How can 3D DCC software AND hardware can have an efficiency overhaul?

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  05 May 2018
How can 3D DCC software AND hardware can have an efficiency overhaul?

This thread is inspired buy a post byskeebertus
This is his a quote from his post
""15 to 20 years ago, 3D CG work wasnewandlargely done in a handful of rich countries- USA, Canada, EU States, Australia, Japan, South Korea and so forth.

That isnotthe case today. Dozens of up-and-coming countries have jumped on the 3D CG train, and they can do it at far lower cost - people work harder and longer there, and get paid 1/5th or even less of what someone in the quote on quote "rich world" would get paid for the same 3D gig.

You deliver an animation to a client for 50K? India can do it for 10K while making an OK profit. You get paid 100K a year just for 3D modeling? In the developing world that buys 7 full-time 3D people. You get a completemini 3D teamfrom modeler to rigger to animator to renderer and compositor for 100K a year, not just one "3D modeler".

The only workinginsurance policyagainst thischeaper competitionwould have beenfar more innovative and quicker 3D creation workflows.

Unfortunately, 3D artists werelargely hostileto the idea ofquicker, faster, cheaper and more efficient 3D content creationthroughout the 2000s and 2010s.

Everybody thought "as long as 3D CG creation is slow, difficult, exclusive and expensive, we'll earn really good salaries for the next 3 decades doing it".

In fact, the ability to create 3D CG faster, cheaper and more efficiently in the U.S., the EU, in Japan and so forthwould have kept these 3D artists in the saddle longer.

Nobody will run to India or the Phillippines if a 30 second 3D CG commercial can be done for 100K in the U.S. or in Germany.

But if you charge 450K for those itty-bitty 30 seconds of 3D animation or even more, then yes, the 3D work will go to where it can be done for much cheaper.

This problem could easily have been solvedif 3D DCC software AND hardware had gone through a very serious efficiency overhaul in the early 2010s."

What do you guys think? Agree or disagree?
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  05 May 2018
I don't think it matters. Customers don't care how it is made. They don't know anything about graphics for the most part. And they can't really do it themselves. So not it doesn't matter one bit for a client in the efficiency department or help anyone compete.

If it is easier and more efficient and prices go down, it goes down for everyone.

That 400k commercial in the US will now cost 100k but the client can now still get it in the Philipines with artists using the same system for 20K.

It would be nice to do jobs faster and cheaper with efficiency but it is not the key since other outsource partners can then do it even cheaper.

But by all means please make the tools more efficient. We would all love that. To make better use of our time and get more done. Working smarter and not harder is great!
  05 May 2018
I dissagree that the problem of Low cost competition
devaluing our work in the Market,

would be solved by some undefined efficiency overhaul
of 3DCC software and rendering hardware.
As software and technology becomes more efficient ,affordable and user friendly, you typically get more
non techy lay people creating for themselves.

Have a look at the prefab 3D Character markets Like Daz inc.

People are creating some excellent Character renders with ZERO knowledg of modeling& rigging.

More "smart" & capable software and realtime rendering will be welcomed of course.
However it will only further devalue many of the skills
and functions that once resided exclusively in the hands of highly paid specialists.
  05 May 2018
I remember when meat cutting was a very well paid job. I had several friends who were professional meat cutters but then with new tools and ways of doing things and cheaper options that job pretty much has gone away and is now considered a low skill job with low skill pay.

The thing is industries change and move and are fluid. The easier it is to do something the less it is ultimately worth in general. That means you have to personally adjust your method of doing things or change to another related field.
  05 May 2018
I was wondering,
how do you guys feel about all the innovation that seem to coming down the pipe from VR tools?
Goro Fujita has demonstrated that non animators can do impressive stuff in VR.
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  05 May 2018
Its all good.

But I still say the the easier something is to do the more common it is as well.
Its the innovation of the art that gets noticed and will remain hard to do and therefore won't be cheap.
Clients pay for what they find impossible to do any other way.

That 'impossible' line will move forever or we aren't evolving as a species.
  05 May 2018
I don't think it's actually an issue, because true quality cannot be achieved by simply tossing money around. True quality in any field requires real skill, real talent, and real vision. It doesn't matter how much a piece of art or footage costs if it sucks!

This is true in all creative fields, from physics to art to music. Everyone getting paid the most is just terrible. The highest-paid physicists in the world haven't done any real work since 1925. Modernism murdered art several decades before that, and now the highest-paid artwork is utter garbage. The highest-paid musicians can't even read music or play instruments or write a single lyric, themselves.

Money doesn't solve problems or enhance creativity. If a client wants something really good, he has to find (and pay) really good artists and animators. Just because people abroad will work for cheaper doesn't mean they're any good.
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  05 May 2018
Originally Posted by RobertoOrtiz: I was wondering,
how do you guys feel about all the innovation that seem to coming down the pipe from VR tools?
Goro Fujita has demonstrated that non animators can do impressive stuff in VR.

VR-based tools can definitely lower the barrier to entry for artistically skilled but non-technical people. However, I'm yet to see any tools that will lead to drastic increases in efficiency for people already familiar with 3d tools.
  05 May 2018
I mean really. You can spend months doing 200 retakes because the director keeps changing their mind on what they want.
Animation is at or near Real Time or Animators won't tolerate the rigs/controls available to them.
But it still means a show isn't done particularly *fast*. And none of the tweaks are 'magic tools'. Its just pixel fucking really.

And a retake in animation means a retake for everyone else. Nobody's retake takes particularly long.
Its just that there are 200 of them!

You want DCC magic?!
Make a Do-what-the-Director-will-eventually-decide-they-like 'button'!

You can fix a software for people who aren't that picky. Those options are out there already.

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  05 May 2018
I think there is enough competition in the industry that when one company creates something revolutionary it's quickly and widely adopted. There is no conspiracy by artists or companies to artificially limit their innovation.

V-Ray revolutionized the rendering industry and took over major market share with it's fast and accurate rendering tech.
Zbrush revolutionized organic modeling with a 1-of-a-kind toolset not available elsewhere.
Substance Painter/Designer (and previously Mari) revolutionized texture painting on a live model and made it intuitive and fun.
And of course the game engines like UE4 are pushing the bleeding edge of realtime photorealism faster than ever before.

These guys simply aren't holding back and sitting on innovation to milk customers, not sure where that thought process comes from. And customers are constantly screaming for more innovation and better tools.
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