Imaginative Figure Workshop #003: Unusual Pets & Their Unusual Owners

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Old 04 April 2009   #31

I love your idea. Lady with a pet spider. I notice your scrambling and wanted to point out, only the sketches are due on the 9th. The finished image is due on the 30th. Hope that helps you a little.

I also am going to try and submit something. Look forward to your finished image.
Old 04 April 2009   #32
Hey Rebecca!.. great subject!

Hey Damir! Great to see you here! Good going so far.. the idea totally rocks!!
Old 04 April 2009   #33
Just some ideas

just some ideas.
Old 04 April 2009   #34
Blackxedgexkid, haha, these are cute and have great potential! I like the turtle with the man's head, would like to see that character in different poses and different expressions, and for sure it would be interesting to see the owner depicted.

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Old 04 April 2009   #35
Hi there. I am pretty new here (in terms of posting my work) and also pretty new to drawing in general. I really like the topics of these workshops and since this one lasts longer, i want to give it a try.

The idea is a world of intelligent plants with tamed animals. So because this carnivorous plant still lacks feet of its own, it uses a pet frog to hunt flies for it.
Old 04 April 2009   #36
Hey Onii, welcome. Very cute! Here's a great source of inspiration for your and for everyone's projects which I found:


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Old 04 April 2009   #37

This is another snap of the knitter lady,, she is more or less finished modeling vise,, the rest will be photoshoped.
Next post will be final image.

Old 04 April 2009   #38
nice one - I do like her jewellery!
Ok I'm in ... I've been thinking about what pet to make and here's my idea: A woman with a squid like creature on her head - well the bottom part will be like a squid [with the tentacles around her head and neck], the top I want to be more like a mixture of some funny sprite, goblin and a cameleon... weird I know but I think it will work Here's a start - did the head sculpt - from an old base mesh - pretty simple but I want to do an illustration - something I never do - so I wont' work too much on her and I will concentrate on one view. I also did a quick projection to start the texture... Next stop some tests in xsi with shaders and modeling the critter
I think I kinda want a glamour like shot, trying to make the creature look like a weird hat or something


Old 04 April 2009   #39
So usually I'm more the lurker type... but I felt really strong about these preliminary sketches

I feel that 3 and 6 are the strongest. Although I was also thinking of making a composition of ladies 1, 3, and 6 all together... opinions?
Old 04 April 2009   #40
reaveress great idea with the mannekin!
AIR Awesome job on the spider model! The head of the grandma needs some anatomy corrections: eye sockets are missing, nose more extruded, the mouth is positioned too low, the overall shape of the head seems rather flat. Great concept, looking forward to see your updates!
Blackxedgexkid funny sketches! I can see a kid pushing the 6-eyed turtle
Onii Nice idea, I'd suggest doing some frog and plant studies to get the feel of it.
Intervain great to see you in here Women with weird hats are so hot! LOL
tbrosati nice start! I like 2 and 3, but keep sketching until you find one that really pops out!


So I wrote me a nice lil story last week, had it laying around for a while and when I finally started doodling, I decided to ditch the story... it was about an alien creature having a human pet as a competition "toy". (kinda like pokemon but reverse...)

After doodling some more I found a creature head that I kinda like:

So I started thumbing:

After a while it occured to me that the sequence of these thumbs has some narrative qualities... call it a happy accident
So I might stick to this comic-like setup...

This thread is too quiet! C'mon peepz... show us your progress!
Old 04 April 2009   #41
hehe thanks Johan..

I like the 3rd thumb, probably becasue it reminds me of the Neverending story
The head design is really cool too!

tbrosati - 2 is my favourite Looking forward to what you go with!

Old 04 April 2009   #42
Hi folks,

Sorry for the belated reply -

A quick sketch. I'm not sure I really want to paint digitally for this one, I'm going to use this as an opportunity to get some traditional ideation going, with possibilities for a finished digital painting down the line.

AIR, can't wait to see the finish - this will be a good one!

Intervain, great start!

tbrosati, keep working on your sketches, and definitely check out some reference. Maybe try some non frontal poses as well. Keep going.

Johan, cute stuff, keep going with the variations.


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Old 04 April 2009   #43
Cool subject! I would really like to find the time to participate. An image popped up in my head imediately after read about this workshop. I've thought about creating a chameleon in zbrush for a while, and this workshop would be a perfect opportunity to do it.

Here's my preliminary sketch. Allthough I think chameleons are pretty cool, and unusual here in Norway where I live, it's still kinda ordinary, so I thought maybe I'd make the owner a bit extraordinary? What do you think?

Markus Schille
Old 04 April 2009   #44
Welcome Markuss, fantastic sketch, it's great how the pair match! I guess there is that bit about pets resembling their owners. Looking forward to the progress and the zbrush version!

Korpus School of Art + Gallery
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Old 04 April 2009   #45
Thanks Rebecca, allthough looking at the first sketch I notice some glaring mistakes in the proportions and posture. I used the good old flip canvas trick, and that helped me see some of it a bit more clearly. I also extended the canvas so I could paint more of her body. That also helped me see how things worked together. I really need to practice my drawing and painting skills more. Here's an image showing my progress on the concept sketch today. I hope it's improving.

Anyways, there are some interesting and fun contributions in this thread allready...

Intervain: Nice head sculpt. Looking forward to see how your model develops.

NR43: Nice sketcing. Keep going!

Rebecca too: Nice start! Will be interesting to see how and what it turns out to be! Great loose style...

Air: Awesome spider! You really have a head start allready, great progress!
Markus Schille
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