How did you first get interested in 3D?

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  01 January 2013
It's a fairly recent one, but Davy Jones from pirates 2 sealed the deal. Before that, it was a strong up movies ranging from the star wars prequels to War of the Worlds.

The event that set me on vfx specifically, was in middle school. I created a commercial with a friend for our marketing class. Essentially we dueled over this shiny new bracelet using lightsabers. To achieve the effect, we exported digital film strips of each shot to photoshop elements, where we proceeded to roto each frame individually... I LOVED IT!
  01 January 2013
As a wee lad, my interests were initially what we now call 'practical effects' - set building and model making etc. However, one day I got a simplistic raytrace program on the cover of ST Format magazine ( An old Atari ST publication ) and started to explore. Then the first version of Poser was given away on a magazine, then Bryce, etc. I joined a forum - 3dWorld, then met some grand fellows and found myself investing in 'grown up' software.

I had some doors opened for me that would of given me a chance to make it a career. My partner at the time was very supportive and encouraged me. But alas, the career I already had - and still do - pays very well. Too well. I couldn't chance it. So CG stuff is a hobby for me now and I like it that way.
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  01 January 2013
I saw a magazine called 3D Artist and it had the coolest ads and crazy articles. I kept seeing ads for a 3D Studio Max R2 and became fascinated with it. I couldnt afford it so I bought RayDream 3D at CompUsa for $99 and Poser R2 for $99. It was so hard to figure out what to do with it, but it inspired me enough to go into Mechanical Design and now I work in Solidworks every day.
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  01 January 2013
Terminator 2, Blade Runner, The Abyss, Akira, GiTS, The Lawnmower Man, LoTR, The Matrix, were the movies that made me interested in the areaa of CG/post-production/animation. Game cinematics from Blur, Square, etc. were also very influential since i noticed i was starting to care more about the cinematics than about some of the games themselves. And talking about games, classics like Doom, Quake, Half Life, Command and Conquer or even Ultima Online were also an inspiration to pursue a career in CG
  01 January 2013
I'm a Jurassic Park fan so that's where my initial thoughts about CG came from Then when I was about 10 I was playing on FS2004 a lot and I wanted to try modelling some aircraft myself, so I downloaded Gmax, opened it, and promptly closed it again after being terrified by the interface. A little while later I tried out Blender 2.49 and the same thing happened A few months later I tried out Blender 2.5 beta, liked the interface and started learning from there.

And last year after trying out many CG disciplines I settled on compositing, and I'm now working towards that
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  01 January 2013
I went to school for Film Production; at the time I thought all CG work was just character animation, and I really didn't want to do that. An internship opportunity with my favorite author at the time (Ted Dekker) led me to take a 48-hour tutorial binge in After Effects - hadn't even opened it before then.

I really liked it, but began feeling limited, and realized that compositing was just the frosting on the CG cake. But I didn't want to spend a gazillion more hours learning what I thought was just character animation.

And then came the Game of Thrones title sequence.


I realized there was so much more in the world of CG. And I was hooked.
  01 January 2013
Originally Posted by grrinc: As a wee lad, my interests were initially what we now call 'practical effects' - set building and model making etc.

I must say these traditional practical effects is where I get a lot of "re-inspiration". A lot of people don't know, for example, that "Casablanca" is actually pretty FX heavy, from the replication of Morocco, to the fact that all the planes shown in the finale at the airport are actually all just miniatures.

I realized that Effects just didn't occur in the modern age or with the arrival of computers. The logic and imagination required to try and fool audiences into seeing something is entirely natural to making motion pictures.

When I started thinking of it that way, CG and animation started to feel more like, not really a new or alien activity, but something natural and that all of us who are doing this are really partaking in a very old tradition.
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  01 January 2013
from when i saw Jurassic park
  01 January 2013
1993, Amiga Format magazine, Imagine 1.0 coverdisk
Matthew O'Neill
  01 January 2013
Making MODs for X-Wing Alliance...that's when it all started for me XD
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  01 January 2013
Saw a musician friend playing with Bryce in the mid nineties and was immediately hooked on the idea that you could move things around in 3D space. Have been majorly obsessed with 3D ever since.
  01 January 2013
I'd always loved programming and specifically, writing paint packages. Mari is probably the 4th or 5th I've written.

At some point in the late 80s I was reading a book in my high school library and saw a still from Red's Dream by a little company called Pixar. For some reason it hadn't occurred to me that people might make pictures on a computer for a living. It's nice to find out what you are going to do with your life at age 11.

After that I studied computer science at university, wrote a 3D volumetric sculpting package for my final project (not much you could do in 32Mb RAM though), wrote some games, some live-to-air TV graphics software for Sky TV, got a job working on Harry Potter at Framestore, got a job at Weta, wrote Mari and finally got sold to The Foundry along with Mari.

  01 January 2013
Originally Posted by forelle: a job at Weta, wrote Mari and finally got sold to The Foundry along with Mari.


Wow, so you're the man who invented Mari? Well done.
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  01 January 2013
After my aspirations to become a ninja went up in smoke, and my dreams of becoming a pro skater ended with a fractured elbow, I decided to look further afield. It wasn't the movies that did it for me at first though, I much prefered those for the sense of adventure and story telling aspect, rather than wanting to make anything Visually in them.

It was actually a character running around with a bag on its head that did it for me. What great stories I could tell if I harnessed the power of whatever did that! Happy days.
  01 January 2013
I grew up in an artistic family. And FX heavy films were my favorite growing up, Ray Harryhausen, Star Wars, Indiana Jones. But those seemed like some far off dream that I could never be a part of. On top of being into art growing up I was always drawn to technology. First with arcade and video games and then with early computers like the Commodore. I wrote a vector drawing program for the Commodore that was really fun to use but never seemed anything other than a toy and no one around me really respected anything to do with the computer in those days.

Then I saw an old VHS tape with a collection of CG flics on it. I think it was called Video Magic or something generic like that but it included this one in particular. Abel Images' Cans Well this was a match made in heaven, Art and Technology. But even then it still seemed like a far off dream. The cost of the hardware, how complicated it all seemed and all of that.

It wasn't until I got a guest invite to an old InfoCOM tradeshow, I want to say 1993 or 94, and I saw the video toaster for the first time that I thought, "Hold on a minute, I could do this." NewTek's marketing was all about taking the power from the networks and giving it to the everyman which I liked very much. So I followed the industry and read all I could until I could finally afford my own copy in 1996, LW 5.5, and that was that. Jurrasic Park really was the point at which I could point and say, "See, this is what CG can do!" to everyone that didn't understand.
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