Playstation 4 Specs leaked?

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Old 06 June 2012   #1
Playstation 4 Specs leaked?

Nobody knows whether this Photo is real, but the specs in it sure are interesting:

- 22nm 3.2 GHz Cell Processor, 16 PPEs, 128 SPEs
- 22nm 2Ghz Nvidia "Quantum Leap" GPU
- 10 GB XDR2 + 10 GB DDR6 Memory
- 2160P in 2D and 1080P in 3D

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Old 06 June 2012   #2
Though many people say it's fake, it could be true. The amount of RAM seems OK for the next generation, but it will be expensive because of XDR2. Seems rather controversial, but I will reserve my opinion and wait if they announce anything on E3 (I doubt it though).
Old 06 June 2012   #3
The amount of ram seems completely wrong to me. Ram goes up in sizes 1, 2, 4, 8, 16.

So their creating their own new ram for it?
Old 06 June 2012   #4
Sony recently aquired Onlive if I'm not mistaken. These specs don't look like they're aligned with this strategic move but who knows...
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Old 06 June 2012   #5
No physical media?
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Old 06 June 2012   #6
probably verry fake
Old 06 June 2012   #7
Originally Posted by Kabab: No physical media?

It says on the sheet that it supports everything from PlayStation4 Game Disc, to Bluray, DVD, CD.

So there is a physical medium.
Old 06 June 2012   #8
Epic games already received specs for ps4 and next Xbox. So, there are specs somewhere, and those could be them.
I'm wondering how they are going to support all of the previous PS games.
What makes me suspicious is 11.1 audio (who has it except some cinemas?). And, again Cell? Sony seems stubborn.
Old 06 June 2012   #9
the thing that screams fake to me is 10 gigs of ram..and then another cell proc? they've lost massive amounts of money on production and a number of developers because of the last cell proc. Does it mention local storage?

To future proof PS4 they'll need 16gb ram (dont get where 20 came out of), a 1 TB hard drive (at launch) and a multi-core processors at around 3ghz. Obviously the more the merrier, i dont mind spending a decent chunk of money on a product that is both well constructed and i know im going to use a lot in different ways.

Also that 11.1 audio, unless its HDMI supported (dont know), is also a fake-ism. No one will bother with more than 7.1 I have 5.1 at home and its more than enough, though my system cost is under 10g's.
Old 06 June 2012   #10
Originally Posted by mustique: Sony recently aquired Onlive if I'm not mistaken. These specs don't look like they're aligned with this strategic move but who knows...

They didn't, there's rumors that they are trying to buy OnLive or one of the other ones like it.
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Old 06 June 2012   #11
- 10 GB XDR2 + 10 GB DDR6 Memory
- 2160P in 2D and 1080P in 3D

Right about at those specs I'm calling this geeky wishful thinking.
Streaming games will most likely be a prime target for next gen and those specs are unnecessary to accomplish that. As for the supported resolution.. Sony can say a thing or two about how hard hit the big screen TV market is. 1080i HD TV's will be the consumer mainstay for quite a few years to come.
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Old 06 June 2012   #12
I heard that ps4 could not use cell processor anymore...

And if the specs are too good, the problem would be the price again... PS3 did not sell well in the beginning because of the price. Even now that is only 250 dollars, its too late and it would never sell like PS2 did.

The other problem of a high spec system is that makers usually lose money on each console, trying to recover the loss selling more games. Making PS4 too high end, Sony would sell it at a higher price, or sell with a huge loss with each console sold. Sony is already with massive losses in general... I wonder if Sony can handle that initial loss like it did with PS3......

But, who knows.
Old 06 June 2012   #13
It looks like there won't be any PS4 (or xbox 720 for that matter) news at E3 this year. That makes the next likely launch in fall/holidays 2013. That spec sheet doesn't seem likely to be true this early on.
Old 06 June 2012   #14
It's kinda iffy when they could possibly announce a new console. I think most likely Microsoft will announce next year, although if they do then I doubt it would still be launched in 2013. The Xbox 360 is going to be running out of games the fastest, but I think PS3 has a bit longer to go.

These stats are probably too high. Considering what they're able to get out of the current hardware they don't need much of an upgrade to greatly improve the quality.
The Z-Axis
Old 06 June 2012   #15
that sounds a little bit ridiculous for me. even if they launch it in 2014/15. 20GB gb memory? possible but hard to imagine at what price we could get that? memory price tend to drop really slow! probably just a marketing trick so people would not hype that much when WiiU specs is released!

but imagine what we could have with that amount of horsepower
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