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  06 June 2012
It was working for me the other day but i cant seem to get past the keyboard controls screen anymore.
  06 June 2012
Going neat. My only critique is that i would like that the turn keys will not be so strong.
  06 June 2012

I have AI vehicles working in the build now! There are a few things to note. They both share the same Waypoint spline, so they follow the exact same path. That will be fixed later on as they all get unique paths. Their art wheels are not turning with the wheelcolliders, so no wheel movement (will be fixed as well in the future). Turning is not as mathematically smoothed out as it could be yet, so they will jerk the steering wheel each time they seek that next waypoint. Also I do have the variables scripted in to rubber band them..basically adjust their speed and aggression at specific points. These attributes are not honed in yet in this build, so you won't notice huge drops in speed (it's there though). Finally you'll noticed I implemented a neat little standard startup countdown. A script simply disables player and AI control, hides GUI textures and sound, until a yield WaitForSeconds function says they are enabled. Practical and simple.

The build can be tested at: www.fatboxsoftware.com
  06 June 2012
I resolved the bug where some folks were getting stuck at the controls loading screen.
  07 July 2012

Okay so I've been busy working on another iPad project for myself, so the Kart Demo got neglected for a few days. I came back with a vengeance and smoothed out the physics on the player vehicle and the AI now path smoother (they also have turning wheels now!). Still need a new set of Waypoints for the blue AI. I've also implemented a new driver model (completed modeling, normal mapping, rigging and animations, etc.)...the same model has been applied to the AI. It was a bit tricky getting the AI models to play their animations without having any keyboard control input to trigger them.

I ended up hooking into the existing script for Waypoints that controls turning of the AI wheels/car ( I used it's wheelAngle variable to to set an "if-else"). This would readout a numeric degree of that variable, which I could read from and say, well if the degree number is +15 or greater play the "TurnRight" animation... else if the degree number is -15 or less play the "TurnRight" animation, else play the "Idle" animation (which is a static animation right now.)

I've also got the mini-map working in the build too. It's actually pretty solid right now. I may polish the little blip texture a bit, but it's pretty much completed. I used a second GUI camera in scene, set its viewport clipping so it only appears in a section of my game window. I set the camera depth for the mini-map to always render on top of the game camera, placed in a GUITexture for the map of the track, placed (3) 16x16 blip textures for AI and the player and created simple code that makes them follow their assigned transforms (i.e. player or AI vehicles).

I feel it's really coming along now, starting to look like something finally!

Check the latest build out at : http://www.fatboxsoftware.com/#/kart-demo/4565740225
  01 January 2013
My GoKart project is not dead. I actually just finished optimizing the Kart model, the driver model and the environment for mobile purposes. Want to be able to port this to the Android and iOS devices, tablets, etc. I just got a hold of NGUI some time back and am in process of converting existing GUI code, and assets to an NGUI based GUI. I am nearly ready to implement AI into this track. The visual elements on the wall (signage, banners) are all stand-in, will replace with some realistic looking signage/banners. Also the UI will be redone and is stand-in as well.

Link to a temporary webplayer:

Unity Web Player | WebPlayer

  01 January 2013
I played your last 2 demos Fullscreen on my laptop, James.

They run pretty smooth, and look good too.

It seems your project is coming along nicely.

The only thing I miss is the kart sliding/drifting realistically when cornering tightly.

Also, the game would be more fun if the track had some bumps/jumps/ramos, and maybe powerups or similar that you can pickup by driving over them.

Good job, so far. With a few more elements that enrich the gameplay, diversify things a bit, this could turn into a popular indy game!
  01 January 2013
@DePaint - Funny you mentioned that. That's actually something I spent yesterday trying to find the best approach to setting up physics settings and code that will allow the tires to break lose and slide. I want the kart to be able to spin out and drift. It's harder to implement than one would think, but I will implement it and figure it out. The settings are all there in Unity to do that, it's a matter of scripting in the functionality.
  01 January 2013
I wanted to ask everyone about a particular idea: I am considering finishing this as a full on track, with single race functionality, AI implemented, etc. Basically get a single race demo running on the web (free demo). I already have the front end menus done, artwork simply needs to be updated for the Kart project. Really get the full polish on it based on feedback on the forums and the Facebook page. Start a Kickstarter with this playable demo as a proof of concept that it all can be technically done and that it would make for a fun game. At that point attempt to fund actually creating a bunch of tracks and karts and make a full fledged mobile game out of this for Android/iOS and also port to Google Play for web.
  01 January 2013
Kickstarter could work for this. I can see some people being interested in this kind of game on iOS/Android..

If you are gonna do a playable demo for Kickstarter, however, you need to knock the ball right out of the park! (Because your project will be one of hundreds of games seeking funding on KS)

I would suggest the following:

- Create a really interesting racetrack (both visually, and from a racing standpoint)

- It should have an interesting layout, and imaginative use of colour, textures et cetera

- Make it something with banked turns/jumps/bumps/uphill-downhill bits/elevated sections if possible

Have you looked at the racetracks in TrackMania Nations?

Its free to play @ : http://trackmaniaforever.com/nations/

Your current tracks aren't bad. But they are kind of plain.

The more interesting/intricate/different your demo track is, the more people will be likely to pledge, I think.

Good luck with it all!
  01 January 2013
You make a very good point. I think it has to have that "flash" right out of the gate to get people's attention...not just a high level of quality from a technical standpoint. I did notice that there was really one other GoKarting app where the Kart is driving in a full on 3d environment and was a little closer to sim than arcade feel (at least for iOS). There were quite a few Mario Kart types.
  01 January 2013
Originally Posted by JamesArndt: I think it has to have that "flash" right out of the gate to get people's attention...not just a high level of quality from a technical standpoint.

It has to impress from the first minute, and people need to think "I really want to play this on my iPhone/iPad", otherwise people won't pledge a lot of money I think.

- The graphics should be as polished as possible
- The driving physics should feel excellent right from the start
- The demo track should be as fun & challenging as possible (for example: break the demo track into 4 virtual climate/driving zones... e.g. Sunshine, Rain, Snow & Ice, Dirt, Concrete track, Gravel and so on)
- Maybe deviate from the "Plain Vanilla Kart Racing Sim" formula a bit? Have powerups you can collect, or maybe gates you have to drive through a la Slalom skiing (like here http://www.blinkx.com/watch-video/o...7lNx-YLGlthbWWg)
- The demo should have a music track (e.g. a thumping techno-track)
- An audible announcer would help (speaking "3 - 2 - 1 - GO" or "Checkpoint One" et cetera)
- A physics-based, steadycam-like, flying, banking, follow-camera would be very cool (this can be done with soft physics springs chained to each other if Unity has that)

If you can find a copy of Carmageddon 1/2/TDR2000 to play around with, all that stuff is pretty well done in that game.

Good luck with your project!
  01 January 2013
Originally Posted by DePaint:
If you can find a copy of Carmageddon 1/2/TDR2000 to play around with, all that stuff is pretty well done in that game.

Good luck with your project!

or like Mario Kart...always love it!
Personal: www.japetusproductions.com
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  01 January 2013
At the moment the Kart Demo is giving a "Failed to download data file" error
  01 January 2013
@entropymachine - Must have been some temporary Dropbox downtime last night...I dunno? It's working this morning.
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