no installer products for autodesk in 2 years?

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  10 October 2012
First of all, that video of Carl Bass was dated from April. Autodesk has already said that Carl Bass didn't know what he was talking about by using the term "cloud computing". They have no plans in the future to make a cloud ONLY service.

This thread is pointless.
  10 October 2012
If it is true or not I think it would actually be a great thing for the industry. Stopping people using non commercial software for commercial projects will help the constant undercutting that goes on in the smaller boutique arena of VFX and creative industries.

Yes there are issues with security but considering there are easy methods to create secure access. An easy option would be to sheild all content servers/storage as areas with no internet access but a single licence server could still access the outside world without the fear of compromising data.

I would actually think this would be great as long as Autodesk were able to help figure the security concerns. The only people who should really complain are those who currently do not pay to use these types of software.
  10 October 2012
eh, just buy Lightwave and grab yourself a dongle!
  10 October 2012
Originally Posted by DePaint: We've had our wireless router and local area network hacked by parties unknown in the past. We never found out who did it, how they did it, or how much data they gained access to.

There's no way in hell that we are hooking our work PCs up to the internet again.

Go ahead, make fun of that all you want.

All software should have an offline installer available for precisely this reason.

The problem there is with your network security, not with connecting to the internet.

Besides, connected to the internet or not, a wifi hack means even if you had no internet connection your WAN could still be hacked, those are done in proximity, not remotely, to sniff the wedge-in. So internet or not you're probably still as vulnerable as you were before (unless you now move stuff around on usb sticks), but just steaming in a false sense of security.

The problem isn't the interwebs, the problem is wifi. I have demonstrated a full printer and NAS hack in less than 5 minutes to a friend once, done from a four years old netbook. That's how bad some wifi netoworks are. And no, I'm not a systems kinda person, far from it, but you can practically google your way to a full sniff and hack from being a completely ignorant SOD to looking at somebody's tax return in a day.

And why in a frozen hell are you wirelessly networked anyway if you produce anywhere close to the amount of data modern DCC requires moving around? We barely cope with double gigabit for some staff, and localising online is still mandatory for selected suites. I can't imagine how someone would manage even on dual band 300N.

There are NOT many real world scenarios left in CG where you can't be connected to the internet, unless the company is helmed by a cheaparse or a tinfoil paranoid unaware of digital security. There are only a handful and only related to a limited subset of jobs that are defense, national security, or low level massive IP clearance (pharmaceutical companies), or other similarly highly sensitive subjects.

Not that it means I'd be happy with online only AD clients, but your reasoning behind it being unviable, or the idea this is done to crack down on piracy, are both preposterously off the mark.
Get a decent sysadmin and wire the office instead of running 30$ d-link routers.
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  10 October 2012
If you get your entire network compromised, that doesnt mean "disconnect from the network/internet, its not safe", it means "Our security is terrible" Your network might have been compromised by plugging in a new usb stick that was preloaded with a trojan from the south asian factory it came from; are you going to disable all usb ports? Or the same from an external drive, are you going to disable all firewire ports?

I cant imagine trying to run anything productive on a machine without any net access. I use it constantly for getting reference material, textures, scripts, gaining insight from friends via messenger. Every time Im on a machine at a job with no net connection I feel crippled in what Im doing. Sure I'll get the job done, but it could have been better and faster had I had all the facilities I needed.

But, I do agree there should always be an offline installer.
Matthew O'Neill
  10 October 2012
Originally Posted by imashination: Your network might have been compromised by plugging in a new usb stick that was preloaded with a trojan from the south asian factory it came from; are you going to disable all usb ports? Or the same from an external drive, are you going to disable all firewire ports?

Don't forget the good ol' smash the windows and grab the servers in the middle of the night hack. Need to encrypt all hard-drives with a pretty long key. And then there's also
  10 October 2012
The biggest security risk in my experience is people plugging their usb sticks full of virus into the office computers.
  10 October 2012
Consider this, you are on cloud, you are about to finish your 10k frames animation, oops autodesk servers are down. You have the render farm, the file , everything to render your job but "Sorry, autodesk servers are unreacheable".

Before accusing me of being paranoid, just talk to someone who wants to play a game but cannot because ubisoft or EA server is down. Even in a game you get frustrated think about what will happen when you are on a deadline with a 20k $ animaton project.

I am not even talking about us in 3rd world countries having internet problems every now and then.
My latest work
  10 October 2012
Originally Posted by imashination: I cant imagine trying to run anything productive on a machine without any net access.

Well, I've been using a "firewall of air" between my internet PC and my CG workstation a long time ago, if only to increase my productivity, as working on an PC connected to the internet would be too distracting to me.

One more thing on-topic: software as a service, running Autodesk in the cloud, might possibly also mean being forced to store assets on the cloud as well. And that's most definitively something most companies wouldn't agree to...
  10 October 2012
If they go the Cloud route, I do not see them doing much else than Adobe is doing/plans to do. For it, you do not need a full-time connection the the Internet. Just a connection once before the end of the License Period, to re-check if you still have a valid license.
  10 October 2012
Do you think the crackers is gone to win in this autodesk fight?
  10 October 2012
Years ago archicad gave a successfull fight with crackers. They would personally visit people, scare them with lawsuits, find where they got copies. This was before internet was widely used.

There weren't a single office using a cracked archicad in my country.

What happened after that? Acad had lots of cracks, everybody started using it, people started to learn Acad instead of archicad, and in 3 years Acad dominated the market.

With new copyright laws and practices, people are buying acad, archicad has like 5% share in my country now.

Everyday lots of companies going in and out of business worldwide. Msot of them start with cracks and buy their programs later.

If Autodesk is ever successfull with this fight, in the end they will be the loosers like archicad.

Is there anybody naive enough to believe all these CGtalk members are using original programs? I pay for my programs, but I don't get angry when somebody uses a cracked program. That is how younger people learn 3dsmax.
My latest work
  10 October 2012
The bigger issue here is the continued effort and resources directed at fighting piracy which ultimately ends up hurting people who legitimately pay for the software. In my opinion, there is no way to stop piracy and the money spent on fighting it would be better spent on better product development. Redogre illustrates the reality that cracked software provides a way for people to learn and use the software who otherwise couldn't afford it. I'm not advocating piracy and I certainly understand it's negative effects on the industry. I do, however, believe that the people who pirate the software would never buy it to begin with and software companies actually benefit from the expanded user base.

I always liked how Vray handled the piracy/cracked version thing. They purposely put broken versions of vray out with version numbers not released to customers so they knew who used cracked copies. Autodesk could flood the pirate sites with thousands of broken versions of software each with different flaws. Then when people go on forums asking for help on why a feature doesn't work they know immediately they are using a cracked copy. I think this would frustrate hackers a great deal.

I personally don't think Autodesk wan'ts to move to a WAN style terminal environment in the near future. Cloud based services maybe, but not cloud based applications across the board. I think Bass got his words wrong a bit. This is probably an overreaction to a misworded statement.
  10 October 2012
Yes you right! No cracking software no lernning the software. But if the softwares is going to be working online only with no insrallation pack like autodesk want, do you think the crackers team is able to get new software installers and make them work offline in those cloud copmputing days?
  10 October 2012
You're right. I just read the interview. Not what I thought. Well, that just wont work. My network is offline and will stay offline for security. Not the threat of hacking, but just platform security. I can't get a worm that requires me to rebuild my farm if it's not online. Not to mention connectivity stability issues that will arise during a deadline in the proposed future. Won't work.
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