was a prequel and had to tie in with the older/new Kurt Russell version. It would have been easy to get more carried away with special effects that would have wrecked any chance of continuity into the original version.
I think they did well under the circumstances. But neither film explains enough about the alien/parasite "Thing". Like is it several different Things or just the one body hopping? I'm left wondering why it needs to destroy its host and then look for another. A clever Thing would be happy to stay safe in one host.
Yeah, lots of unanswered questions.
  08 August 2012
Originally Posted by Calabi: ........why not have a sixteen breasted pig women for fetishists.

Probably because most of us don't have 16 eyes to look at them with.

Last edited by Dillster : 08 August 2012 at 11:41 PM.
  08 August 2012
This was actually a really awesome movie, way better than the original.

If you liked the original for it being kooky then that's fine, but this one doesn't actually need to be that way and it does just fine with it.
The Z-Axis
  08 August 2012
<------- "give da people air"
nietzsche - "God is dead"

God- "nietzsche is dead"
  08 August 2012
'Total Recall' Box Office Numbers Fail To Beat 'The Dark Knight'

""Total Recall" took in $26 million at the box office this weekend, Sony reported, which wasn't nearly enough to outdo "The Dark Knight Rises."

The Christopher Nolan filmed earned $36.4 million in its third weekend, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sony projected $25 to $30 million for "Total Recall" in its opening weekend, but many box office observers thought the movie would bring in more than that, THR noted."
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  08 August 2012
I loved it. I though it was very entertaining.
  08 August 2012
Roger Ebert's review:

I remember reading articles on the making of the 90 movie--how many drafts of the screenplay they had and all the changes it went through as different people came and went (Patrick Swayze, Richard Dreyfuss, David Cronenberg)
The original idea (I dont know if this was from the short story) was that he be more like a Woody Allen type and the end reveals that
[ SPOILER - Click to reveal ]
he was actually an indestructible alien weapon that had its memory erased by the Mars colonists because that was the only way to control him since they couldnt destroy him (and this was the reason he could survive all sorts of dangerous adventures in his implanted vacation--because he couldnt be killed) and when he finds the alien temple the hand imprint on the device is actually a mold of his hand--not an alien hand that releases an oxygen atmosphere, and when he touches it he gets total recall that he is a weapon meant to rule Mars and he looks to the other characters and says: "its going to be fun being a god."

What I thought worked best with Arnuld in the 90 version was the double agent surprise--finding out who Hauser was, then him deciding not to go back to that life(supposedly this was one of David Cronenberg's contributions to it).
  08 August 2012
I haven't watched it, but from the reviews it seems to suffer from the same disease of clash of titans. Every suspense scene got replaced by an action scene.

  08 August 2012
I don't know why the '90s version gets so much love. The whole thing didn't age well.

The 'acting' is ridiculously campy/hammy from everyone from Arnie to Cox to Ironside. I don't know why there is so much love for Ticotin because I haven't seen her in anything else and basing an impression on her role in that film, she's nothing spectacular. Stone was okay, but stuff kind of campy/hammy in her own way.

The production design was okay, but given what can be accomplished today, they seem really bare and limited.

The vfx were always mediocre because a lot of the prosthetics while really well done, just never made me believe I was looking at a 'real' thing (as in no suspension of disbelief) even when I watched it originally.

The idea of implanted memories is still cool.

I haven't seen the new film yet, but given what little the '90s version did for me, I can't see it being much worse. Ultimately, I'm getting less and less interested in films with budgets over $80-90 million because once you go north of that, the films have to please too many masters and the end result is a bunch of awesome vfx saddled with a lackluster story (Transformers 1-3, Pirates of the Caribbean 2&3, John Carter, Battleship, etc... I'm not going to mention Prometheus because it has entirely different issues aaalllll unto itself).
  08 August 2012
Wink cool

Originally Posted by Pixanaut: I don't know why the '90s version gets so much love. The whole thing didn't age well.

The 'acting' is ridiculously campy/hammy from everyone from Arnie to Cox to Ironside.

Actually, that is the magic of it. The Magic of Paul Verhoeven. People want to see Arnold and his one liners. It's an unseriously serious movie. You don't pay a cab fire and the robot want to run over you (despite being ripped of the control. bluetooth connection perhaps?). And the three, well, you know. And the "oh, you got me!".

I think there is a deep message in it. Would you betray who you are if you know what you did is wrong? And of course, the air itself. It represent controlled power - even though providing it was free in the first place. Was it oil? Was it green energy? Was it cure for cancer? Only Paul V and the script writers know.

I can't say much regarding the latest one, but I'm not interested after watching the trailers. So rent the dvd it is.
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