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  06 June 2012
This is really neat. Love the camera shake, though I wish it were a little more irregular.

But I don't mean to nitpick, it really is a solid start. Definitely look forward to seeing it move forward. (especially eager to see a hand break in there, that will really add a whole new level to the game)

  06 June 2012
Originally Posted by JamesArndt: @DePaint - I went over and checked that out...cool retro C64 game. I've never played the game (I started out on an Atari 2600). I'll play it some more and try and glean some stuff from it...thanks for the reference point.

Also look at StuntCarRacer if you have time:


That's another 8bit/16bit era driving game classic, featuring challenging, rollercoaster-like stunt tracks to race on.

Also great was Stunts/4D Sports Driving. First 3D driving game to feature a full interactive racetrack-designer module (you could make your own 3D tracks from preset "blocks" and then save them and share them with friends et cetera)


Good luck with your project...
  06 June 2012
@Michael5188 - Yeah it's going to be pretty easy to tweak that and put some polish on it to make it appear more random. It's just a keyframe animation right now, so it's very adjustable. I'm also working on the handbrake implementation. Over on the Unity forums folks are asking for some kind of sliding as well...some loosening of grip.

@DePaint - Wow those both look like they were amazing games back in the day. Actually the second one actually kinda reminds me of TrackMania.


Really makes me consider going a different route than just pure simulation, add in some track twists, elevated tracks, real jumps.

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  06 June 2012
Originally Posted by JamesArndt: @DePaint - Wow those both look like they were amazing games back in the day. Actually the second one actually kinda reminds me of TrackMania.

Really makes me consider going a different route than just pure simulation, add in some track twists, elevated tracks, real jumps.

StuntCarRacer took tremendous skill/concentration to stay on the crazy, winding tracks without flying off the left or right side, and damaging your car to hell in the process. The old DOS version can be played here: (press SPACE to accelerate, LEFT/RIGHT to steer)


STUNTS/4D Sports Driving was hugely popular on PC, because of its great included track-editor.

For example, you could place a jump ramp on the track, and then 3 windmills behind the jump ramp.

When you gave the track to your friend on a floppy disk, he would have to figure out the precise timing of how to jump through 3 turning windmills without hitting the turning blades. Great Fun!

Someone has actually made a remake of STUNTS/4D Sports Driving, but I haven't had time to play it yet. Download is here:


Yes, later games like Trackmania took a lot of inspiration from these old classics.

Good luck with your project...
  06 June 2012

So I've got some updates:
As of today I finally gotten a small LCD tach and speedo on the steering wheel working. As of right now it's not reading out RPMs and the MPHs are not rounding off properly so they jitter a bit. The track is standing in for the final path, it's textures and UVs are not complete either so you'll see some parts of the track where the grass/dirt blend is not broken up.

I've gotten feedback about implementing a handbrake for sliding through turns and feedback about adjusting the slip when taking turns and such. I'm working on, the physics calculation stuff is a little more complex so I usually tackle easier things first.

Next task is to get some raycast AI working on the scene.

As usual here's the click-through to the web playable: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16956434/Ka.../Kart_Race.html
  06 June 2012

Watch on Youtube:

Decided to start doing a daily video log (2-3 minute videos max) describing what I accomplished in the build that given day. Also a good spot to share info, scripts and any implementation specifics with other folks.
  06 June 2012
It plays pretty well already.

A few jumps, banked turns or obstacles on the track to avoid/drive around would make things more interesting I think.
  06 June 2012

Worked on the HTML for the web page interface for the game. Also I've worked more on the main menu interface, trying to get it closer to representing something useful. Today was mostly HTML and main menu work for the buttons, etc. I've also got a splash page working (with the fatbox logo) as the game menu loads.

As usual here's the link, go check it out! http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16956434/Ka.../Kart_Race.html
  06 June 2012
Hey, really nice stuff happening so far! My only complaint would be that acceleration feels a bit sluggish, like I'm racing something much larger than a go-kart.

Now, port that baby to a mobile OS and get some tilt-sensitivity goin!
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  06 June 2012
@Jussslic - I agree with you. It's a pretty easy adjustment in the torque setting for the vehicle. Funny you mention it...I am testing the first mobile build today to see how well it will port over.
  06 June 2012
Wow man, you are really moving forward quickly! Keep going! It wasn't working for me just now, but I'll try the next version.
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  06 June 2012
I've migrated all of the HTML code to run embedded on a new web site now. It's a site purely dedicated to my Unity development work.

You can find the current builds of the Kart Demo at this link (got a proper URL and all now):


This is where I'll be updating the build each night with updates as I progress.
  06 June 2012

Build has been updated today with actual updating GUI elements for lap counting and lap timing. It's rough right now, and not the final look of the text in the UI, but the functionality is working (only slightly buggy . I've also implemented some nice UI graphics that slide in quick when you hit a checkpoint in the road. They ease in/fade in and ease/fade out when triggered onto the screen.

Check the latest build at www.fatboxsoftware.com
  06 June 2012

Nightly build. I've tweaked the vehicle physics quite a bit (still not there yet)...speed based tire grip and steering sensitivity scripting today. I've also ditched the realtime shadows for now...until the AI are in and functioning under stress tests tomorrow. Also you will notice at the moment there are invisible barriers on the sides of the roads...it's only temporary.

You can can test and play at: www.fatboxsoftware.com
  06 June 2012

Visually you'll see some changes in tonight's build. You'll notice I've started to work on the environment and got some stuff in there. Maybe one more week and the entire environment will be complete. On the scripting side I've implemented some more blocks of code to handle slippage at higher speeds...this physics scripting is intense stuff. I'm starting to learn to wear the scripting hat. I spend all day coding/testing stuff and then I'm thinking "man I wish I had an artist to handle all of that silly environment art lol". I love it...it's why I do it.

So bullet point 1.) environment art update 2.) physics for higher speed slippage, etc. accomplished today. Oh and if you find you are interpenetrating art geometry it's because I haven't gotten around to opening up the collision file and updating it to match the new art. All in good time.

As usual you can test the updated build at: www.fatboxsoftware.com
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