Wacom Cintiq knock-off

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Old 12 December 2011   #31
Originally Posted by opafaf: Found a review on Youtube:

it is looking pretty good to me.

Looks good but I would need more than one video to really get me to buy something like this. I've been meaning to get a tablet for over a year now but price has always been an issue... especially when it will be used solely as a hobby. This Bosto brand might be an alternative.
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Old 12 December 2011   #32
Originally Posted by opafaf: @adamdaly Even with the shipping costs, they are WAAYYY cheaper than a wacom cintiq.

It's the principle of the thing...

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Old 12 December 2011   #33
Looks pretty impressive!

I would consider taking a chance on it.


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Old 12 December 2011   #34
Looks better then I thought it would. And the Bostos seems to have similar functionality to the cintiqs.

I still would be hesitant, since I've been burned by those "battery operated pen" models in the past. (Although I'll freely admit it was quite a bit ago.)

If your a hobbyist then by all means, try it out if it looks appealing. But I feel like if you are a professional or are training to be one, then Precision trumps out EVERYTHING else. And in the end, if the things aren't as precise as working with Wacom products (No matter which one you use.) Then its not worth the money you put into it.

Its just a personal preference of myself, but for me, I would rather work with a cheap but precise bamboo tablet then with a sub par accurate Tablet display.
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Old 12 December 2011   #35
Thanks for the replies everyone. I already own a Wacom tablet, so I guess if it doesn't work out, I can just stick with my tablet, and I will only be out a couple hundred dollars... I am working on a deal that may end up making a lot of money, so if that happens, I will definitely buy it, record a review and let you know. If it turns out to be a good alternative, maybe Wacom will end up lowering their prices in the future (doubt it, but we can dream right?)
Old 12 December 2011   #36
Originally Posted by Artbot: Yes, Cintiqs are (a bit) overpriced, but I think you get what you pay for.

I think we are really paying for their monopoly of the digital pen market. Would like to try out the chinese tablets though
Old 12 December 2011   #37
I totally agree with you about the monopoly on the pen market and I just don't think the Cintiq's price is totally justified.
Old 12 December 2011   #38
Any competition with Wacom is good, brings down their prices hopefully.
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Old 12 December 2011   #39
I ordered a Yiynova MSP 19 tablet and got it last Thursday. Absolutely happy with the purchase. The pen-most importantly-is comfortable to hold and draw with and it has a nice feeling glass screen, so no scratches.

It took me a few hours to configure it to my heart's content, but once you've done so it's smooth sailing. There have been numerous complaints about having to re-calibrate the screen once you detach and re-attach it, but its not as horrific as it sounds. Five taps on the cross-hairs and you're good to go. There is no lag at all, I have used it on an AMD laptop with integrated graphics and an intel with dedicated graphics and it works just fine on both.

The only major minus for mac users would be that you need to get a VGA converter to use it on your machines. And for users on both platforms I would download the driver straight from their website and install it instead of using their outdated and horrific looking driver CD.

There is a guy on YouTube (Ben Beats) who had problems in photoshop with random streaks appearing when using photoshop. I had the same issue initially, but after messing with the settings it went away. I've had no such issues at all in Sketch book pro.

There are no programmable buttons on the screen (only the standard buttons to adjust monitor settings), but frankly for 442 dollars, I think the manufacturers saw it fit to focus on making a good quality tablet that works well first ahead of slapping on additional shoddily implemented features.

Speaking of shoddy, there's nothing shoddy about the design. Its a solid black logo-free monolith that's great to look at.

I got to play with a cintiq briefly when they first came out in 06 and barring resolution (haven't printed anything out yet) the Yiynova tablet works just as well. I've had it for a week and literally have to tear myself away from the thing just to get some sleep. My last word is that you just can't get better performance and quality out of a tablet in the 400 - 500 dollar range.
Old 12 December 2011   #40
Sweet, thanks for the review. If that issue with the horizontal lines is not really an issue, I think you have sold me on this.
Old 12 December 2011   #41
Only in Photoshop. And really its almost an isolated case (Ben Beats). I'm yet to regret making my purchase.
Old 12 December 2011   #42
Originally Posted by opafaf: Sweet, thanks for the review. If that issue with the horizontal lines is not really an issue, I think you have sold me on this.

Indeed, what were those "settings" you messed with to make them go away?

I really liked the swivel on the other Chinese model but I could go either way at this point. Thanks for the info, first-hand impressions are gold.
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Old 12 December 2011   #43
I got the driver straight from the yiynova website instead of installing the driver on the cd. So after a straight install I had the line issue in Photoshop on the bottom left side of the screen. My streaks were small though, I think it depends on the size of the brush. So first you set it up in windows so that the tablet screen is an extension of your main screen. Then using their settings program (Pen Pad) configure it so that you use a portion of the tablet screen and then force proportions. Worked fine for me after that.

Any issues with the tablet are definitely software/ configuration based. If you take the time and set it up right from Pen pad and carefully set up your brushes within photoshop or Sketchbook pro, it works really well.
Old 12 December 2011   #44
Originally Posted by darthviper107: Those are unlikely to be worth the money, just like any other Chinese knockoff. If you've got enough money to buy one of those, I'd take it and buy a Wacom Intuos

i dont think wacom is the money worth either.
compare an ipad to them. the only thing an ipad is missing is better sensitivity and smaller tip sizes. but compared to the wacom it has like 100 times more high tech stuff in it.

Old 12 December 2011   #45
Originally Posted by Skamierski: i dont think wacom is the money worth either.
compare an ipad to them. the only thing an ipad is missing is better sensitivity and smaller tip sizes. but compared to the wacom it has like 100 times more high tech stuff in it.

As far as I remember the Ipad is like--aeh-- small compared to a Cintiq these days, isn't it?

Can`t talk for the chinese product, it might be wonderful (or might be like the iPod-look-alike I purchased a while ago: broken after half a year). I am a long time Wacom user (like: a real looong time) and the Cintiq 21" I am sitting now in front of is one of the first series they produced (at that time the price was roughly double the price it is now, not even considering inflation). I use it daily and excessively and also as monitor when not drawing on it and it works perfectly, the color display quality being among the best I have seen on a flatscreen to date (apart from the last geneartion of expensive prepress flat screens), matches print output very well. I have had 3 PCs on that Cintiq 21 over the years, OS going from a Win 2k->XP->Windows 7., had at least 3 mice , 4 harddiscs, 2 keyboards, one graphics card die in that time and some other stuff, too.
The display of my brand new desktop-replacement laptop cannot remotely match the quality of the much older Cintiq (it is brighter though, but the colors are unreliable).

And I have just given away an old 20" Wacom ultra-pen-tablet from like 15 or so years ago to a friend in need--the thing still runs smoothly with an adaptor-cable and drivers are still supported under Win 7.

So, apart from the price, and that everybody likes to save money, I can attest Wacom that they really produce quality. At least the products I used were/are the best quality peripheral devices for PC I have spent money on up to now.(actually I have not have a single Wacom device die yet, had 4 different devices and all are still in use either by me or someone else).
And thatWacom cares for a long term customer relationship by keeping drivers updated for old tablets, a thing that has become *very* rare in tech-world these days.

For me personally, this kind of long life means the products are worth their money. Can`t talk for anybody else of course.
But the stuff I work with & earn my money with, and which is constantly in front of my precious eyes for hours every day is not the thing I try to save money on first. I`d rather drive a smaller car (I actually do). Or less expensive shirts. Or cheaper beer--wait--no, who needs shirts *G*.

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