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  01 January 2013

Web playable update: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16956434/Ka.../WebPlayer.html

Converted all in-game HUD elements to NGUI. Now they're rocking 2 draw calls of the entire UI (1 is for the font and other for UI elements.) I am aware of the position indicator doing it's bugginess. What is occurring, is that when the player and AI are equal in Laps Completed, Waypoints Passed and are relying on Distance to Next Waypoint to calculate who's in front..well that value is jumping back to 0 at each way point being passed (resets value). So I think because the data is relying on the rapidly changing value to determine race position in these circumstances, it's glitching a bit. Once you determine a lead by passing more waypoints in general or more laps, the position indicator is fine. It's a bug and I'll fix it.

I've also added in driver camera functionality if you click the camera icon in the top of the game window. Helps with the sense of speed a bit, but I'll do more with the far camera's sense of speed when I get to that. For now I'm working on getting the second functional AI vehicle in...I intend to have a race between (3) Karts.
  01 January 2013
What a pain, but I finally got the entire web site upgraded from Flash to HTML5. Had to be done! Now I have a great place where I'm going to post all of this feedback and input and put it down in a "to-do" or "bug" list.

Super Kart Racing Official Web

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  01 January 2013
Updates: No work on visual art this week. Implemented a sound controlling system. Integrated sounds when smacking walls, other AI karts. Will play from (3) random sounds in an array. I've also included an engine sound that changes pitch based on engine RPM. Lastly I've implemented the skidding sound when sliding in turns, I've also put the trail renderer in there to leave visual marks on the track behind you. The audio is definitely placeholder (and it's not high quality stuff). It's only there at this juncture, as proof of concept that the scripts are working to produce sounds. Follow the link to the updated web player.

  02 February 2013
Hi everyone. I know some of you have seen me posting up stuff with my GoKart iOS/Android project. Well I'm finally getting a coherent funding and marketing campaign together to get this game in production full time. Here is the new URL and web site I have up for the game. I'm also finishing up an IndieGoGo funding campaign to finance the game, but it's not live yet (so no links to it anywhere yet). Check out the web site and if you feel so inclined give the Facebook page an official like! Thank you for following me and all of the support.

Super Kart Racing Official Web

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  02 February 2013
Updated the web site with some art updates and a QA feedback page. I'm publicly posting up the community feedback, so I can really polish off the end product.

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  02 February 2013
Here is an early shot of the kart selection area. This is WIP and is due to be changed or modified eventually. It has nice swiping functionality to slide through the kart choices. I also want to integrate the application of decals, designs and paint schemes in this scene.

Check out the art updates at:
Super Kart Racing Official Web

I can use any and all support from fellow developers to keep this project going. Thank you for your feedback and input! Check my signature for more details.

  02 February 2013
Outdated information removed

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  02 February 2013

Finished the concepts/layouts for outdoor Track 2 (A-F configs) for Super Kart Racing. These are concepts for the first outdoor track featured in the game. Want to learn more about the game? Visit www.superkartracing.com

  02 February 2013
I'm in the Number #2 slot this morning under US Gaming campaigns! They base it on the amount of hits your page gets and the pace at which you receive contributions. If you haven't checked it out yet or supported me in it, please consider it this morning!

Super Kart Racing Development Campaign on Indiegogo

  02 February 2013
congrats. I hope it grows legs for you. Looks like you need to average about $225 a day to make it. Is there something else that can be done get more exposure?

I thought the karting world would jump on it, especially for some sponsorship opportunities. It's probably a little late now, but in the future, maybe you could add actual racing tracks. This way racers could run through the course to at least rehearse the turns and what lines they plan to attack.

Shoot, I'll kick $10 over. Hope you make it! (I'd do more, but with 4 kids, it's amazing how fast my check turns to vapor)

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  02 February 2013
Hey thanks for the feedback! The beauty of Indiegogo is that I don't need to fully fund the campaign to get the funds I need to develop it. They call it a flexible funding campaign. I'm doing contract work right now, that will be paid directly into the campaign, so you'll see it jump weird amounts overnight, i.e. $500 or so at a time. I don't need to sweat making it all the way to the full $5400, just close enough. I'm supporting it with contract work as well, to make sure the development gets done, even if the $5400 goal is not met. I feel pretty good being only 10 days into my campaign and knowing that I'm putting money in from paying work, so I feel like I'll make it combining the efforts.

I am working on the concept of some outdoor tracks. I am or was considering real world locations, i.e. starting with Daytona (I live here). We'll see how the pre-production goes and if that's viable, but I would like to implement some real world locations.

On a side note, I saw you're from Annapolis. I used to be stationed on Fort Meade over near Laurel and I would go over to Annapolis each weekend. Beautiful city, would just stroll through the Naval Academy there and see those cadets training or marching.
  02 February 2013
yeah, it's okay over here. Our office is moving across the bridge to a little island called Stevensville. The owner has built a multi-million dollar facility. The studio alone is huge and includes a mini-movie theater (referred to as the "client viewing center"). I'll be viewing soccer games and playing (I mean research and development) video games in that room. We move in at the end of March.


It's near a wildlife preserve with great trails. I can actually walk to the office from my house and my kids walk to school. It's definitely a cool place. I'll probably tap into the local middle school and high schools to start developing the digital creators from a younger age. The local high school is right across the street.

We are getting into a lot more interactive media ourselves. I'll definitely keep an eye on you and your developers. As we get in over our heads (as I am sure we will), I may be giving you a ring for contracting services!

Some pretty decent karting in Maryland too. There are at least 3-4 karting tracks. One near me in Chestertown, then up in Harford county near Street and one near DC I believe.

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  02 February 2013
Outdated information removed.

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  02 February 2013
Still two days away from halfway in the campaign, but really need the help with this one.
It's very close to my heart and I need your help seeing it get there. I don't need to
meet the entire end goal to be able to make this game (using Flexible Funding Option on
Indiegogo) so I'm in a good position! I just need every bit I can muster to pay for the
plugins/software needed and audio/artwork services.

If you've contributed, please disregard this or help pass it on elsewhere on the web if
you can. Some of you have done more than I could have ever expected and for that I'm very thankful!


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