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Old 03 March 2012   #16
rob3030- bit of a long one to be completely honest my experience is only with solid works and magic’s, i got into this through the industrial design industry, we still have an old SLA machine . i have worked with zbrush a little, and all these you can get .STL pretty easy. when i comes to other programs im not really sure but i do know that meshlab is a good place to start for conversion of files, seems to do a good job every time ive used it anyway.

thing with .STL is that yes there is the usual problem of them having errors when you are dealing with a curved intersecting surface, people used to be ( and still can be) very set on having them "watertight". in my experience this did used to be a problem with older machines but to be honest with the newer ones you seem to be able to get away with allot. i wouldn’t worry to much about it, give us a .STL or and .STEP or .IGES and we can pretty much build most files without a problem, regardless of if it has a few errors.

Meloncov- we have no limits one our machine as to the amount of polygons you can have in a model, the only limit is its size as you have to email it to us. the other limit is size, our machine builds in a 8x7x6 inch build volume, we can build bigger but at a lower definition.

darth viper- i do know what you mean with that, objet machines in particular suffer greatly from this problem. not so much on our Projet machine, you will get a slight roughness but this is easily removed with a short blast in our fine sand blaster or a short rub with some 800 grit wet and dry. any model we send out we would endeavour to do this for you.

daddymack- the best by far is .STL but we will take .STEP or at a streatch .OBJ or.IGES
Lewis Evans
Old 04 April 2012   #17
thought you guys might want to see an update with a recent biuld.

Lewis Evans

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Old 04 April 2012   #18
Either that's a fake penny coin prop from The Borrowers, or your printing process allows for some amazing detail. I'm impressed!! The last 3D printing sample I saw was a bit rubbish to be honest, and not worth the cost imo - but that was a few years back.

This however, is a real eye turner, thanks for details.
Posted by Proxy
Old 04 April 2012   #19
Maybe they printed a huge penny, showing how it looks next to a 12 inch figurine
Old 04 April 2012   #20
Do you export to Brazil?
Old 04 April 2012   #21
Thanks for the comments guys , funny, wish I did have a penny that big with today's scrap metal prices

I'll try and keep up to date with more pics of current jobs but pretty busy at the mo !

We will endeavour to ship world wide, no problem.
Lewis Evans
Old 04 April 2012   #22
hi guys, thanks for all the messages so far, the response has been great.

as its still kind of early days for us with this i wanted to ask your honest opinion on the prices i have stated? im in the minddle of reviewing them to get a decent standard price for basic figures accross a few different sizes.

Lewis Evans
Old 04 April 2012   #23
Thumbs up thanx Lewis, yall rock

man it's amazing to see the detail & quality of that warrior 3d-print...!
ALSO, i appreciate ur feedback/info re: software & apps.
I've only tried to print an object once in the past,
but the combination of software & methodology didn't work: i'd built a model using C4d & exported it via STL format--
but the apps used by the printing system ((in this case a medium/low-end Z-Corp printer) just could not convert my STL properly.
In all fairness to the Z-Corp, i don't think it was a gr8 idea for me to build the mesh in an app like Cinema4d.....even tho it "can" output an STL file,
i'm sure it's not common & thus i've decided to learn what apps r best,
such as ur suggestions above.

I'm very interested in modeling w/ Modo btw:: does anyone have successful experience in converting/utilizing STL files that were generated
by Modo?
Thanx again-----btw Lewis, ur 3d-print is so damn cool that i've posted a link to my facebook page,,,
keep up the gr8 work.
r0b M. =][=
Old 04 April 2012   #24
You could use NetFabb to open .obj files and check for issues, then save to .stl
The Z-Axis
Old 04 April 2012   #25
Thumbs up thanx 4 info Dviper

hey DViper, thanx 4 the advice dude. The main issue is that i have to decide what app to use for modeling in the future--i want to use something that's conducive to making 3d-prints, but my background has been in art/graphics & thus i have no
experience w/ Solid Works or any good CAD warez;
however, i used to work w/ an artist who recommended & used Rhino for 3d in CG production work [for animation] and i've recently learned that some modelers have used Rhino successfully for
outputting STL's & making prints, so i'm thinking about learning Rhino.
Your tip re: working w/ .OBJ files is good to know.
r0b M. =][=
Old 04 April 2012   #26
I honestly wouldn't think there would be any issue with any program to make models capable for printing, since the rules for print models apply to every program.
The Z-Axis
Old 04 April 2012   #27
i would agree with darthviper, as long as its in the right format i have had files that ive biult with numerous errors and our machine doesnt mind. i am yet to find a file that my machine couldnt biuld (thats not an invitation ) so yeah i wouldnt worry to much about getting "watertight files". but then i cant speak for other companies
Lewis Evans
Old 04 April 2012   #28
Those look really good!

Can´t wait for a price list. I´ll probably print a few figures with you guys if you´re affordable.

Old 04 April 2012   #29
ok guys here is a breakdown of some prices at different sizes. these prices are based on one of those manaquins you get in art shops, the ones that are posable if you follow me. pleae note we print at 16 micron layers resulting in a very high def print with no stepping, all the detail in your model will be kept, all the bumps and textures will transfer into the model no problem.
these will only be a giude so if you guys have any item inperticular you would want costings for please dont hesitate in hitting me up at lewis@pdmodels.demon.co.uk

50mm £60

80mm £100

130mm £150

210mm £300

310mm £500

i hope these prices seem ok, we have tryed to be as fair as we could. we would love some fedback on these. well hope to work with you some of you guys real soon!
and heres another pic just to wet your apitite

Lewis Evans

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Old 04 April 2012   #30
any polygon count limits?
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