StarShip Troopers..Again

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  03 March 2012
Originally Posted by teruchan: I get the feeling this film will never see the inside of a theatre. Also, not showing any faces... not a good sign.

I don't think they had planned to release it to the theaters.
  03 March 2012
Nothing like

The Starship Troopers I remember. I know the comic was sweet but the film was a great rendition. This new stuff ain't cutting it.
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  03 March 2012
As a CG artist that personally wants animation to go away from "Talking Animals", I must say that I am not sure this is the CG action-adventure that should be making a go at cinemas.

Hard to judge first trailer, but it looks like it could be anything between Halo, Crysis, Starcraft Space Marines, etc.

Zergling thing in the end doesn't help.

As to the quality, I agree it could be different. Doesn't necessarily need to be better, it just needs to be a bit more "defined" to reach cinema grade.

I'm a bit torn about it, because I like it visually.... But I doubt there's enough in here to win a cinema audience. .... It's just too risky with just what was shown.
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  03 March 2012
Originally Posted by Garibaldi: Ape suits?

Guessing Verhoeven didn't read the book either?

Or possibly he did.
The book's suits were described as heavily armored exos that had to host so much stuff inside on top of the soldier that they looked like oversized, hunched metal apes.
He wanted to do them justice in the initial, more serious drafts, but they simply were well beyond budget back then, and they had to find other ways to distinguish infantry (apes) from starfleet (all women and psyonics) and tactical.
They did what they could I guess, and I still like the movie, I don't think they actually thought themselves it was close to the book in the end. It was a fun tentpolelike with some well disguised commentaries like only him seemed able to do.

As for book to movies, I thought Verhoeven did almost a satire of the book, monkeying around with the pro-army all out glory approach Heinlein had, at the cost of the characters' humanity, and subverting it into drawing that like mindless propaganda and kids getting sucked in to then regret it, peppered with cheese.

I loved the first movie for everything it represented for CG, and as a movie in general, but it wasn't a book, and it was probably better for that (and I do love the book).

I agree with Srek, there are other books that I'd sooner see made into movies by staying true to the literature. A true to the book ST would simply not work. Maybe as an episodical live action it could.

As for this copying Armor, other way around, Armor is (too) heavily influenced by the book. Case of common source IMO.
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  03 March 2012
Originally Posted by Crotalis: My theory on that is that a lot of people who claim to like SST have not actually read the book. It's like the movie "Dune". It's just one of those things where, when someone brings it up, a lot of people just say they liked it because they think that's what they're expected to say. Meanwhile half the people I know who claim it (Dune) was a "great film" have not actually seen it. lol

well i guess i`m one of those rare guys who liked it even after i`ve seen it several times in different versions.. ("great" although would be slightly exaggerated... there are many elements i didnt like (like the battle rock music, the poor performance of both "right hand" villians (especially sting) for example ) but overall i liked it.
  03 March 2012
Originally Posted by Grrrrrrr: What a starcraft cinematic ripoff.
Only worse.

I agree, this tottally reminds me of the intro to Stracraft 2. I also agree with others who said that There isn't much to source material to work with from the book. As I recall there is entire chapters where he talks about being locked in the suit unable to move waiting for his instructors to unlock them. I loved the book andf the first movie, but there was only so much to work with. On a side note this does look a lot better than the 1997 Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles cartoon that was short lived.
  05 May 2012
New trailer!
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  05 May 2012
Look absolutely awful. Seriously, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles looks a hundred times better than this, and it's from 13 years ago.

  05 May 2012
I'd say rendering and model wise it is a step up from Roughnecks, but then it should be, it's been a decade.

But the bland expressions, swimmy mocap, and everything else, just feels like an overgrown game cinematic. Kind of like the all-cg Resident Evil Degeneration or whatever that was.
  05 May 2012
Hmm I see Shinji Armaki is involved.
Expect all manners of John Woo styled two handed slow motion gunplay with lingering camera shots of empty shells cascading & bouncing off the floor.

  05 May 2012
Looks better than the old series, obviously.

And I like this style of character design. But the facial animation could be a lot better.

  05 May 2012
Originally Posted by DanHibiki: So apparently it's a Japanese studio doing a full 3d anime.... this is just getting stranger.

Then I'm all for it.


Scratch that. Saw the second trailer. Good grief I hope they'll keep working on it, that was incredibly stiff facial animation.

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  05 May 2012
Wow.. apparently there was an anime OVA series back in 1988..never ever heard of that before.

It looks..well, yeah. At least they're in suits.
  05 May 2012
Originally Posted by THX1311: Hmm I see Shinji Armaki is involved.
Expect all manners of John Woo styled two handed slow motion gunplay with lingering camera shots of empty shells cascading & bouncing off the floor.

LOL That was the exact train of thought in my mind upon seeing Aramaki's name in the credits.
  05 May 2012
It looks like Finalship Fantasy Trooper: The Bugs Within

and the first movie is awesome. Better than the book.

Dune, also awesome, just different from the book.

my 2 cents.
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