3d Printing

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Old 03 March 2012   #1
3d Printing

Hi, let me introduce myself my name is Lewis and i work for a Model making workshop, PD Models here in the uk. We have currently made an investment of a ultra high definition 3D printer and wanted to see if anyone would be interested in our services. I have included some examples of our work below. Hopefully you will agree the quality off our machine is great. Please feel free to take a look at our website (http://www.pdmodels.co.uk/) an feel free to get in touch here or via email with any questions you guys may have. Keep up the good work!!

Here is a rough guide to costs with our machine on a medium definition setting at 25 micron layers (the models you see above where built in this setting)

50mm 60

80mm 100

130mm 150

210mm 300

310mm 500

You can build on a higher definition at 16 micron layers, This is only really reserved for very high quality small scale detailed parts. For the most parts 25 microns will do fine.
Lewis Evans

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Old 03 March 2012   #2
I get a 404 when I click on your link, is the website down?
Old 03 March 2012   #3
same here. 404
Old 03 March 2012   #4
There's an extra backslash in the URL. Get rid of it and the site works fine.
Old 03 March 2012   #5
yeah sorry guys my bad, kinda screwed up the link there, should be fixed now.
Lewis Evans
Old 03 March 2012   #6
Printing detail is really amazing!

Right now I've only printed a couple of models at Shapeways, but I doubt your prices will rival theirs as a "just for fun" printing service (but considering your quality that'd be understandable). Is the bust at the top printed in color, or just painted after the fact?
Old 03 March 2012   #7
the bust on the left shows how it lokos straight off the machine, the bust on the right is the same model that has been painted. to get a sence of scale both the busts and the draggon where aropund 140mm tall.

I would like to hope that our prices are competitive even with people like shapeaways where the quality isnt that great.
Lewis Evans
Old 03 March 2012   #8
Then just post some prices
Old 03 March 2012   #9
both of the models you see here would be 300-400. both are around 4 inches tall.
Lewis Evans
Old 03 March 2012   #10
Can cost be brought down by hollowing out the models or do you have a fixed volume price??

If you guys want to sell this as a service you should really be a bit more informative with your prices.

PS:Nice quality, btw. What printer do you use?

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Here is a rough guide to costs with our machine on a medium definition setting at 25 micron layers (the models you see above where built in this setting)

35mm 50

65mm 90

90mm 120

150mm 210

You can build on a higher definition at 16 micron layers, which would probably increase the price by up to 30%. This is only really reserved for very high quality small scale detailed parts. For the most parts 25 microns will do fine.

Yes indeed hollowing a print will bring the cost down.

I am sorry about the lack of information when it comes to cost, we are new to this area and as many of you probably know the cost of these things is very dependant on the individual model.

Volume is a big part of the cost yes both with the part itself and by the amount of support material it will need to build. You could have two parts one a sphere one a cylinder, both the same volume but because of their differing shapes the cost of the support materials used can be quite different.

the other thing to consider is the build time, this is determined by the height of the part on the bed. simple rule, the flatter it can be orientated on the bed the less time it will take to build and the cheaper it will be.

put these things together and you can see how it can be hard to come up with a general cost, but we will do our best. if you really want to know exactly how much something will cost for us to build the best way is simply to send us the model and we can tell you .

Our machine is a Projet 3000hd plus, its built by 3d systems.
Lewis Evans
Old 03 March 2012   #12
Question software/apps for 3d printing

hello, my question is for Lewis and anyone else who's spent quite a bit of time creating 3d for 3d printers --or--the folks working with output from the printers/additive-manufacturing, etc::

I've been interested in 3d printing // prototyping for awhile but have not had much time to try it. About a year ago, i tried to print a small model i'd created but i found out that it's critical to have the right software/app for creating the model----i guess it's because, in effect, the 3d printing industry is fairly "new" as far as anyone being able to utilize affordable prototyping/additive manufacturing.
Sorry to ramble...o_0...
My experience was that many of the printing-hardware-systems required the models to be in ".STL" format (from ye olde days of "stereo-lithography");
So, even tho alot of good 3d animation apps will output files in this format, they don't seem to be as good for 3d printing as true CAD apps.

I'd like to know what apps have worked for artists here who didn't come from CAD/drafting but rather have been using 3d apps that are more common in animation/entertainment, etc.

e.g. maya, c4d, 3dsMax, modo, zBrush, etc.

I've tried to get similar recommendations from other forums on websites dedicated to 3d printing & they basically recommend SolidWorks, Rhino or AutoCad.

--It seems that converting most models into the STL format is not very easy/successful, so it's critical to model the files in software that the 3d-printer is more suitable or designed-for.
THANX 4 any feedback folks
r0b M. =][=
Old 03 March 2012   #13
You can get perfectly good 3d prints out of entertainment industry modeling software, you just need to keep the limits of the printer in mind as you model.
Old 03 March 2012   #14
Question about the material---Shapeways uses that same printer, when you're printing do you have similar issues with the orientation of the model where often times faces with support material end up having roughness issues?
The Z-Axis
Old 03 March 2012   #15
I've been 3d printing with Shapeways and others for 3 yrs now and this is the first competitively priced appealing option to appear since. congrats

Any particular file format suit you better? I've got a piece I'd like to see built
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